Nonu Might be Good News to Bronco Fans

BOISE STATE HOSTED a number of recruits on their 'official recruiting visits' this past weekend for the Nevada game. And while the game itself turned into a rout, Boise State may have ended up winning off the field as well...

Boise State is a young team, having only 11 total seniors on the squad. With only 11 departing players, that means that the number of scholarships the Broncos have to shop for next season is severely restricted. With 1 grayshirt already known to be taking one of the available scholarships, (TE Matt Schweitzer from Gig Harbor, WA), and 7 current verbal commitments, (Kicker David Lowery, TE/WR Kyle Efaw, OL Nate Potter, QB's Mike Coughlin and Cody Hawkins, and LB'rs Ben Chandler and Kapono Rawlins-Crivello), a couple of which could be grayshirts themselves, (Hawkins, Potter, ...?), the number of scholarships is shrinking quickly.

So, when Boise State trips a player for an 'Official Recruiting Visit', you can bet they're pretty serious about wanting that player.

That seems to be the situation with one such recruit who tripped to Boise State this weekend. Sources in Oceanside, CA have revealed to BroncoCountry that Oceanside HS Middle LineBacker Justin Nonu spent the weekend in Boise. Nonu, a 6'1 240lb MLB of Samoan descent, has been the Oceanside Pirate's defensive heart and soul for the past 2 seasons, and with good reason.

Big and fast, (reportedly a 4.75 40yd), Nonu was All-CIF 1st Team Defense last year as a Junior, and was also All Cali-Underclassmen 1st Team Linebacker, 1 of only 2 non-senior LB'rs chosen statewide... but, don't make the mistake of thinking that Nonu is just the prototypical Football-head just because he is one of the best linebackers in California. He also stars on the Oceanside Men's Volleyball team, and excels in the classroom where he lists his favorites as "Spanish and History."

However, it if for his on-the field dominance that teams such as California, Colorado State, Hawaii and San Diego State are vying for his services alongside the Broncos.

In a pre-season article done on "", Nonu put to rest any idea that he's just a tackling machine. "We get a lot of the glory because we play a glamour position, but there is a lot of responsibility," he said, "(W)e have a lot of reads. Depending on the play and the defense we're in, you have to read the running back, the guards or the center. There is a lot to learn. You just don't run around without an idea of what you're doing. But my favorite part of playing defense is flying around hitting people."

And it is for that attitude and love of contact that Nonu has nearly become a household name in Oceanside California. One such instance of his hitting power occurred when the Pirates played Rancho Buena Vista High. Justin not only blocked a punt deep in Pirate territory, but also took out the punter on the play, leaving him decked out on the field. He didn't so much level the punter as he did run over him in making the block.. but it was enough to knock the punter flat for a few minutes. Imagine if he'd have actually TRIED to hit him.

Oceanside's Head Coach, John Carrol, referred to Nonu in a recent article from "SignonSanDiego" this way, "(I)n high school that's where you put your best guy," Carroll said. "You ask a lot of the guy in the middle, be a run stopper, blitz the quarterback, basically just be an athlete. Justin is the spark that ignites us. He's a high-energy guy who plays with a fire in his belly. And as big as he is, he's all over the field." Heady praise for any High Schooler, but Nonu simply brushes off all the accolades and compliments, "I just do my job and stay focused. We try not to get too big-headed about things. I just do what I do and hope my teammates do the same."

Doing what he does includes leading the #1 ranked Defense in his section through his play and toughness. Last year, in the CIF Division II finals, Nonu played through back spasms to record 15 tackles, including a timely QB sack. His play inspired his own teammates to fight back from an early deficit, "Justin Nonu led the way for us. He just put us on his shoulders and carried us. If he can play in pain like that, then so can we."

As a leader, Nonu does what he can to help his team and teammates, but when it comes to what he enjoys, he left little doubt about where his preference lies.. "Making a big hit. Definitely."

Is it any wonder why the Broncos would welcome some good news from Justin Nonu?

Other Visit Updates: sources in Nevada tell BroncoCountry that Boise State also reportedly received visits from brothers George Vea and William Vea. The brothers, from Alamo Nevada, were reportedly on 'unofficial' visits. George (6' 205lbs 4.6 40) a Senior LB from Pahranagat Valley HS is a recruitable athlete. His brother, William ( also 6' 205lbs) is just a Junior, but will reportedly follow his brother to school. George is receiving interest from BYU, Utah, and UNLV apart from the Broncos.

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