Boise State star in AFC Divisional Playoffs

Boise State tight end Jeb Putzier's rare mix of size and blazing speed is helping the Denver Broncos' star to show the National Football League what a Boise State player can do when given the chance. Putzier's success will pave the way for future Boise State players with professional aspirations. With 73 catches in two full years in the lineup, Putzier turns his attention to the New England Patriots for an AFC divisional playoff game Saturday.

Former Bronco star Jeb Putzier is set to take the field Saturday against the two-time defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. The two teams have combined to win 5 of the past 8 Super Bowls. Putzier, the 9th leading receiver in Boise State history with 128 catches for 2,050 yards, was named earlier this year to the Bronco All-Time football team. Putzier and the Broncos faced New England earlier in the year and came away with a 28-20 win.


Putzier is the 3rd leading receiver on the AFC West champions with 37 catches for 481 yards and a 13.0 yards per catch average. The 2005 Patriots allowed 3,703 passing yards, or 231 yards per game. This is the projected New England defense that Putzier will be facing:


Left Defensive End: Ty Warren (6-5, 307, 3 years)

Nose Tackle: Vince Wilfork (6-2, 325, 2 years)

Right Defensive End Richard Seymour (6-6, 310, 5 years)

Left Outside Linebacker: Willie McGinest (6-5, 270, 12 years)

Left Inside Linebacker: Tedy Bruschi (6-1, 247, 10 years)

Right Inside Linebacker: Mike Vrabel (6-4, 261, 9 years)

Right Outside Linebacker: Rosevelt Colvin (6-3, 250, 6 years)

Left Cornerback: Ellis Hobbs (5-9, 188, rookie)

Free Safety: Eugene Wilson (5-10, 195, 3 years)

Strong Safety: Artrell Hawkins (5-10, 190, 8 years)

Right Cornerback: Asante Samuel (5-10, 185, 3-years)


Putzier (6-4, 256) presents huge matchup problems for New England. If they use linebackers to cover him, he'll fly by them with the greatest of ease. All of the Patriots' linebackers are big and not speedy--the smallest is Tedy Bruschi at 6-1, 247. If they use the secondary to cover him, he'll run over them or use his height advantage--the biggest is safety Eugene Wilson at 5-10, 195.


Best of luck to Jeb and the Broncos against the Patriots!

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