Expansion Is On The Horizon!

One major hurdle stands in the way of expanding Bronco Stadium--finding a place for the track facility. Thanks to the tireless work of Dr. Kustra and others, Boise State has found such a place. It happens to be practically right across the street! To make this a reality, however, the school bond issue that the proposed land exchange is tied to must pass. Bronco fans unite to make it happen and pass this bond!

The Bronco Stadium Expansion Committee, formed entirely of BroncoCountry members, was initiated to assist Boise State in whatever way we can to help with the expansion of Bronco Stadium. The first step is to make sure that all of their current plans go through. This specifically involved the school bond issue on Tuesday, March 14th. All U.S. citizens who have been residents of the Boise School District for at least 30 days and are 18 years of age or over may vote in this election. That bond issue is very closely tied to Boise State.

If the bond passes, the School District plans on building a new East Junior High at Harris Ranch in the Barber Valley and vacating the current site on the corner of Broadway and Warm Springs Avenue. Boise State and the School District have signed a letter of intent whereby the University would exchange property and obtain the 15.5 acres East Junior High currently occupies. Boise State University is land locked and the opportunity to secure this size parcel so close in proximity to our existing facilities will probably never come again.

The passage of the bond means that the university's plans for expansion will proceed. Boise State will use the newly acquired land to build a new track stadium. Both the Warm Springs Historical District and the East End Neighborhood Association support Boise State's plans. The School District and City of Boise are also supportive. The new stadium of about 10,000 would be more suitable to the high school football games that are dwarfed by Bronco Stadium. It could also be used for proposed future women's sports at Boise State.

The track would then be removed, and the field lowered, clearing the way for adding more seats close to the field and between the goal lines. More than 10,000 seats would be added in this manner, making Bronco Stadium approximately 42,5000. This is a giant step towards the eventual expansion to 50,000!

The Bronco Stadium Expansion Committee has developed a strategy to counter current "attack ads" put forth that are very misleading and use scare tactics. It is our mission to inform the public of the facts and to get supporters of the bond issue to vote on Tuesday. We will accomplish this by doing the following:

  • We are planning 30-second television commercials, the total cost of which will be around $2,200. We need a minimum of $1,000 to proceed with this strategy.
  • We will obtain pamphlets produced by the Boise School District to do a "campaign drop" at key areas around town; specifically, the areas around the affected schools. We need up to 20 people to do this.
  • We will be writing Letters to the Editor and Reader's View for publishing in the Idaho Statesman. We openly encourage all Bronco fans to do the same. These should be written and in the hands of the Statesman no later than Thursday night.
  • We are promoting an "e-mail chain" encouraging Bronco fans and other bond supporters to vote Tuesday. We ask that you e-mail 10 friends, relatives and coworkers that you know support the bond and remind them to vote and then ask them to do the same for 10 other people.
  • We will be assisting the Public Relations Director of the School District to make telephone calls. Each list consists of 40 numbers of people who may support the bond. We will identify true supporters from that group and phone them back on Election Day to remind them to vote. Although this is not an official Stadium Expansion Committee project, we would like to assist them as much as possible and need volunteers for this.

With your assistance, the Bronco Stadium Expansion Committee is doing everything we can to work to get this bond passed. Should the bond fail (but we're not going to think that way!), it doesn't mean the end for Bronco Stadium Expansion. What it would mean, however, is back to the drawing board and probably a delay of a year more than the 2010 target that is already planned.

So we urge you to contact all residents of the Boise School District that you believe may vote "Yes" and get them to the polls. We will be providing "Talking Points" on the Blue Turf Board that you can use when you talk to your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Together, we're going to win this one for the Broncos!





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