BC Update: Demetrius Sumler Treks North

Boise State has used a 'running back by committee' approach to their running game for the past 2 seasons, but now faces the daunting task of replacing 3/4 of their stable of rushing studs. So in the search for a replacement who could possibly step in and play right away, the Boise State Coaches have looked high and low, and far and wide for the best talent they could find.. but this weekend they won't have to look hard to find one such athlete... he is coming to them.

Scout.com caught up with Univ Of San Diego HS's power back Demetrius Sumler, Tuesday evening. Sumler, a 5'11 215lb running back from San Diego CA, is currently on pace to break the career rushing record in San Diego County. He has already scored 19 touchdowns and has approximately 1400 rushing yards. Last week, on the last play of the game, Demetrius and his teammates lost to St. Augustine High School in front of approximately 10,000 fans. During the game, Nebraska commit Menelik Holt, caught the game winning score with zero seconds left on the clock. It was obvious that this loss was still simmering in Demetrius' mind as we spoke.

Not one to want to sit and watch from the sideline, Demetrius said that he is looking for a program that may give him a chance to step in and play running back right away. He likes Boise State University for several reasons: he loves the fact that Boise State "is an up and coming program that is consistently ranked in the top 20", and the fact that Boise State is losing 3 of it's top 4 running backs, and didn't sign a running back last year are facts aren't lost on the San Diego bruiser either. Demetrius is a power back who, when asked to compare his style of play with others, likened himself to dominating NFL backs like Jamal Lewis and Ricky Williams with their rare combination of size, strength, and speed.

When it comes to choosing where to showcase that combination of talent, Demetrius said that he is looking for a school where the academic staff supports the athletic department, ensuring that there will be tutors available for the student athletes. He went on to say that one of the most important things he is looking for in a program is where the athletic department and coaching staff "takes the books seriously." He wants this because, as he put it, he understands that "(M)y chances of becoming an NFL running back aren't guaranteed, I may eventually need something to fall back on", and that is where his dedication to an education comes in.

Unlike many recruits, Demetrius' already knows what he would like to study in college. During our conversation, he spoke about a friend who has been very influential in his life. Demetrius described him as a mentor who happens to own several car dealerships in San Diego. Seeing first hand what one can accomplish with an education and some hard work, has inspired him to earn a Degree in Business Management with his sights set on maybe even owning his own dealership one day.

Demetrius will be taking his first "officially" scheduled recruiting visit this weekend.. and it is to the Campus of Boise State University for the Nevada game. He is due to arrive at the school on Friday and stay the weekend, learning all about Boise State and the Bronco's Program in particular.

BroncoCountry and Scout.com will check back with Demetrius after his visit to see how it went, and to see if Boise State fans will have something else to cheer about besides a possible Nevada victory.

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