Injury Update: Ben Chandler

Ben Chandler was Boise State's first verbal commitment of the 2006 recruiting class. Boise State coaches, who really wanted the 6'4 210lb Del Oro Defensive Captain, put on the full-court pressure early showing Ben a lot of interest, and as he termed it, "a lot of loyalty." Now, with word of a knee injury that has ended his senior season prematurely.. has Boise State's interest, or his intentions, changed..?

Ben Chandler, Monday, Oct. 24. (Phone Interview)

Del Oro High School's linebacker Ben Chandler, the first commitment for the 2006 Boise State University recruiting class, was hurt during their game against rivals Rocklin High School (Rocklin, CA) on Friday October 14, 2005.

Ben suffered a knee injury while playing for the offense in the game against Rocklin. Both teams came into the game undefeated. From the start of the game there was "badgering" and "talking" amongst the players. Ben was playing tight end when he was hurt. The play called in the huddle was a "counter play". He was following the offensive tackle on the play, when all of a sudden a Rocklin player hit him low. Ben tore his "NCL" from the low hit. He felt like it was a "cheap shot" from the player because they had been talking "trash" all game long. He felt that the Rocklin players didn't show him "respect" while he lay on the ground in pain. The opposing coaches did approach him after the game to follow-up about the extent of his injuries.

Monday, October 24, Ben had an MRI. He will know the seriousness of his injury in approximately 48 hours.

Last week was the first time in 7 years that Ben had missed a game. He had never seen his team play from the sidelines before as he would always play "every down on the offense, defense and special teams". While watching the last game from the sidelines he had mixed emotions. He felt helpless because he could not make an impact during the game. Ben now makes his impact in different ways: by assisting during the week's preparation for upcoming games. He helps the Coaches with "coaching" and the "setting up of the scout teams". Many of Ben's teammates have since stepped it up their game since his injury.

Although Ben is disappointed about being sidelined for the season, he is still excited about the Boise State coaches keeping in contact with him on a regular basis. He loves the attention from the coaches and it reassures him that he made the right decision to become a Bronco.

BroncoCountry will bring you the latest on Ben's medical status once it becomes known, and on Ben's impending rehab.

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