The all-clear signal has been given by the voters of Boise who passed a school bond issue that included a provision for Boise State and East Junior High to negotiate a land swap deal. The deal will allow Boise State to build a new track facility on the current East site, paving the way for Bronco Stadium to be expanded to approximately 42,500. Much work remains for this to happen, however; namely raising funds not only for the new track facility but the expansion of Bronco Stadium itself.


Boise voters gave a strong vote of confidence to the Boise School District bond issue, which would not be something this board usually talks about were it not for the fact that it included the key element to Bronco Stadium Expansion--a proposed land swap deal with East Junior High School.

The arrangement would be for Boise State and the Boise School District to swap land, an area that Boise State just purchased near the new Harris Ranch subdivision in exchange for the property that East currently sits on. For that to happen, however, voters had to approve the building of a new school for East students.

They did--by 1,035 votes over what was needed. The measure needed 66.67% to pass, and it received in excess of 70%. With that hurdle out of the way, Boise State is now free to negotiate the deal and begin searching for donors for a new track facility that will also serve as a stadium for high school football. Ironically, it was on that very site that Boise State first began playing football.

Boise State officials also indicate that there will be enough space to construct facilities for new women's sports at the university. Suggestions in the past have included adding a women's swimming and diving team and a women's softball team. Baseball has also been talked about but is probably long in the future due to Title IX requirements.

Right now, expansion is the hot topic and the voters of Boise have given the go-ahead for that to happen. If everything else along the way goes as smoothly at this vote, this year's Boise State recruits will be celebrating Senior Day at Bronco Stadium in front of 42,500 screaming Bronco fans! P>

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