Women's Tennis Team Crushes Cornell 7-0

Boise State tennis is on a roll. The women drove home the point that they are not to be overshadowed by the men, trouncing Cornell 7-0 today.

The surging Boise State women's tennis team threw a shutout at Cornell 7-0 today. Boise State, which recently jumped from #73-54 in the national rankings, will challenge Cal State-Fullerton tomorrow.

Boise State won all doubles matches, with Megan Biorkman, Hadley MacFarlane, Tatiana Ganzha, Jana Mackova, Tiffany Coll and Laura Baum sweeping the singles matches.

1. MacFarlane/Biorkman, Boise State, def. Edinson/Miller, Cornell, 8-2
2. Coll/Ganzha, Boise State, def. Googe/John, Cornell, 8-2
3. Baum/Mackova, Boise State, def. Wang/Preneta, Cornell, 8-3
1. Megan Biorkman, Boise State, def. Mollie Edinson, Cornell, 6-3 6-0
2. Hadley MacFarlane, Boise State, def. Kasia Preneta, Cornell, 6-3 6-1
3. Tatiana Ganzha, Boise State, def. Tamara John, Cornell, 6-2 6-1
4. Jana Mackova, Boise State, def. Nisha Suda, Cornell, 6-7 7-6 12-10
5. Tiffany Coll, Boise State, def. Catherine Duboc, Cornell, 6-4 7-5
6. Laura Baum, Boise State, def. Elizabeth Googe, Cornell, 2-6 6-4 11-9

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