Game Blog: Utah State

This is filler copy in case I can't think of a decent intro to this week's Game Blog. This is filler copy in case I can't think of a decent intro to this week's Game Blog. This is filler copy in case... wait, I just thought of a great intro! This game was.. no wait.. wait.. it's not too late for me to do the intro.. no it isn't.. no, I.. no.. look we just did a full conversation.. I'll just.. don't cut me off.. don't cut ...

Tailgrading: Incomplete. Bus was late, so we got there with just enough time to visit the "facilities", grab a Coke and find our seats. On the other hand, the parking lot was PACKED with more orange than a pumpkin patch in October. It truly looked like a Bronco home game with all the BSU faithful chillin' and grillin'.

Game Ball #1: Stringer. Not often you give the game ball to a kicker in a blowout, but Stringer hit huge punts (including a season-long 59 yarder), averaged nearly 50 yards per kick with more hang time than Nichole Richie at a frat house kegger, kicked-off solidly with a couple of touchbacks and no OB's, and saved a potential scoring punt return with a big-time tackle.

Shhhhecurity: Kudos to the Romney Stadium security staff for threatening to confiscate the air horns from Bronco fans. Apparently, babies were sleeping. A football game is no place for noise, especially the kind of loud baby-waking noise created by air horns and oh, say, a CANNON fired off after every Aggie score. No wonder the Aggie fans were relatively quiet throughout the game. Babies need their sleep.

Game Ball #2: Zabransky: Z was 26-39 for 328 yards with 4 touchdowns and zero interceptions. Those numbers, while excellent, were additionally critical in a game where the Broncos were held nearly 120 yards below their average on the ground. They needed to air it out against a USU team whose strength was on defense, and Z was able to come through.

However, I am told his practice socks didn't match, four times during the game he threw without a perfect spiral, and his hand-offs to the RBs were a tad higher than three millimeters below the left edge of the exact spot between the numbers that Bronco backs prefer to receive the ball. Hopefully the coaches will address these glaring issues before the next game.

I Love LA. Legedu Naanee, or "Noonay," "Nonee," "Noonan," etc., as he was affectionately known by the Utah State PA announcer, made an acrobatic catch for the game's first touchdown, and saw plenty of action throughout. It seemed there was a concerted effort to get LA heavily involved in the game, which leads me to...

Game Ball #3: Receiving Corps. Carpenter and James both finished with nearly 100 yards receiving. Drisan, or "Drzznn", as he was affectionately known by the Utah State PA announcer, was thrown to early and often, finishing with 91 yards on 5 catches and some nice moves. Carpenter, who had 7 catches for 99 yards, really laid the wood to the Aggie defenders throughout the game. He showed he's really got all the tools, and is steadily building a nice career. Petersen may be the architect of the Bronco offense, but you need a Carpenter to finish the project. And an, um, Drzznn. And Legedu...

Logan's Heroes: The Bronco fan support at Romney was solid. I'd guess more than 4,000 total fans made the trip to Logan. Apparently, those 4,000 are the exceptionally loud Bronco fans, because they certainly made their presence known. The kickoff cheer, the Boise/State cheer, and even "That's another Bronco... First Down!" cheer were all represented. Three cheers to those three cheers! And to the fans!

Game Ball #4: Scandrick. Yes, he game up a touchdown early in the game. But "Schandrid," as he was affectionately known by the Utah State PA announcer, played an exceptional game thereafter. The true freshman kept tight on his receiver, knocked a few balls out of his hands, and he made a couple of "ooooooo" hits that showed BSU fans the kind of player we're going to have for the next three years.

So Defensive: The Bronco rushing D was a rock, stuffing the Aggie ball carriers to 84 yards on 39 carries, or just over 2 yards per attempt. They also recorded 5 sacks. So why isn't the D-line getting a game ball? Because they had one last week and I already gave away four game balls and I'm only provided with five to give away every week and dammit I want one, too, because they're cool.

Okay. Fine. The Defensive line gets a game ball.

Awesome Dawson: It was good to discover that Teddy Ballgame had landed on his feet in Logan as the Aggie PA announcer. I thought he had relocated to Idaho Falls, but what do I know. Logan is a charming town and Romney Stadium is a picturesque place to watch a football game. Good for him!

Fun Bus: Kudos to TFBRONCO for coordinating the BroncoCountry Fun Bus to Logan. Plenty of fun and beer and drinks and snacks and prizes and beer and more drinks were had by most. (I didn't win a prize.) And additional kudos to OldBronco for snagging the KTVB game tape approximately 8 seconds after the final gun so those on the Fun Bus could continue having fun by watching the replay on the ride home. Overall, the Fun Bus lived up to its name: it was a bus! And fun. But I still didn't win a prize.

Up Next: Nevada. Don't look now, but Saturday's game has become a battle for first in the WAC. Both the Broncos and Wolfpack are 3-0 in the conference, and no doubt Ault & Company will be looking for a little revenge for last year's Bronco home game in Reno. Plus, is there any coach who would love to stop BSU's home game winning streak and conference winning streak? This will be a heck of a game, and the fans need to be loud and proud for this early afternoon game, and the Broncos need to be sharp to get their 30th-straight WAC win and 50th win for Hawk as the head Bronco.

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