Game Blog: Portland State

It's always tough after a loss. A loss like this really makes you question everything – the coaches, the players, the fans, the field, the lack of luxury boxes, the ineffectiveness of gas-ex. Yet, the sun continues to burn, the earth continues its wayward journey through the inky cold darkness of space, dogs still rule and there are still an abundance of donut varieties to choose from. So not everything's bad after a gut-wrenching loss like we experienced this weekend....

Tailgrading: Normally, the tailgate is the hors d'oeuvre before the main course of the game. But Saturday's weather was so deliciously perfect that it made for a great tailgate. Add the homecoming parade, some home brew, and a whole lot of bratwurst, and I give this tailgate an A-. (Would've been an A+ if not for the wind and that not one but TWO people "spilled" beer on me.)

And then we lost.

Game Ball #1: Drisan James. Even in a tough loss to a 1-AA opponent, DJ played admirably, snagging 7 passes for 100 yards, the first time a Bronco receiver eclipsed the century mark. And his two-point catch would've been absolutely critical if only we won the game.

Game Bull #1: Apparently "Ref" stands for "Refutable," because that's what far too many of the calls (and non calls) were – for BOTH teams. Too many questionable calls in the first half, not enough good calls in the second. And you thought the Broncos were inconsistent.

That's why we lost. The Refs.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhmmmm... The new kickoff cheer "kicked off" well, but still needs work. The "aaaahh" part was fine. The "BOOM" was okay. But the "Go Big Blue!" was relatively non-existent. Still, it's apparent that the word got out on the new cheer, and that's the tough part. A couple more games, and it'll all be good.

Maybe if we'd actually won the game it'd have been better...

Game Ball #2: Rubin. The big Viking RB had a big game, rushing for 151 yards only 25 carries against a defense who prides itself in stopping the run. No wonder we didn't win. And yet...

Game Ball #3: The Bronco Defense. Sure, there were some mistakes. Missed assignments, lack of a consistent pass rush, Rubin's performance and whatnot. But still, the defense, led by Tadman's 8 tackles and 6 each from Alexander and Hall, held PSU to only 14 points, 104 passing yards and less than 270 total yards. Normally that would be more than enough to win the game.

More Blue Streaking: Had we won the game, it would've been the 27th straight on the blue, the longest in the country and tied with Vanderbilt for the 18th longest home winning streak in NCAA history. If only.

Up next: San Jose State. If there's one team you want to play at home after a loss, it's East Junior High. Unfortunately, they're off this week preparing for their game with Fresno on the 22nd. So now Dick Tomey comes to town in a game that Hawkins admitted in the preseason to being a litmus test, stating that SJSU could easily be the most improved program in the WAC this season. BUT... it's at home, it's on a Saturday, it's an evening kickoff, and that means a nice, leisurely day of tailgating. That'll be nice after such a horrible terrible awful painful hair-pulling foot-stomping bad-breath-having loss like we experienced last Saturday.

We did lose... right?

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