Mission (Viejo), Possible..

MISSION VIEJO HAS BEEN one of the dominant California football teams of the recent past. The Broncos know this very well, having recruited the Golden Eagles hard to get starting Bronco safety Marty Tadman.. so are the Broncos returning for an encore performance with another Mission Viejo defensive star?

Sources close to the Mission Viejo team have reported to BroncoCountry that current Golden Eagle defensive star William Taylor is seriously considering Boise State as his next team.

William Taylor is a 6' 185lb MLB who leads the team in tackles through their first 6 games with 37.  He also has 1 INT, 2 fumble recoveries, 3 sacks, and 1 blocked punt for good measure.   With Taylor leading the way, the Golden Eagles are holding opponents to an average score of 15 points, as opposed to the 50 points they are themselves scoring.  Mission Viejo is the #1 ranked team by both the LATimes & Cal-HI Sports.  Their last game.. a 62-0 debacle over Trabuco Hills.

The fact that Taylor leads Mission Viejo in tackles is testament enough of his ability and potential.. however there is something even more incredible about this recruit. He's the reigning South Coast League track champion for 100 meters. Taylor, (again.. the MLB), has been clocked in the 100yd dash at under 11 seconds. His 40 time is more like a WR than a LB.. a very fast 4.40.

Again, let me reiterate.. this is a MLB that his coach described as knowing only one speed, full speed.

Taylor told the Eric Sondheimer of the LA Times, that he has a tendency to attack, and despite the fact that he was referring to how he plays the game, that also seems to be his philosophy for life.  

The LATimes article, (which can be found here), goes on to show what William Taylor already fits the mold of a Bronco player.  Some of his personal accomplishments:

  1. Despite being diagnosed as dyslexic, he maintains a 3.5gpa.
  2. He is a very religious person who spent his spring break building lodgings & playing with orphans in Mexico.
  3. He is an accomplished artist who paints and sketches
  4. He's a team player who defers the spotlight to is teammates
  5. He already has the Bronco philosophy, stating that he has great faith in mankind, and that in 10 years of playing football he's realized it's not your size, or the fame and glory, but about building a "mind-set for life. It's about work ethic and enjoying it."

There seems to be a number of similarities between Taylor and Bronco starter and Mission Viejo alumnus Marty Tadman, and given Taylor's size, he might begin a Bronco tradition of Golden Eagle understudies at Safety.  Of course.. that is assuming he chooses Boise State from amongst all his suitors.

BroncoCountry will try to keep you updated on William Taylor throughout the season, hopefully with news of his commitment.

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