Boise State Wrestlers Hounded by Hawkeyes

Although Boise State's wrestling team fell to #11 Iowa last night, several of the Broncos performed admirably.

Boise State's wrestling team fell to 11th-ranked Iowa in Iowa City last night in the final preparation for the Broncos before the PAC-10 Championships. Led by Ben Cherrington's upset over 6th-ranked Joe Johnston, Coach Greg Randall's team won four of the ten matches against the Hawkeyes. Two lopsided victories for Iowa, a technical fall for #17 Eric Luedke over Bronco junior Lex Case at 165 pounds and a first-period pin of Boise State's Johnny Nunez at 174 (1:01 into the match) by Mark Perry (#3 in the nation), provided the margin of victory.

Cherrington (#11 in the country) scored an impressive 18-12 victory over Johnston at 157 pounds. It was a dramatic win for Cherrington after Johnston had tied the score at 12-12 via a 3-point nearfall with just 30 seconds remaining in the match. Just five seconds after, Cherrington scored a reversal and then a 3-point nearfall of his own to secure the win. The Bronco senior advanced his record to 12-0 with the upset over Johnston. Scott Jorgensen (#12 in the nation) won a 12-7 decision over Iowa's Daniel Dennis at 133 pounds while #11 Casey Phelps took a 7-3 decision over Jorgensen's former teammate at Eagle High School, Dan Erekson at 197 pounds. Freshman heavyweight Andy Patrick won a major decision (12-3) over Iowa's Michael Bucklin to score the Broncos' other victory.

Freshman Tyler Sherfey, the Broncos' hope at 149 pounds, did not win but put on an amazing performance against the #2 wrestler in the country, Iowa senior Ty Eustice. Eustice scored a quick takedown in the first period but Sherfey was able to escape to make the score 2-1 at the end of the period. Eustice chose down to start the second period, got an escape and then scored a takedown later to make the score 5-1. Sherfey slipped out of trouble to score escapes in both the second and third period for the final count of 5-3.

Despite the 11 points scored by the Hawkeyes in the 165 and 174-pound classifications, the Broncos still could have pulled out a victory had two other matches gone their way. However, Boise State senior K.C. Walsh never could mount a sustained attack against #9 Paul Bradley at 184. Cory Fish, wrestling at 125 pounds, did muster a comeback in his match against Iowa's Lucas Magnani. Down 5-0 in the third period, Fish scored an escape and did score a 2-point takedown but at that point, there was only seven seconds remaining in the match. Magnani escaped from that threat anyway and was awarded the "riding time" point as well for the 7-3 win.

Boise State dropped to 8-5 in dual matches while Iowa sports a season mark of 11-7. The Broncos will travel to Palo Alto as Stanford hosts the PAC-10 Championships next Sunday and Monday (February 26-27). For an in-depth preview of the postseason, stay tuned to BroncoCountry!


Iowa 24, Boise State 13

125 Lucas Magnani (I) dec. Cory Fish (Boise State), 7-3
133 Scott Jorgensen (Boise State) dec. Daniel Dennis (I), 12-7
141 Alex Tsirtsis (I) major decision Jordan Brock (Boise State), 11-2
149 Ty Eustice (I) dec. Tyler Sherfey (Boise State), 5-3
157 Ben Cherrington (Boise State) dec. Joe Johnston (I) 18-12
165 Eric Luedke (I) tech. fall Lex Case (Boise State), 18-1
174 Mark Perry (I) pinned Johnny Nunez (Boise State), 1:01
184 Paul Bradley (I) dec. K.C. Walsh (Boise State), 5-2
197 Casey Phelps (Boise State) dec. Dan Erekson (I) 7-3
Heavyweight. Andy Patrick (Boise State) major decision Michael Bucklin (I) 12-3

Wrestling Order: 141 149 157 165 174 184 197 HWT 125 133

141 pounds
Alex Tsirtsis (I) vs. Jordan Brock (Boise State)
1st Period
2:31 Tsirtsis takedown, 2-0
1:20 Brock (Boise State) escape, 2-1
0:54 Tsirtsis (I) takedown, 4-1
0:17 Brock (Boise State) stall warning

2nd Period
Brock (Boise State) chooses down
1:59 Brock (Boise State) escape, 4-2
1:35 Tsirtsis (I) takedown, 6-2
0:05 Brock (Boise State) stall warning (1 pt), 7-2

3rd Period
Tsirtsis (I) chooses down
1:44 Tsirtsis (I) escape, 8-2
0:40 Tsirtsis (I) takedown, 10-2
Tsirtsis (I) riding time (1 pt)

FINAL: Tsirtsis (I) major decision Brock (Boise State) 11-2
Team Score: Iowa 3, Boise State 0

149 pounds
Ty Eustice (I) vs. Tyler Sherfey (Boise State)
1st Period
0:28 Eustice (I) takedown, 2-0
0:20 Sherfey (Boise State) escape, 2-1

2nd Period
Eustice chooses down
1:58 Eustice (I) escape, 3-1
0:53 Eustice (I) takedown, 5-1
0:46 Sherfey (Boise State) escape, 5-2

3rd Period
Sherfey (Boise State) chooses down
1:45 Sherfey (Boise State) stall warning
1:25 Sherfey (Boise State) escape, 5-3

FINAL: Eustice (I) dec. Sherfey (Boise State) 5-3
Team Score: Iowa 7, Boise State 0

157 pounds
Joe Johnston (I) vs. Ben Cherrington (Boise State)
1st Period
1:08 Cherrington (Boise State) takedown, 0-2
0:00 Cherrington (Boise State) 3 pt nearfall, 0-5

2nd Period
Johnston chooses neutral
1:21 Cherrington (Boise State) takedown, 0-7
1:13 Cherrington (Boise State) 2 pt nearfall, 0-9

3rd Period
Cherrington (Boise State) chooses down
1:59 Cherrington (Boise State) escape, 0-10
1:43 Johnston (I) takedown, 2-10
1:40 Cherrington (Boise State) escape, 2-11
1:28 Johnston (I) takedown, 4-11
1:14 Johnston (I) 3 pt nearfall, 7-11
0:55 Cherrington (Boise State) escape, 7-12
0:33 Johnston (I) takedown, 9-12
0:30 Johnston (I) 3 pt nearfall, 12-12
0:25 Cherrington (Boise State) reversal, 12-14
0:20 Cherrington (Boise State) 3 pt nearfall, 12-17
Cherrington (Boise State) riding time (1 pt), 12-18

FINAL: Cherrington (Boise State) dec. Johnston (I), 12-18
Team Score: Iowa 7, Boise State 3

165 pounds
Eric Luedke (I) vs. Lex Case (Boise State)
1st Period
0:13 Luedke (I) takedown, 2-0

2nd Period
Case (Boise State) chooses down
1:23 Luedke (I) 3 pt nearfall, 5-0
0:31 Case (Boise State) stall warning
0:00 Luedke (I) 2 pt nearfall, 7-0

3rd Period
Luedke (I) chooses down
1:40 Luedke (I) escape, 8-0
1:07 Luedke (I) takedown, 10-0
0:46 Luedke (I) 3 pt nearfall, 13-0
0:32 Case (Boise State) escape, 13-1
0:18 Luedke (I) takedown, 15-1
0:15 Luedke (I) 2 pt nearfall, 17-1
0:15 Match Termination
Luedke (I) riding time, 18-1

INAL: Luedke tech. fall Case (Boise State) 18-1 (6:45)
Team Score: Iowa 12, Boise State 3

174 pounds
Mark Perry (I) vs. Johnny Nunez (Boise State)
1st Period
2:38 Perry (I) takedown, 2-0
1:59 Perry (I) fall

INAL: Perry (I) pinned Nunez (Boise State) 1:01
Team Score: Iowa 18, Boise State 3

184 pounds
Paul Bradley (I) vs. K.C. Walsh (Boise State)
1st Period
2:31 Bradley (I) takedown, 2-0
2:02 Walsh (Boise State) escape, 2-1
0:09 Bradley (I) takedown, 4-1

2nd Period
Bradley (I) chooses down
1:45 Bradley (I) escape, 5-1

3rd Period
Walsh (Boise State) chooses down
1:54 Walsh (Boise State) escape, 5-2

FINAL: Bradley (I) dec. Walsh (Boise State) 5-2
Team Score: Iowa 21, Boise State 3

197 pounds
Dan Erekson (I) vs. Casey Phelps (Boise State)
1st Period
0:52 Phelps (Boise State) takedown, 0-2

2nd Period
Erekson (I) chooses down
1:50 Erekson (I) escape, 1-2

3rd Period
Phelps (Boise State) chooses down
1:53 Phelps (Boise State) reversal, 1-4
1:09 Erekson (I) stall warning
0:58 Erekson (I) escape, 2-4
0:36 Phelps (Boise State) takedown, 2-6
0:32 Erekson (I) escape, 3-6
Phelps (Boise State) riding time (1 pt) 3-7

FINAL: Phelps (Boise State) dec. Erekson (I) 7-3
Team Score: Iowa 21, Boise State 6

Michael Bucklin (I) vs. Andy Patrick (Boise State)
1st Period
0:01 Patrick (Boise State) takedown, 0-2

2nd Period
Patrick (Boise State) chooses down
1:50 Patrick (Boise State) escape, 0-3
1:30 Patrick (Boise State) takedown, 0-5
0:21 Patrick (Boise State) 2 pt nearfall, 0-7

3rd Period
Bucklin (I) chooses down
1:59 Bucklin (I) escape, 1-7
1:44 Patrick (Boise State) takedown, 1-9
1:34 Bucklin (I) escape, 2-9
1:12 Bucklin (I) stall warning
0:34 Patrick (Boise State) takedown, 2-11
0:27 Bucklin (I) escape, 3-11
Patrick (Boise State) riding time (1 pt)

FINAL: Patrick (Boise State) major decision Bucklin (I) 12-3
Team Score: Iowa 21, Boise State 10

125 pounds
Lucas Magnani (I) vs. Cory Fish (Boise State)
1st Period
1:55 Magnani (I) takedown, 2-0
1:14 Fish (Boise State) stall warning

2nd Period
Magnani (I) chooses down
1:56 Magnani (I) escape, 3-0
0:19 Magnani (I) takedown, 5-0

3rd Period
Fish (Boise State) chooses down
1:34 Fish (Boise State) escape, 1-5
0:07 Fish (Boise State) takedown, 3-5
0:03 Magnani (I) escape, 3-6
Magnani (I) riding time (1 pt), 3-7

FINAL: Magnani (I) dec. Fish (Boise State) 7-3
Team Score: Iowa 24, Boise State 10

133 pounds
Daniel Dennis (I) vs. Scott Jorgensen (Boise State)
1st Period
0:34 Jorgensen (Boise State) takedown, 0-2
0:15 Dennis (I) escape, 1-2

2nd Period
Jorgensen (Boise State) chooses down
1:56 Jorgensen (Boise State) escape, 1-3
0:23 Jorgensen (Boise State) takedown, 1-5

3rd Period
Dennis (I) chooses down
1:57 Dennis (I) escape, 2-5
1:50 Dennis (I) takedown, 4-5
1:40 Jorgensen (Boise State) escape, 4-6
1:25 Jorgensen (Boise State) takedown, 4-8
1:01 Jorgensen (Boise State) stall warning
0:39 Dennis (I) escape, 5-8
0:33 Dennis (I) takedown, 7-8
0:30 Jorgensen (Boise State) escape, 7-9
0:12 Jorgensen (Boise State) takedown, 7-11
Jorgensen (Boise State) riding time, 7-12

FINAL: Jorgensen (Boise State) dec. Dennis (I) 12-7
Team Score: Iowa 24, Boise State 13

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