Broncos Beat Brown, Face Middle Tennessee

One match down, and one win for the Boise State tennis team at the Blue-Gray Classic in Montgomery, Alabama. The Broncos meet 36th-ranked Middle Tennessee State early tomorrow morning.

The #32 Boise State tennis team defeated No. 53 Brown 4-2 in the first round of the Blue-Gray Classic today in Montgomery, Alabama. (March 16). The Broncos meet #36 Middle Tennessee State tomorrow in the Classic quarterfinals.

Although Boise State's #1 singles player, Luke Shields, continued to struggle, losing to #53 Dan Hengby of Brown in straight sets, the Broncos were able to gather four wins. Thomas Schoeck, Clancy Shields, Piotr Dilaj and Brent Werbeck all won for Coach Greg Patton's team. Because of rain delays and the fact that Boise State had already gotten four wins, no doubles were played against Brown.  

Middle Tennessee State downed Texas A & M-Corpus Christi 4-2 in its first match. Like the Broncos, the Blue Raiders' top singles player lost. Andreas Siljestrom was defeated 6-2. Marco Born, Brandon Allan, Morgan Richard and Greg Pollack collected victories for Middle Tennessee.

The Bronco #1 doubles team of Shoeck and Shields has its work cut out for it tomorrow--they'll be facing the #3 doubles team in the country in Middle Tennessee's Siljestrom and Born. Still, if Shoeck and Shields want to repeat last year's All-America honors, they'll have to be up to the challenge. The Broncos' freshman team of Clancy Shields and Steve Robertson is undefeated and is favored to win there, leaving the #2 doubles match as likely the one that will decide the point.

The Bronco singles players have all been more successful on the year than the Blue Raider players, so Boise State should come out of this one on top.

1. No. 53 Dan Hengby, Brown, def. No. 23 Luke Shields, Boise State, 6-4 6-4
2. Thomas Schoeck, Boise State, def. Phil Charm, Brown, 6-0 6-3
3. Clancy Shields, Boise State, def. Eric Thomas, Brown, 4-6 6-2 6-3
4.Basudev Ratnam, Brown, def. Eric Roberson, Boise State, 6-3 6-1
5. Pitriok Dilaj, Boise State, def. Saurabh Kohli, Brown, 6-1 6-3
6. Brent Werbeck, Boise State, def. Luke Tedald, Brown, 6-3 6-3

Doubles: Not played.



#32 Boise State vs. #36 Middle Tennessee State



#1 Luke Shields (6-1, So.), 17-6, #23 in the nation vs. Andreas Siljestrom (6-9, Jr.) 14-12, 47th in the nation

#2 Thomas Schoeck (6-2, Sr.), 12-6 vs. Marco Born (6-9, Jr.), 17-10

#3 Clancy Shields (6-1, Fr.), 9-3 vs. Kai Schledorn (6-3, Jr.), 13-9

#4 Eric Roberson (6-2, So.), 11-7 vs. Brandon Allan (6-2, Sr.), 10-9

#5 Piotr Dilaj (Jr.) 6-0 vs. Morgan Richard (Fr.), 4-3

#6 Brent Werbeck (6-1, So.),12-8,vs. Greg Pollack (5-9, Sr.), 8-9



#1 Luke Shields and Thomas Schoeck (14-7), #17 in the nation vs. Andreas Siljestrom and Marco Born (21-4), #3 in the nation

#2 Piotr Dilaj and Eric Roberson (4-3) vs. Brandon Allan and Kai Schledorn (13-7)
#3 Clancy Shields and Eric Roberson (11-0) vs. Greg Pollack and Morgan Richard (2-2)

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