BC Update: What's Cookin with David Carter?

David Carter, a 6'5 260lb defensive lineman from Fontana, CA took a moment out of his day to pull up a chair with BroncoCountry and talk about his recipe for football success, what's on the front burner with his recruitment, and what ingredients he's looking for in his perfect school... you might be surprised at what's cooking in David's kitchen...

David Carter, (6'5 260lb DE), Monday, Oct. 24. (Phone Interview)

As the days go by for David Carter, it's becoming easier to narrow his choices. Not that things are slowing down, in fact quite the opposite is true. He still receives 3 to 4 calls a day from schools wanting to learn more about the talented lineman. David said that he deals with pressure of the recruiting process by working closely with his parents, whom he considers his "best friends" to help him in choosing the right school. Despite all the continued attention from numerous schools, David said that his list of favorites is still at three schools, "Boise State, Colorado and Fresno State."

During our conversation, David took the time to let us in on how he evaluates a school. His process of evaluation has three parts, seperated into an orderly fashion. The most important factor he considers when evaluating a school is the academic quality. This is closely followed by "the geographical location of the school", and then by considering "the team itself."

David stated that he would like to "major in business and minor in the Culinary Arts." This mixture of interests came about naturally for the big lineman. "Since I was five years old", David reminisced, "I remember spending time in my Grandfather's kitchen." David's grandfather owned a restaurant in Los Angeles that specialized in authentic barbeque. David was always an avid cook who enjoyed being taught the secrets of fine cooking by his Grandfather . It was there that David developed a passion for cooking. David indicated that he wanted to pursue that passion into a career in the culinary field in the future.

When asked about how this season was going, David said that his team is currently 5-2. He went on to explain that he credits those two losses on the ideal that they did not work together as a team. "We started the season as a bunch of individuals", and that lack of a team mentality resulted in two quick losses. He went on to state that since the losses, the team has refocused on working together and capturing that team mentality in order to win. David stated that this newfound commitment to the team over the individual has caused the members of the team to become closer, creating a more cohesive, developed group. This closeness is what he credits for his team's current success.

These days, David is spending his weekends watching the collegiate games closely. Since he is less than a year from joining that level of play, he likes to "analyze how a coach calls the games." He watches, "to see if a coach goes for it on 4 down", or to see how they respond to other game-time situations. David said that those coaching decisions intrigue him and very well could influence his decision as to what school he will attend.

Another source David uses to weigh his decision comes from the advice of friends that are already attending the schools he is interested in. He often contacts these friends to ask them questions such as the general atmosphere on the various campuses and the nature of the academics offered.

When asked how he feels about his impending choice, David expressed his excitement and said that he and knows that when the time comes to pick a school, he will choose wisely.

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