A Fun Way to Help Patton's Team

Bronco fans are excited about the upcoming tennis season and here's an excellent way to help the team!


Let's help get 2006 off to a great start. The NCAA D-1A Indoor season is just around the corner. This time around, a national championship is in reach. Last year the Bronco's almost did the impossible, knocking off the perennial national champion, Baylor. They took the doubles point, led in singles matches, but let Baylor escape.

The guys will have to qualify to get an invite. To do that they must win the Intermountain Regional Indoor Championships. They made it in 2004 and 2005. In the coming weeks there will be exciting matches at Boas and the BR&SC…with no admission charge to the fans.

The USTA/ITA Men's National Team Indoor Championships (NCAA Division I) will take place at University of Washington in Seattle, February 17-20, 2006.

Greg Patton's team will be stronger this year with the addition of several top ranked juniors, and maybe a third. Another top national junior, Blake Boswell from Tulsa, Oklahoma, will join the Broncos in the fall. Boswell has been ranked as high as N0.5 in singles and No.2 in doubles. In the past he has won the National Doubles Championships and reached the finals in the National Singles Championships.

The Bronco core are NCAA D-1 All Americans, Luke Shields and Thomas Schoeck. Back and 100% recovered from a bad leg injury is Nels Klemann who was a power in 2003, losing only two singles matches, and winning the match point against SMU for an upset and the 2003 WAC championship.

Back to the 2006 fund-raiser. The Bronco Pro-Am is scheduled for January 13 at the Boise Racquet and Swim Club at 1116 N. Cole Rd. There will be sixteen teams in the tournament. Six have signed up already.

Tournament information and entry form is below. For more information, call Nan Jacobsen, 208-376-1052, at the Boise Racquet and Swim Club for more details.



January 13,
Dinner Included
Minimum Entry Fee: $75

You are invited to participate in a fun tennis tournament playing Men's Doubles or Mixed Doubles with a member of Boise State's Men's Tennis Team. Minimum entry fee is a $75 donation, but any money contributed beyond the minimum puts the player in position to have priority pick for his/her partner. Play begins at 7:00 PM and finishes at 11:00 PM. Sign up with the attached entry and plan to play a minimum of 3 sets. Remember that there is no maximum fee-since the more money contributed goes to benefit BSU and gains you the right to choose your partner. The entry fee includes dinner.

Dinner will be served at 5:00 p.m. with introductions to follow.

Thanks for your participation in this fun tournament to benefit the BSU Men's Tennis Team! Coach Greg Patton will be heading up the tournament. Please read the supplementary biographies of the players so you will be ready to choose your partner. Spaces are set aside for the first 16 men and first 16 women who pay the minimum entry fee. Again, the player with the highest donation fee gets first pick for his partner. The 2nd highest gets 2nd pick, and so on. Players who are tied with donation entries will draw for order of pick.

Let's all contribute to a good cause with some good fun and competition.

Men's BSU Tennis Fund-raiser

January 13, 2006
5:00 - 11:00PM

Name_________________________________________ NTRP________________

Event: Men's Doubles _________ Mixed Doubles____________

Address: __________________________________ City ________________ Zip ___________________

Phone #: Day: __________________________ Eve:_________________________

Donation: Please circle: $75 $100 $150 $250 $500 other_____

Indicate your order of choice of BSU players:

1st _________________________ 2nd _________________________ 3rd _________________________

Staff Use: Ring under Tournament "BSU Men's Fund-raiser"

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