Game Blog: Nevada

I learned something new this week. It's Wolf Pack, not Wolfpack. And it's Coach Ault, not Li'l General. And the pythagorean theorem has nothing to do with explaining why a certain classic 1970s British comedy show has such strong appeal among American college students in the 2000s. Apparently it has something to do with triangles (the theorem, not Monty Python). Go figure...

Tailgrading: Eh. While the eggs were outstanding, the apple sausage splendid, the orange juice magnificent, the beer Rocky-mountain refreshing, the company fantastic, the weather was a bit on the brisk side. D- for this tailgate. (Would've been an A- if not for the slightly cool non-clear not-quite-perfect weather, darn that Rick Lantz for ordering such a meteorological horror!!!)

A Tad Good. First game ball goes to Marty Tadman, who was all over the field on Saturday with two interceptions, a 4th-down stop and a baker's dozen tackles minus two. I met Marty's folks a couple of weeks ago. They intercepted me in mid-soliloquy and introduced themselves. That interception thing must run in the family. Thank God.

AC/DC: Antwaun Carter and Daryn Colledge were key contributors on a day that saw the Bronco rushing attack have their way against the Wolf Pack. Carter displayed plenty of nifty moves and hard running while gaining 49 yards with 2 impressive touchdown runs, while Colledge continued his season-long habit of serving up more pancakes than IHOP. But they were only part of a great ground attack...

Game Ball #2: Bronco Backs. They averaged 6.3 yards per carry and 263 yards total. Johnson had a huge 46-yard gallop early on and finished with a team-high 84 yards, Carp had 64 yards on a mere 5 carries, and Marks was his usual elusive self finishing with 56 yards on only 7 carries. Heck, I think I even finished with a half dozen yards, though the "official" stats make no mention of it.

Props To Boise: The city, that is. Approximately 850 student tickets were released to the general public (as opposed to the non-general public, which would be, like, aliens or something) at 5:00pm on Friday, and 700 of those were purchased by noon the next day. To quote nobody, that ain't not that half so bad. If only the general public had more time, we could've had our first sellout this week. Oh, well.

Game Ball #3: Colt Brooks. Is there a better name for a Bronco than "Colt"? No? There's isn't? Not even "Buster"? Good. Because this Colt recorded 3 big-time sacks and led a massive rush on key 4th downs (in which Nevada was 0-for-5). Maybe the line should just pretend that it's fourth down EVERY down, because some of the biggest plays of the day came on 4th-and-whatever.

Ault-ercations: Whenever Nevada QB Jeff Rowe came to the sidelines, Coach Ault became more animated than a Looney Tunes marathon. Despite the sacks and interceptions, the kid did throw for over 300 yards. Guess he was supposed to throw for 400 or something. Or maybe it was the sacks and interceptions that made Ault scream like a banshee. Either way, it was dementedly fun to watch. For us, not for Rowe.

Nifty 50: The win pushed Hawkins coaching record at Boise State to 50-9. To put that in perspective, he's on pace to go 500-90 if he sticks around long enough!

Up Next: New Mexico State. Uh-oh. This could be trouble. A winless and hungry team comes to Boise just 5 days prior to the big Bronco/Bulldog game in Fresno. This is the cliche situation where a supposedly superior team looks past its allegedly inferior opponent and gets their butts handed to them. Will it happen to BSU? Will we pull a Stanford-versus-Cal/Davis and flop like fish on a pier? Will the Broncos receive their posteriors? (I always thought that "butts handed to them" saying was a little odd.) Guess you'll just have to get your butt the game to find out...

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