Bronco Men Lead Nation In Conference Titles

With Boise State's WAC Tennis Championship over Fresno State, the Bronco men now are tied with Florida State, Georgia and Texas atop the nation in conference championships won over the past year. Boise State also captured league titles in football and indoor track. The tennis team's exciting win, coupled with the women's second place finish enabled Boise State to take a 9.25 point lead in the WAC Commissioner's Cup Standings.

The spectacular performance by Boise State's tennis teams over the weekend enabled the Broncos to take a commanding lead in the Western Athletic Conference Commissioner's Cup Standings. The Boise State men captured their second consecutive WAC title while the women finished a close second. The WAC competition is scored by awarding nine points for first place, eight for second place, etc., in every sport (regardless of the number of teams) and points are averaged between a team's regular season finish (if applicable) and its WAC championship finish.

The Bronco tennis team joins the football team and the men's indoor track team as WAC Champions. The women's golf team, which finished 7th (or last) in today's WAC Championships, joins the volleyball team as the only school teams to finish worse than sixth. Boise State was second in gymnastics and women's tennis, fourth in both men's and women's cross country, women's basketball and women's indoor track, fifth in soccer and sixth in men's basketball.

With championships remaining in five of the 19 sports that the WAC sponsors, Boise State has 79 points, followed by Nevada with 69.75 points. Utah State, which did not compete in women's golf, fell to third with 68.5. Utah State won the men's cross country title and has not won a league championship since. Idaho has 64.50 points and is in 4th in the Commissioner's Cup, Hawai'i is in fifth with 59.50 points and San Jose State climbed from eighth to sixth thanks to its WAC title in women's golf with 56.75 points. The Spartans are followed by Fresno State (53.75), New Mexico State with 53.25 points and Louisiana Tech (49.50 points). Other league championships were won by Fresno State (women's soccer and women's tennis), Louisiana Tech (women's basketball and women's indoor track), Nevada (football and men's basketball), Hawai'i (volleyball and swimming & diving) and Idaho (women's cross country).

The five sports remaining are baseball, softball, men's golf and men's and women's outdoor track. Boise State does not currently field either a softball or baseball team. Using current results and statistics, the projected final Commissioner's Cup Standings are:

1. Boise State (95)

2. Nevada (93.75)

3. Fresno State (90.75)

4. Utah State (89.5)

5. Idaho (81.5)

6. Louisiana Tech (79.5)

7. New Mexico State (75.25)

8. San Jose State (74.75)

9. Hawai'i (74.5)

With the league tennis title, Boise State joins a group of 10 other schools in the nation's top eight conferences that have won three league championships in the past year. Only Notre Dame (8) and Connecticut (4) of the Big East, Georgia (6) of the SEC, Texas (5) of the Big 12, UCLA (4) of the PAC-10 and Duke, Florida State and North Carolina of the ACC (4 each) have won more conference titles than the Broncos.

In fact, when only the men are considered, Boise State's men are tied with Georgia, Florida State and Texas atop the nation with three conference championships each. Nevada, UCLA, Stanford, USC, Colorado, Texas A & M, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin, Tulsa, UTEP, Arkansas, Connecticut, Duke, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, Virginia, Notre Dame and the BYU men have all won two league titles.

Following are the men's conference championships won over the past year:


Duke (Men's Soccer and Basketball)

Florida State (Football, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track)

Virginia (Cross Country and Swimming & Diving)

Georgia Tech (Golf and Tennis)

North Carolina (Wrestling and Golf)


Big East:

Notre Dame (Cross Country and Swimming & Diving)

Connecticut (Soccer and Indoor Track)

Louisville (Tennis)

Syracuse (Basketball)

West Virginia (Football)


Big 10:

Ohio State (Football and Men's Gymnastics)

Wisconsin (Men's Cross Country and Men's Indoor Track)

Penn State (Football and Men's Soccer)

Iowa (Basketball)

Indiana (Men's Swimming)

Minnesota (Wrestling)


Big 12:

Texas (Football, Swimming & Diving and Indoor Track)

Colorado (Cross Country)

Kansas (Basketball)

Oklahoma State (Wrestling)


Conference USA:

Tulsa (Football and Tennis)

UTEP (Cross Country and Indoor Track)

Memphis (Basketball)

SMU (Swimming & Diving)


Mountain West:

BYU (Cross Country and Indoor Track)

San Diego State (Basketball)

TCU (Football)

UNLV (Swimming & Diving)



Stanford (Cross Country and Swimming)

USC (Football and Men's Diving)

UCLA (Basketball and Soccer)

Arizona State (Wrestling)



Arkansas (Cross Country and Indoor Track)

Georgia (Football, Golf and Tennis)

Auburn (Swimming & Diving)

Florida (Basketball)




Boise State (Football, Indoor Track and Tennis)

Nevada (Football and Basketball)

Utah State (Cross Country)

And here are the total conference championships:


Duke--4 (Men's Soccer and Basketball, Women's Cross Country and Golf))

Florida State--4 (Football, Indoor Track and Outdoor Track, Women's Swimming & Diving)

North Carolina--4 (Wrestling and Golf, Women's Soccer and Basketball)Georgia Tech--3 (Golf and Tennis, Women's Tennis)

Miami--2 (Women's Indoor Track and Outdoor Track)

Virginia--2 (Men's Cross Country and Swimming & Diving)

Maryland--1 (Women's Field Hockey)


Big East:

Notre Dame--8 (Cross Country and Swimming & Diving, Women's Cross Country, Soccer, Women's Swimming & Diving, Indoor Track, Volleyball and Tennis)

Connecticut--4 (Soccer and Indoor Track, Women's Field Hockey and Basketball)

Louisville--1 (Tennis)

Syracuse--1 (Basketball)

West Virginia--1 (Football)


Big 10:

Ohio State--3 (Football and Men's Gymnastics, Women's Basketball)

Michigan--3 (Women's Cross Country, Field Hockey and Indoor Track)

Penn State--3 (Football and Men's Soccer, Women's Swimming & Diving)

Wisconsin--3 (Men's Cross Country and Indoor Track, Women's Soccer)

Iowa--1 (Basketball)

Indiana--1 (Men's Swimming)

Minnesota--1 (Wrestling)


Big 12:

Texas--5 (Football, Swimming & diving and Indoor Track, Women's Swimming & Diving and Women's Indoor Track)

Colorado--2 (Men's Cross Country, Women's Cross Country)

Texas A & M--2 (Women's Soccer and Golf)

Iowa State--1 (Women's Gymnastics)

Kansas--1 (Basketball)

Oklahoma--1 (Women's Basketball)

Oklahoma State--1 (Wrestling)


Conference USA:

Tulsa--3 (Football and Tennis, Women's Basketball)

SMU--2 (Swimming & Diving, Women's Swimming & Diving)

UTEP--2 (Cross Country and Indoor Track)

Houston--1 (Women's Indoor Track)

Marshall--1 (Women's Volleyball)

Memphis--1 (Basketball)

South Carolina--1 (as an affiliate) (Men's Soccer)


Mountain West:

BYU--3 (Cross Country and Indoor Track, Women's Cross Country)

Utah--3 (Women's Volleyball, Swimming & Diving and Basketball)

UNLV--2 (Swimming & Diving, Women's Soccer)

Colorado State--1 (Women's Indoor Track)

San Diego State--1 (Basketball)

TCU--1 (Football)



UCLA--4 (Basketball and Soccer, Women's Basketball and Soccer)

Stanford--3 (Cross Country and Swimming, Women's Cross Country)

USC--2 (Football and Men's Diving)

Arizona--1 (Women's Diving)

Arizona State--1 (Wrestling)

Washington--1 (Women's Volleyball)



Georgia--6 (Football, Golf and Tennis, Women's Swimming & Diving, Indoor Track and Gymnastics)

Florida--3 (Basketball, Women's Volleyball and Tennis)

Tennessee--3 (Women's Cross Country, Soccer and Basketball)

Arkansas--2 (Cross Country and Indoor Track)

Auburn--2 (Swimming & Diving, Women's Golf)




Boise State--3 (Football, Indoor Track and Tennis)

Fresno State 2(Women's Soccer and Tennis)

Hawai'i--2 (Women's Swimming & Diving and Volleyball)

Louisiana Tech--2 (Women's Indoor Track and Basketball)

Nevada--2 (Football and Basketball)

Idaho 1 (Women's Cross Country)

Utah State--1 (Cross Country)

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