Bronco Chat: Recap

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cfetters:: Kevin - my pleasure. Thanks for having me out here for a little bit.
duke1974:: Hello Chris.
cfetters:: Hello Bob.
cfetters:: Hello Duke.
BroncoBob:: Can everyone see the user names now.
orangesea:: y.
BroncoBob:: I was asking about Radford.
cfetters:: One of my guys from Dawgman - Scott Eklund - might also be stopping by for a bit and he might be able to add his insight into some of the guys he has seen that are interested in the Broncos..
BroncoBob:: Jake Radford out of Nevada.
Rafter17:: Nice, thanks Chris..
Rafter17:: I've got a nugget to share as well... .
cfetters:: Radford? Not ringing a bell..
1boisebro:: okay, my question: in your experience with all recruits, what's the #1 reason potential recruits give for considering Boise State, and #1 reason they don't?.
cfetters:: I do have a nugget for BSU fans here too, but I'll wait a bit until everyone is here....
duke1974:: I haven't heard much about Radford....
BroncoBob:: QB/Safety from BattleMountain HS.
BroncoBob:: How about George Vea.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange:: WE like nuggets.
Rafter17:: Where'd you pick up his name Bob? You got a 'source' you can reveal?.
cfetters:: 1 - it honestly depends on region..
Rafter17:: Bob, about Vea, I've talked to the BYU guys about him..
BroncoBob:: BroncoSaurus.
Rafter17:: He's usually pretty reliable no doubt.
duke1974:: I believe many recruits are considering BSU because of the TV exposure, recent high rankings in the poll...and because of Coach Hawkins.
cfetters:: For the most part, kids will point to BSU's winning record, wide-open offense and just the overall success to the program. But Cali kids, for instance, probably think Boise is under snow half the time. So weather is always an issue with them (whether they admit to it or not)..
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BroncoBob:: Ryan Gilmore is the other kid from nevada that he talked about...
cfetters:: Bob - Outside of Vegas, I haven't gotten many first-hand looks at kids..
1boisebro:: i wondered about the weather thing. seems like reason #1 they commit is our coaches, #2 is our "family atmosphere," whatever that means....
Rafter17:: That meshes with what we've heard Chris.. if we can get the kids here it usually changes their mind about the weather.. depending on the wekend.
orangesea:: I remeber a few years ago Atlanta GA had more snow than us.....
duke1974:: many recruits mention "family atmosphere" because this is the first time they are leaving the home....
BroncoBob:: Hello Harry....
cfetters:: No question. I saw someone on the board ask why Kapono Rawlins-Crivello is visiting. Since the staff is so highly respected, it stands to reason they want a prospect to visit to make damn sure that Boise is the place for him, especially a kid from the islands. Having that connection with the coaches and the program is paramount. If you don't have that, you shouldn't be going to school there, IMHO..
1boisebro:: any new word on brace? do we have a shot at this kid?.
BroncoBob:: Do they mention the Mane Line Dancers?.
Rafter17:: That makes sense.. Kid has to get a feel for the school prior to going..
1boisebro:: heck, it was colder here last year during the MPC than it was in virginia....
1boisebro:: cheerleaders > mainline dancers, bob....
duke1974:: Brace is a quiet kid...When I spoke to seemed as though he was leaning towards UCLA...but you never know.
cfetters:: That's why it was interesting that they took Kapono's commit so early. I figured they would want him to visit first and felt confident enough that he would like it. I certainly wouldn't expect anything different. I've always had a good time in Boise..
orangesea:: Which of the running backs that are normally mentioned are we going to get....
Rafter17:: Orange.. that's the million dollar question.
cfetters:: Now that Jason's season is over, he'll start to focus a lot more on recruiting..
Rafter17:: UCLA has brought in a lot of DLinemen.. so I wonder if Brace might be on the outside looking in there.
cfetters:: Speaking of running backs....
Rafter17:: Oh you tease....
BroncoBob:: Ucla always promises schollies to 40 more kids than they can take....
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange:: Lets hear it Fetters.
cfetters:: I found out about a central valley kid that I'm almost positive BSU is looking at..
1boisebro:: RB?.
BroncoBob:: do tell.
cfetters:: I believe they visited him around the same time as the Fresno game..
cfetters:: It would make sense, since he plays at Clovis East..
Rafter17:: Hopefully his TV broke that night. .
orangesea:: same place as that de we have wanted.....
orangesea:: Lewis....?.
cfetters:: The main back at Clovis East is Tracy Slocum..
cfetters:: But that's not who they were there to see, according to my source..
Rafter17:: Slocum would be a pretty big get!.
Rafter17:: ah....
Rafter17:: nevermind.
1boisebro:: you know what they say, "slocum if you got 'em".
orangesea:: lol.
cfetters:: But Slocum has been hurt for a large part of this year, so his backup got a bunch of playing time and apparently has really impressed..
1boisebro:: (sorry).
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cfetters:: The kid's name is Andrew Pancotti.
1boisebro:: i'm hoping for a fast MLB prospect... any inklings? anyone? bueller? bueller's brother?.
cfetters:: Apparently at one of their last couple of games, there were at least a couple of BSU coaches there to watch him..
Rafter17:: bro.. I wouldn't be surprised if Kapono weren't looked at there. jmho He hits like a truck..
duke1974:: That is great info Chris....
Rafter17:: CF.. any idea on size?.
cfetters:: We'll have to see what else I can dig up on him. He's around 5-10, 175, from what I can tell. Plays both ways..
orangesea:: We need a RB who is ready to roll right now.....
cfetters:: Ready to roll right now? Probably look to the JC ranks for that....
Rafter17:: Sea, I woudn't be too surprised to see us bring in a JC back as insurance.
orangesea:: Sumler and Sullivan arent ready physically?.
1boisebro:: johnson's our man next year, but we could use a big backup just in case....
Rafter17:: likely they are.. but there's no guarantee we land them. Gotta play it safe.
cfetters:: You can have all the size in the world - but most true freshmen are just not ready for the constant pounding in D1 ball..
1boisebro:: kapano...thanks raft....
Rafter17:: bro.. not a guarantee, just a guess on my part.
duke1974:: they may not be ready for the constant pounding...that is why you need to work them into the lineup slowly the first year.
1boisebro:: i know, raft... just thinking wishfully....
orangesea:: Yeah we need a frosh ready for 7-12 carries .
orangesea:: not to start.
cfetters:: Very few frosh backs are 'ready to roll' from the gate. Jonathan Stewart at UO is one of the exceptions..
orangesea:: heavan help us if Johnson goes down next year.
duke1974:: increase their carries...midway through the season.
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1boisebro:: what about our chances on trombetta, then? bet the farm, or buy one?.
orangesea:: yeah is he solid at Davis?.
orangesea:: or whever he commited.
Rafter17:: From what I hear.. solid and done.
orangesea:: whereever.
1boisebro:: amen orange (on the johnson going down thing).
1boisebro:: dang..
orangesea:: boooo....
cfetters:: A guy that I like up in my part of the world is Anthony McQueen from Bellevue. Don't have a clue as to what he might have to do academically, but I think he would flourish in a wide-open offensive system. 5-11, 180, fast - and he's not getting a ton of attention so far just because he was kind of in limbo until this season..
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orangesea:: What about DE Carter?.
Rafter17:: We know his Mom likes us best.. or at least did. .
cfetters:: Trombetta, when I saw him at our combine - was more of a FB type. Just not fast enough, IMHO..
1boisebro:: release the nuggets, hounds... what's the scoop..
Rafter17:: CF, that's what I've heard about Havili... similar?.
1boisebro:: trombetta -- that's what i was wondering. seems like another Lau the Plow... not a bad thing.
orangesea:: Not bad especially if he could catch.
orangesea:: But he is gone.
duke1974:: when I spoke to Carter the other week...he was ver y impressed with BSU....
cfetters:: The kid from Taft - Estill - he's getting looks from FSU and SJSU and I wouldn't be surprised if BSU has inquired..
cfetters:: Havili is all running back. He's got the speed..
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1boisebro:: oh god, jojo's here... .
Rafter17:: Really? Damm.. I was hoping there was some knock on him so when he ends up elsewhere, (likely), I could console myself..
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange:: Fetters: any info on Attrail Snipes? I heard BSU requested his film. Great story about him..
cfetters:: Havili - if the Broncos can get him - can have the same kind of early impact that a guy like Tadman had..
cfetters:: I like Snipes. I saw him play against O'Dea. Fast kid..
orangesea:: best get in BSU history if we got him...?????.
cfetters:: Not sure about his academics..
1boisebro:: okay, your honest assessment of Hawkins (cody)....
cfetters:: Havili? IMHO not a bigger get than Hawkins..
1boisebro:: please....
orangesea:: really..?.
cfetters:: No way..
Rafter17:: Cody's the real deal eh?.
cfetters:: If Cody was three inches taller, he would have been a top-five QB nationally IMHO..
Rafter17:: He's got an incredible presence already..
orangesea:: Caughlin in the same league as Hawkins?.
cfetters:: No.
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cfetters:: Not right now. He could be, but it's an apples and oranges deal..
cfetters:: Not the same guy.
orangesea:: arent they both kind of pocket guys?.
1boisebro:: we've got a QB 7 inches taller already... size is overrated..
Rafter17:: CF, what are Cody's intangibles as you see them?.
cfetters:: Cody has that thing that guys like Nate Robinson have - just that pure joy of the game and a level of competitiveness that you see out of a kid maybe once every five years in this region. We're lucky in the NW this year, because I think two guys have 'it' - Hawkins and Jake Locker..
duke1974:: a QB needs to be a leader...and Cody has that....
orangesea:: Are most scouts as high on Hawkins as you are...? Or does the size thing turn everyone way off?.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange:: I agree.
Rafter17:: Duke, that jives with that we've heard/seen around here locally.. but it's hard to equate from Boise to a National level.
1boisebro:: cody also seems to have a couple year start of understanding of Pete's offense... no small deal.
cfetters:: He's very much a leader and not just of the offense - he's a guy an entire team can rally around. His presence is impressive..
orangesea:: We have no chance at getting a QB over the next 3 years LOL.
Rafter17:: CF, did you ever see the Elite 11 camp video on CSTV?.
cfetters:: Well, size is going to turn a lot of them off - just because they want to get that cookie-cutter guy. But talk to him for five minutes and watch him throw..
Rafter17:: Cody was the jokester, kept things light.. always in the middle, and spent time with everybody equally..
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orangesea:: What is the deal with Enderle....we arent serious about him are we...? Says we have offered.
cfetters:: I saw him at the Idaho combine a year ago May when he was just a sophomore and he was by far the best QB there. Isn't saying a ton, but there were a couple of respectable QB's there (kid that ended up at Idaho State, for one), and he just blew them away. They weren't even in the same vicinity as Cody, and he was a year younger..
BroncoBob:: Its about time BadWill....
BadWillHunting:: LOL sorry, kids in the bath..
Rafter17:: Sea, I believe that's a mistake. I believe it's Idaho who's offered him. I read that somewhere else as well..
orangesea:: ok.
cfetters:: I saw a little of the Nike stuff they did on ESPN.
orangesea:: phewwww.
1boisebro:: CF: how much does a game like fresno affect recruiting? are they going to snag some of these prospects from us after one game like that?.
1boisebro:: oh god. badwill's here....
cfetters:: One game isn't going to affect BSU'.
cfetters:: s recruiting efforts.
1boisebro:: but can help fresno's i assume....
BroncoBob:: We can just show them the tapes of the 2002 game.
orangesea:: How bad off is Chandler...?.
1boisebro:: that was man y parsecs ago, bob....
cfetters:: They've got a ton to offer and anybody who has played at any level knows you can have an off night. But will it have some sway with players looking at both schools, especially those from California? Could..
cfetters:: So my answer is that it will help FSU as opposed to hurt BSU..
duke1974:: I agree...when I was a recruit...I chose my school because of one game I saw....
BroncoBob:: Okay, show them to 2004 tape.
BadWillHunting:: Is it possible that our losing to Oregon State this season leaves us at any disadvantage with NW recruits vs last recruiting season?.
Rafter17:: Duke, was it what put them over the top, or was it just that game alone that made you choose? (Pick a Blue Chip's brain a little).
1boisebro:: we could show them my tape and say i'm a fresno prospect... that should scare them from attending fresno....
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orangesea:: What is Merrill saying...? any news on him?.
duke1974: I remembered watching CAL vs Miami...
cfetters: Bad - I wouldn't say that. I just think that in general, an opportunity with a Pac-10 team is going to look more attractive to a prospect than an opportunity with a WAC team - unless it's something very specific, like it was with Lomax. Why wouldn't a top NW QB want to be coached under guys like Hawkins and Peterson? .
BadWillHunting: Welcome Broncopotamus.
jojobro: Wondering about some of the very good DE recruits we seem to be going after--if you haven't discuss them yet. What's your take on David Carter?.
duke1974: and I remembered their style of play...just spoke to me that day....
Broncopotamus: Thanks BadWill.
Rafter17: Maybe we should organize chat this a little? Talk Offense first and then switch to Defense?.
cfetters: One of our guys is talking to Merrill either tonight or tomorrow. He's a UW lean. If he gets offered, he'll most likely commit. That's where he wants to go..
orangesea: Why the carpet bombing approach can work...LOL.
cfetters: If UW doesn't offer him, he could open it up and BSU could be right in the thick of it..
1boisebro: let's talk punters, rafter. kyle's got only one more year!!!!! ;).
orangesea: Does the prospect of earlier playing time matter to recruits or do they not mention that as a factor?.
cfetters: Early PT is a big factor for most recruits nowadays..
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orangesea: cool.
cfetters: They mention it often to me.
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1boisebro: that doesn't seem to work for idaho....
orangesea: lol.
Rafter17: OK... Offensive questions. We've discussed QB's. Any other QB questions?.
orangesea: no.
BadWillHunting: no.
1boisebro: nah.
Rafter17: More RB questions?.
jojobro: no.
1boisebro: maybe.
orangesea: If we had to pin you down Are we going to get one of Sumler/Sullivan.
Rafter17: Duke's talked to both.. care to venture a guess or is it too far out?.
jojobro: And is Sumler as strong as he looks on tape?.
duke1974: Yes I believe BSU will land either Sumler/Sullivan.
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cfetters: Too early to tell on those two. I'm always a little more reluctant on the Cali kids. Never know how they'll react to the temps....
BadWillHunting: Kewl. We need a good back in the stable..
SouthSideBronc: Dang I missed everything...
ratlifTheRat: test.
Rafter17: CF, Sumler visited during Nevada.. good weather and a great win.
orangesea: who do you like more...?.
orangesea: I know there is a big diffrence of opinion on these two.
cfetters: Yeah, but trust me - all the other schools that are interested in him are showing him weather charts for December, January and February. :).
sincitybronco: How many recruits will there be @ the vandal game this Sat?.
1boisebro: good question, sincitywherethehellhaveyoubeen....
cfetters: Like both, actually. Don't think you could go wrong either way..
orangesea: cool.
orangesea: thx.
orangesea: no more rb questions.
orangesea: :).
Rafter17: WR Questions?.
duke1974: I agree...I like both.
orangesea: not hearing much on wrs this year.
orangesea: mcknight.....
Rafter17: Cept for the bombshell on McKnight.
orangesea: is he a wr or DB.
Rafter17: Pretty sure he's WR. .
Rafter17: I've got UCLA's Brandon Huffman trying to get a story on McKnight, but he's hesitant to talk, understandibly.
BroncoBob: If McKnight gets kicked out of will he graduate..???.
Rafter17: GED.
1boisebro: another overall question: how much does the potential "stadium expansion" play into a recruit's choice of a school? does BSU need to get going on the expansion now to get more highly-touted recruits, or is it a total non-issue?.
orangesea: Will he still be good to go next year for us?.
Rafter17: should be.
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BadWillHunting: GED and qualify with exam scores..
duke1974: I tried calling his house...but his mother wouldn't let me speak to him.
jojobro: understandable.
Rafter17: last article I saw said we'd committed to holding his scholly for a GED if necessary.
bronco28: Good evening fellas!.
BroncoBob: Hello 28.
Rafter17: Duke, that was before we knew anything, tho...
1boisebro: hey 28.
orangesea: Is Efaw a D-1 reciever?.
duke1974: yes that is true.
duke1974: that answer was directed to Rafter17.
Rafter17: I think he's a true H-back. Kinda like RD's old teammate who transferred in.
orangesea: tweener to small for te and too slow for wr.
bronco28: I got info that Sullivan from Poway is close to committing from discussions with one of his coaches. Problem is the coach wouldn't tell me who he's committing to..
1boisebro: small and slow... another idaho prospect....
Rafter17: Lundin.. that was his name. 6'6 215lbs.. lined up at WR, but was pure pass catcher.
BadWillHunting: Lanky (6-6, 215).
Rafter17: I mean lined up at TE.
1boisebro: lanky's good if he's got good speed and hands....
BadWillHunting: pass-catching TE... do we have a 40 time on Lundin?.
orangesea: he has hands.
1boisebro: moss isn't exactly meaty....
Rafter17: comparable to Efaw.. he gets there before the snow melts.
bronco28: Where is Lundin from?.
Rafter17: 28, he's an old player.
Rafter17: Was from RD's HS and transferred in few years ago.
orangesea: i have no wr ?s.
Broncopotamus: As the BCS guys are filling up won't that put more pressure on prospects and might that lead to some more early commits for us?.
SouthSideBronc: Oh ok I just got that you guys were talking about Trent Lundin.
Rafter17: Yup, Trent Lundin.
BadWillHunting: Ah... I just connected it too... Elk GroveHS.
Rafter17: OK.. anyways.. anymore WR questions?.
1boisebro: nope.
orangesea: n.
BadWillHunting: nyet.
jojobro: no.
Rafter17: OK, TE Questions? (probably no).
SouthSideBronc: none here.
orangesea: n.
bronco28: What's the latest with the kid from Orange County who wrote the paper in school that got him expelled?.
BadWillHunting: n.
1boisebro: nuh-uh.
Rafter17: 28, that's McKnight.. check the republication of this.. short story.. nothing's really known.
BroncoBob: ged.
Rafter17: OK.. OLinemen?.
orangesea: Potter.....
Rafter17: I hear that Potter is a grayshirt.. so are we going to bring in anyone in this class?.
BadWillHunting: McKnight and his family aren't talking currently..
BroncoBob: You can publish this chat??.
1boisebro: vaaulu (sp?) any new word?.
orangesea: Dee White is a mountain....havent heard anything on him.
Rafter17: Yes, the entire chat will be republished on teh frontpage.
cfetters: With Viliami Tuivai coaching this past summer at the all-Poly camp, look for a bigger BSU presence in the islands. .
BroncoBob: cool.
BadWillHunting: ...including 1bro's jokes (nah, we may edit for content..
Rafter17: CF.. from your lips....
1boisebro: hey... i never joke....
cfetters: They have offered a couple of other players besides Kapono.
cfetters: Kealoha Pillares.
cfetters: Whitley Fehoko.
Rafter17: I've heard from a source 'close to the team' that when Kapono comes in....
SouthSideBronc: we need more island boys.
Rafter17: He'll come with at least one other Hawaiian.
cfetters: And maybe some more I'm not aware of right now..
BadWillHunting: more Polys.
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bronco28: We used to get quite a few players from the Islands.
Rafter17: Plus there's Nonu, who I know was here and am 99.99% sure was offered..
cfetters: Rafter - wouldn't be surprised if it was Kawika Shook, his teammate..
Rafter17: CF: That was my thought as well.. but no confirmation .
Rafter17: Have you seen Kawika?.
BroncoBob: We got a lot of players from the Islands going back to the JC days....
cfetters: I think Shook is starting to get a lot more attention. He told me he has a trip set up for Washington in January..
Broncopotamus: I'd love to get that pipeline going again.
BroncoBob: so would rafter....
bronco28: Even back to the Kimo, Puni, days. 1992-1993.
bronco28: Well actually Puni was from Tacoma but was Samoan.
BroncoBob: Blessing Bird days....mid 70's.
Rafter17: OK.. DE's.. anyone heard if Marquez Herrod is tripping this weekend or not?.
orangesea: thought he was.
1boisebro: hope so.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: Any info on Jeff Kintner out of Wenatchee?.
BadWillHunting: no n ews but thought he was supposed to.
Rafter17: Article I read quoted him as saying he was, but the OSU site put out an article that made it sound like it wasn't so clear.
1boisebro: never trust beavers, rafter.
Rafter17: Dang Beavers... always mudying up the pond.
cfetters: Nothing on Kintner, but I'm not sure he's a d1 guy, to be honest..
jojobro: And your read on David Carter?.
bronco28: Is that the kid, Herrod, from San Pasqual in Escondido, CA?.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: Thanks.
cfetters: When I saw him, he just kind of looked like another guy to me - didn't really stand out..
duke1974: I tried calling Marquez the other day...haven't heard back from him yet.
cfetters: No read on Carter from me..
Rafter17: I think he's getting bombarded Duke.. OSU was on him pretty hard. Might give him a couple days to breathe. .
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BadWillHunting: Brace?.
cfetters: Haven't seen him..
Rafter17: Where were you BWH? We already talked Brace. ;).
BroncoBob: kids in te bathtub.
bronco28: My nephews friend plays at San Pasqual, I can find out what his plans are..
1boisebro: maybe he thought i was joking about brace... :(.
BadWillHunting: lol must have been early or I need to switch to willamette valley weed..
cfetters: Brace is a guy that could give BSU a serious look. It's fairly close to home, and in the few times I've talked to him personally he just doesn't come across as the Hollywood type at all..
Rafter17: Funny CF.
Rafter17: That's the same read I've gotten from the way he comes across in his quotes.
Rafter17: That's why UCLA was kinda a "huh?".
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: Any info on Toby Turpin out of Los Alamitos?.
cfetters: Nice kid, but very reticent to talk about himself..
1boisebro: sounds like our kind of guy.
BadWillHunting: quotes are Oliver north-like. You don't learn much.
cfetters: He could go to UCLA very easily. He might be looking for a change of pace. Just doesn't seem like a natural fit upon first inspection..
duke1974: when I spoke to him...he was excited about "tripping" to UCLA...but it seemed as though he was more excited about going to Los Angeles for the first time.
1boisebro: no politics, BWH, or i shall smite thee....
Rafter17: I dunno CF.. UCLA can't need THAT many DLinemen.. can they? ;).
orangesea: agreed how many can they take from us.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: That's what I'm thinking to Rafter.
cfetters: They could. Never know..
BIGBRONCOB: Has anyone heard anything on Gerald Munns out of Chandler AZ? .
Rafter17: On the other hand.. we need young DE's. We've got a class of 3 Junior DE's that get a lot of PT right now..
cfetters: I don't have anything on Turpin..
orangesea: and nothing new on carter?.
cfetters: Not to my knowledge..
orangesea: thx.
bronco28: cfetters how do you know so much about all of the recruits? Do you work for a recruiting service?.
duke1974: nothing new so far.
Rafter17: 28.. CFetters is THE MAN for in our neck of the woods.
cfetters: 28 - this sounds like a trick question. ;-).
orangesea: lol.
bronco28: Thanks rafter!.
1boisebro: any potential recruits from outside the NW that we should be excited about? (texas? florida? sweden? seriously...).
orangesea: always is one that jumps up on us at the very end.
cfetters: Well, Cali and Hawaii should be the biggest points of emphasis outside the NW..
Rafter17: OK.. ready to move to LB'rs?.
orangesea: y.
1boisebro: yep.
jojobro: ok.
SouthSideBronc: sure.
cfetters: Guys, I need to take off in a few, so any more Q's?.
1boisebro: can you stay longer?.
SouthSideBronc: lol.
BadWillHunting: (1-hour block)..
orangesea: please tell us tha vandals are not getting a single good recruit.
orangesea: :).
bronco28: I work with a guy who lives near Sacramento, who is a Fresno State guy and he said that Ben Chandler was a stud !.
cfetters: I wish I could, but I've got some coaches to call and some correspondence I need to catch up on. I promise we'll do another one of these next month for sure..
Rafter17: Any unknowns in the NW that have you shaking your head that they aren't being hit hard CF?.
BroncoBob: thanks for stopping by Chris, we really appreciate it.
BadWillHunting: They have to worry about montana, we don't..
BadWillHunting: Thanks CF.
1boisebro: thanks in advance, chris!!!.
orangesea: thx.
duke1974: I have to take my leave...I will try my best to give you guys great coverage.
Rafter17: Thanks as well Duke!!.
BadWillHunting: later Duke.
orangesea: thx.
1boisebro: thanks duke!!.
BIGBRONCOB: Thanks Chris!.
Broncopotamus: Thanks guys.
SouthSideBronc: thanks guys!.
Rafter17: Really apprecaite both you guys coming by!.
(NNUBronc left).
bronco28: Quarterback from Westview high School in Portland is very talented.
Rafter17: Don't leave guys.. I've still got a nugget to share.
BIGBRONCOB: and Duke!.
Rafter17: ;).
cfetters: Rafter - not really, other than McQueen and a couple of the inner-city kids. But grades are always a factor, and when you don't have a transcript in hand, you never know..
BroncoBob: thankyou duke look forward to reading your articles.
cfetters: A guy like Will Kanongata'a from Bellevue is a perfect example..
1boisebro: i don't wanna see rafter's nuggets....
duke1974: Thank you all...bye.
orangesea: cya.
(duke1974 left).
Rafter17: guys = Non-CF/Duke.. they can go.
Broncopotamus: ciao.
BIGBRONCOB: Was there any news on Havili that I missed?.
bronco28: What nugget do you have rafter. You can't lead us on and not put out. lol.
orangesea: still in the mix.
cfetters: I've been told by many close to the Bellevue program think he's a better physical specimen than Steve Schilling, which is hard to believe. But since he has to catch up to make grades, he's one of those guys that will go to JC and in two years you'll be wondering where that kid came from. Happens every year..
Rafter17: Yes.. he's a big puss BroncoB ;).
BadWillHunting: LOL.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: Give it up Rafter.
1boisebro: what was CF's nugget? did i miss it?!?.
Rafter17: The RB in Cali.
Rafter17: Thanks for paying attention bro.
bronco28: Which one?.
1boisebro: oh. i missed it, then..
BIGBRONCOB: That's messed up Rafter..;).
BadWillHunting: Hey, bro was here the whole time... so no excuse..
1boisebro: hey....
cfetters: His name is Andrew Pancotti from Clovis East..
1boisebro: sorry.. kids in the tub..
BroncoBob: You can read the transcript later....
Rafter17: gives us something to research between now and then... any chance on you contacting him CF?.
BIGBRONCOB: K..fair enough.
Rafter17: pancotti that is.
cfetters: I will definitely try..
BadWillHunting: Transcript will be articled on BC frontpage, for those who came in since last announcement.
Rafter17: You the man!!.
bronco28: cfetters is that the kid that had 400+ against oakridge a while back.
cfetters: The transcript is going to be premium, correct?.
Rafter17: 400+ Daa-aaam.
Rafter17: Absolutely CF.
jojobro: holy cripes!.
sincitybronco: Wow, 400 yrds?.
1boisebro: cripes, i couldn't get 400 against the oakridge boys....
Rafter17: OH CF.. you got 1 sec?.
cfetters: I don't know about that..
SouthSideBronc: Really? 400+yds?.
BroncoBob: bye guys....see you all Friday night ...Go Broncos!!!.
jojobro: Geez, I get cramps whenever I go 400 yards. Walking..
(rdvrk8103 joined).
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: See ya Bob.
(BroncoBob left).
cfetters: The other Fresno area guy to remember is Chris Lewis from Buchanan. My guy down there is really high on him..
1boisebro: ta bob.
Broncopotamus: bye bob.
bronco28: It was in a playoff game too, so it wasn't against scrubbs. I don't know if it's the same kid though..
cfetters: I'm here!.
(BroncoNut joined).
(Intercept left).
Rafter17: looking for the name.. I'll hurry but leave if ya gotta.
cfetters: Take your time....
1boisebro: nut must be on cali time... hi, 'nut....
BroncoNut: Hi team.
BadWillHunting: I'm out... teenager to kill . Catch ya later..
(BadWillHunting left).
(SDBronco joined).
sincitybronco: he sure didnt bust a nut getting here!.
Broncopotamus: Hi Nut.
BroncoNut: Must be pretty slow if you guys have so much time to bag on me.
Rafter17: Jesse Hoffman.
orangesea: finishing up now.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: sounds serious.
1boisebro: that's because we're DONE, nut....
Rafter17: CF.. do you know anything about Jesse Hoffman?.
1boisebro: :).
orangesea: jesse hoffman.
cfetters: I do..
Rafter17: Word I've gotten on him is that he's a major stud.
cfetters: Top RB in the state this year in terms of yards..
1boisebro: any interest?.
Rafter17: Do you see him as a LB or RB?.
cfetters: Probably a LB in college though. I have a guy that went and saw him and liked him. I've been in contact with his Mom to get film and get updates..
cfetters: So hopefully I'll have more on Jesse in the coming weeks..
(TexasBronco left).
Rafter17: You're the man! Thanks!!.
cfetters: NP..
cfetters: Thanks Kevin! Thanks JWP! Thank you Bronco fans! Let's do this again soon, OK?.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: yes.
Rafter17: absolutely CF.
Broncopotamus: right.
orangesea: y.
1boisebro: thanks chris! next time, 4 hours, please....
jojobro: Thanks! It's our pleasure..
SouthSideBronc: thanks chris!.
BroncoNut: Hey, I really did shower today, honest.
Rafter17: OK.. I've got a new name to watch for.
1boisebro: tease.
SouthSideBronc: do we need a drum roll?.
cfetters: Take care..
1boisebro: so this is why nut stopped by?.
orangesea: bye.
(cfetters left).
Rafter17: Nah.. no drum roll necesasry.
1boisebro: better be a cheerleader.....
jojobro: and . . . .
SouthSideBronc: Soooo...?.
bronco28: Rafter do you have any info on James Montgomery out of Rancho Cordova high. He was the one who had 459 yards and 5 ds.
bronco28: td's against Oakridge. He has 2173 yards and 38 td's on the season..
Rafter17: Shaun Mohler. He's a 6'2 200lb LB out of Orange County. Was 2nd Team All-Conference as a Jr. Plays QB on an option team and LBr.
Broncopotamus: 38 td's, that's sick!.
Rafter17: Word I get is that he's got very good wheels, plays with reckless abandon, hits like a truck, and is "VERY interested in Boise State.".
orangesea: hmmmmm.
orangesea: who else is in on him.
SouthSideBronc: Wow!!.
Rafter17: He's got letters from everybody in the west.. but no offers yet that I was informed of.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: 28: James Montgomery committed to Washington I believe.
bronco28: Too dad!.
(dantes69 joined).
bronco28: bad. misspelled.
(BoiseNative left).
jojobro: Way past my bed time (Florida time). Oh, it's 76 degrees outside now . . . brrrrrrrrrr. Thanks!.
Rafter17: He had 452 yards, and yes, DID commit to UW. #16 ranked RB in the nation by Scout.
(jojobro left).
Rafter17: So that was my news.. Mohler is a name to watch for. Don't know if he's been offered.. more likely either a walkon or grayshirt.. .
1boisebro: who else is mohler considering?.
Rafter17: No idea.
bronco28: Gotta go. Chat with yall later.
(bronco28 left).
Broncopotamus: later 28.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: see ya 28.
Rafter17: All I heard was that once Boise State showed real interest he put them way on top.
orangesea: no mohler in rivals index.
orangesea: sp maybe.
Rafter17: I think the way it was phrased was, "NAU, Nevada, SJSU.. he'd rather walkon at Boise".
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: That's great news! BSU has been very good with walk-ons and Grey shirts.
1boisebro: so he has smarts, too... nice!.
orangesea: lol.
Broncopotamus: last year for the 1st time we filled up a little before loi day, what's your read on this year, we fill up by first of the year? .
(wwday3 joined).
Rafter17: No, google "Mohler" and "Corona del mar". BTW, he's listed at 6'3 now as a Sr..
Rafter17: Potamus.. we've filled up the past few years.. last year we just knew way in advance WHO we had because of the recruiting sites..
Broncopotamus: ok, that makes sense.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: I'm still trying to figure out how many scholarships we actually have to give out.
Broncopotamus: isn't it about 16.
SouthSideBronc: Somebody had a list one time on the Blue Turf board.
Rafter17: the # always fluctuates some because of attrition and kids leaving/ unknown grayshirts.
1boisebro: gotta run, guys... kids in the tub... goats in the kitchen... cheerios!.
orangesea: cya.
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: see ya bro.
SouthSideBronc: buh - bye.
Broncopotamus: thought I heard Hawk a few weeks ago mention 16 (at that time).
(1boisebro left).
(wwday3 left).
FanOfTheBlueAndOrange: thanks pot.
Rafter17: Well.. I think we're likely ready to sign off.

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