Boise State Takes WAC Track Lead

Led by Keron Francis' two WAC Championships and a first and a second by Ty Axtman, Boise State leads the field at the Track & Field Championships in Hawai'i. Francis led a 1-2-3-4 Bronco finish in the javelin as Boise State scored 28 points in that event alone. Coach Mike Maynard pulled off a brilliant surprise to aid the Bronco cause as well. The Bronco women, meanwhile, are in seventh place.


The Boise State men's track team is in first place with one day remaining in the Western Athletic Conference Championships in Honolulu. Coach Mike Maynard's Broncos have 70 points, with Idaho and Utah State tied for second with 43 each. Fresno State finds itself in fourth with 31 points and Louisiana Tech has 30. The Idaho women have jumped out to the lead with 47 points. The Bronco women have 25 points and are in seventh place. Louisiana Tech sits in second with 43, salivating as they get ready for today's running finals. Utah State is in third with 40 points, followed by Nevada (37), New Mexico State (32), Hawai'i (30), Boise State and Fresno State (19).

Keron Francis proved to be Mr. Dependable for Boise State. Competing in the javelin and long jump simultaneously, Francis won both events! He captured the WAC long jump title with a leap of 24 feet, 2.5 inches, which not only was a season best but also an NCAA regional qualifying mark. Francis, the #2-ranked javelin thrower in the nation, took the WAC crown today with a throw of 238-10 to lead a 1-2-3-4 Bronco sweep. Nate Putnam finished second with teammate Scott Viafore grabbing third and Mattias Jons taking fourth. Jons, one of the top hammer throwers in the country who will compete tomorrow, was a surprise competitor in the javelin, as he has not thrown the javelin competitively in his career. The move was a stroke of genius by Bronco coach Maynard.

"Keron's javelin throw was into a very stiff headwind and then his long jump competition was at the same time. Then, for our javelin throwers to go one-two-three-four was just great." Boise State head coach Mike Maynard said. "We set ourselves up really well on the men's side going into the finals tomorrow."

The major surprise of the meet thus far is that Boise State's Staffan Jonsson, the nation's 5th-ranked discus thrower, finished second in the discus finals today. He wasn't beaten by close challenger Russ Winger of Idaho, but rather by Jason Morgan of Louisiana Tech. Jonsson's throw of 187 feet, one inch was 8 feet below his personal best, allowing the upset. Eric Matthias of Boise State had a good day (167-2) to finish 4th, while Drew Tavares finished 7th, just out of the scoring.

Boise State's Ty Axtman came through for the Bronco men in a big way, winning the 10,000 meters and placing second in the 3,000 meter Steeplechase (9:11.51). For his sterling effort, Axtman collected 18 points for Coach Maynard's team. Sophomore Brandon Christoffersen finished sixth in the WAC in the Steeplechase for another Bronco point.

Sterling Small added his name to the list of Broncos who have qualified for the NCAA West Regionals. Small's time of 14.25 seconds in the 110 meter hurdles was far and away his best time of the year as he was the second fastest qualifier this afternoon. Small was not seeded going into the WAC Championships.

Boise State suffered a disappointment when Antoine Echols had two false starts in the 100, but Echols was not expected to score in the event.

Eleni Kafourou took second in the long jump with a mark of 20-2.5 feet to lead the Boise State women on the first full day of competition. The Bronco women hammer throwers didn't finish as high as hoped, but still collected 10 points in the event. Sophomore Eleni Ypsilanti was fourth (186-03), followed by Freshman Annika Hjelm (181-11) and junior Amber Tavares placed eighth (169-5). Ypsilanti's throw was nine feet off her seasonal best. Robin Nixon scored four points for Boise State when she finished fifth in the 10,000 meters with a time of 39:00.30.

In addition to Small, other Broncos that qualified earlier this year for the West Regionals are Antoine Echols in both the 200 and 400, Bryan Rodie in the 800, Wijnand Rijkenberg in the 1,500 meters, Ty Axtman in the 5,000, Staffan Jonsson, Keron Francis and Nate Putnam in the javelin, Mattias Jons and Simon Wardhaugh in the hammer, Eric Whitsitt in the shot put and Eric Matthias in the discus. For the Bronco women, Jackieann Morain qualified earlier this year in the 400, as did Rebecca Guyette in the 5,000 meters, Eleni Kafourou in both the long jump and triple jump and Ypsilanti and Hjelm in the hammer.

Comparing the results to projected scores, Morgan's surprise win in the discus was the only good news for the Louisiana Tech men as the Bulldogs are 13 points shy of where they should be at this point. Fresno State is also behind schedule but just by two points. Meanwhile, the insertion of Jons into the javelin and Francis' mild upset in the long jump have propelled the Broncos to ten extra points. Utah State, expected to give the Broncos their closest challenge for the WAC title, is even, and Idaho is a plus five. Going into the meet, Boise State was projected to get 166 points, followed by Utah State and Fresno State with 146 each, Louisiana Tech with 123 and Idaho at 93.

For the women, Idaho picked up six points today, with Utah State and Louisiana Tech adding five each and New Mexico State picking up two points. Nevada (-12), Hawai'i (-3), Fresno State (-23) and Boise State (-1) lost expected points. Boise State was expected to score 81 points and finish in seventh place. The Lady Techsters were the overwhelming favorite going in with 157 projected points followed by Idaho with 120, Utah State with 108, Nevada (103), Fresno State (95), New Mexico State (85), Boise State and Hawai'i (63).






 3000 Steeplechase

1 Twitchell, Vance Jr Utah State 9:06.48R (10 points)

2 Axtman, Ty Jr Boise State 9:11.51# (8)

3 Dinnel, Kinsey So Louisiana Tech 9:19.29# (6)

4 Thompson, Mike Jr Idaho 9:24.54 4 (5)

Laughlin, Derek Jr Idaho 9:25.70 (2)

6 Christoffersen, Brandon So Boise State 9:33.13 (1)

7 Marshall, Tim Jr Louisiana Tech 9:35.21

8 Welsh, Mark Sr Boise State 9:40.51



1 Axtman, Ty Jr Boise State 31:31.19# (10 points)

2 Friesen, Kevin Fr Idaho 31:38.76# (8)

3 Wold, Seth Fr Utah State 32:40.15 (6)

4 Shuler, Zack Fr Louisiana Tech 32:57.97 (4)

5 Racine, Matt Fr Idaho 33:20.62 (2)

6 Bryner, Clark Sr Utah State 33:50.57 (1)

7 Christoffersen, Brandon So Boise State 35:24.45

8 Chestnut, Ian So Idaho 36:41.26

-- Welsh, Mark Sr Boise State DNS



1. Keron Francis, Boise State, 238-10 feet (10 points)

2. Nate Putnam, Boise State (8)

3. Scott Viafore, Boise State (6)

4. Mattias Jons, Boise State (4)

5. Eamonn Torgison, UI (2)

6. Logan Moore, USU (1)


Long Jump

1. Keron Francis, Boise State, 24-02.50 feet (10 points)

2. Matthew Craig, La Tech (8)

3. Justin Wickard, Utah State (6)

4. Alex Jones, Fresno State (4)

5. Chris Jefferson, La Tech (2)

6. Kevin Pabst, Idaho (1)

7. Roger White, Boise State

10. Eric Demers, Boise State



1 Morgan, Jason Sr Louisiana Tech 57.19mR 187-07 10 55.69m 57.19m FOUL FOUL 54.80m FOUL (10 points)

2 Jonsson, Staffan Sr Boise State 57.03mR 187-01 8 49.52m FOUL 53.46m 56.89m 55.75m 57.03m (8)

3 Winger, Russ Jr Idaho 56.23mR 184-06 6 FOUL 54.50m 53.96m 54.94m FOUL 56.23m (6)

4 Matthias, Eric Sr Boise State 50.95mR 167-02 4 48.67m 50.86m FOUL FOUL 50.95m FOUL (4)

5 Wauters, Matt So Idaho 49.71m# 163-01 2 48.50m 48.08m 49.71m 49.34m FOUL 47.66m (2)

6 Haynes, Dj So Fresno State 48.83m 160-02 1 45.20m 47.98m 45.50m 48.73m FOUL 48.83m (1)

7 Tavares, Drew Fr Boise State 48.70m 159-09


Pole Vault

1. Adam Andreasen, Fresno State, 16-00.75 feet (10 points)

2. Paul Lim, Fresno State (8)

3. Max Hansen, USU (6)

4. Ryan Rupcich, Fresno State (4)

5. Palmer Hawkins, USU (2)

6. Kyle Christoffersen, Boise State (1)

11. Eric Demers, Boise State






1 Coleman, Mike Fr Louisiana Tech 10.51Q

2 Smith, Dj Jr Utah State 10.53Q

3 Young, Cedric Sr Utah State 10.69q

4 Summers, Andre Sr Boise State 10.69q

5 Jones, Alex Sr Fresno State 10.72q

6 Sherman, Antwaun Sr Idaho 10.76q

7 Smith, Jessie So Fresno State 10.80q

8 Mundrain, Thomas Sr Fresno State 10.80q

Antoine Echols FS



1 Echols, Antoine Sr Boise State 21.48Q

2 Smith, Dj Jr Utah State 21.74Q

3 Summers, Andre Sr Boise State 21.71q

4 Coleman, Mike Fr Louisiana Tech 21.81q

5 Young, Cedric Sr Utah State 21.85q -

6 Smith, Jessie So Fresno State 21.92q

7 Sherman, Antwaun Sr Idaho 21.92q

8 Cunningham, Nick Jr Boise State 22.13q



1 Valdez, Juan Jr Fresno State 47.70Q

2 Echols, Antoine Sr Boise State 47.77Q

3 Moon, Kenny Jr Fresno State 48.06q

4 Giuffre, Jason Sr Idaho 48.20q

5 Akwenye, Dasheek Sr Utah State 48.20q

6 Jones, Jarrith Fr Louisiana Tech 48.21q

7 Guggenheimer, Josh Sr Idaho 48.45q

8 Christoffersen, Kyle Fr Boise State 48.60q



1 Williams, Sheldon Jr Louisiana Tech 1:52.84Q

2 Yousfi, Driss Jr Idaho 1:55.55Q

3 Rodie, Bryan So Boise State 1:53.12Q

4 Williams, Emon Fr Utah State 1:55.71Q

5 Berry, Aaron Jr Fresno State 1:54.41q

6 Sandifer, Chris Fr Louisiana Tech 1:55.09q

7 Schmasow, Matt Fr Boise State 1:55.09q

8 Fawcett, Yance Sr Utah State 1:55.72q


110 m hurdles

1 Jackson, Nolan Sr Louisiana Tech R 14.06Q

2 Small, Sterling Jr Boise State R 14.25Q

3 Wickard, Justin Sr Utah State R 14.27q

4 Dai'Re, Val Pierre Fr Fresno State R 14.32q

5 Bell, Scott Jr Utah State 14.48q

6 Woods, Wendell Jr Louisiana Tech 14.50q

7 Jeppsen, Jason Fr Utah State 14.59q

8 Kent, John Jr Louisiana Tech 14.63q


400 m hurdles

1 Moore, Ryan Jr Fresno State R 52.10Q

2 Bell, Scott Jr Utah State 52.70Q

3 Small, Sterling Jr Boise State 52.69q

4 Guggenheimer, Josh Sr Idaho 52.94q

5 Pabst, Kevin Fr Idaho 53.32q

6 Karren, Nick Fr Utah State 53.67q

7 Martin, Brad Jr Utah State 54.53q

8 Dai'Re, Val Pierre Fr Fresno State 54.86q






 3000 Steeplechase

1 Lifferth, Stacie So Utah State 10:24.67R (10 points)

2 Kennelly, Bevin Jr Idaho 10:28.87R (8 )

3 Strickland, Tiffany Sr Utah State 10:49.00R (6)

4 Twitchell, Jennifer Jr Utah State 11:12.49 (5)

5 Garner, Melis Sr Nevada 11:23.33 (4)

6 Friend, Jessica Sr Idaho 11:27.72 (3)

7 Sandoval, Beth Jr New Mexico State 11:30.44 (2)

8 Santana, Marina So Fresno State 11:31.61 (1)



1 Olson, Dee So Idaho 36:39.34# (10 points)

2 Macalister, Mandy So Idaho 37:35.94 (8 )

3 Thomson, Grace Sr New Mexico State 37:46.44 (6)

4 Egan, Amy Jr Utah State 38:30.55 (5)

5 Nixon, Robin Sr Boise State 39:00.30 (4)

6 Knowles, Kendall Sr Nevada 39:05.92 (3)

7 Gut, Eva Sr Idaho 39:24.93 (2)

8 Gramly, Amanda So Nevada 39:34.01 (1)


Long Jump

1. Sandra Anane, NMSU, 20-4.25 feet (10 points)

2. Eleni Kafourou, Boise State (8)

3. Bejide Williams, LT (6)

4. Donesha Spivey, LT (5)

5. Ciara McMillan, Nevada (4)

6. Tammy Stowe, UI (3)

7. Winnie Fletcher, Fresno State (2)

8. Ashley Land, Nevada (1)




1 Broncheau, Jen Sr Idaho 57.85m# 189-09 10 55.75m FOUL FOUL 56.31m 57.85m 57.59m (10 points)

2 Hane, Caira Sr Nevada 57.25m# 187-10 8 FOUL FOUL 57.17m 52.45m 56.06m 57.25m (8)

3 Streater, Erin Sr New Mexico State 57.10m# 187-04 6 56.32m FOUL 50.71m 57.10m 55.77m 55.87m (6)

4 Ypsilanti, Eleni So Boise State 56.78m# 186-03 5 FOUL 56.35m 56.78m 52.97m 55.77m 56.09m (5)

5 Hjelm, Annika Fr Boise State 55.44m# 181-11 4 53.14m 54.70m 52.41m 53.07m 54.11m 55.44m (4)

6 Bodo, Janine Sr Nevada 55.03m# 180-06 3 51.41m 55.03m 53.85m 53.15m 52.85m 53.29m (3)

7 Farley, Jamie Jr Fresno State 54.16mR 177-08 2 45.48m 54.16m FOUL 52.78m FOUL FOUL (2)

8 Tavares, Amber Jr Boise State 51.63m 169-05 1 51.63m 49.42m 50.91m 50.58m 50.61m 51.06m (1)


Shot Put

1. Shaterika Allen, LT, 51-04.5 feet (10 points)

2. Erin Streater, NMSU (8)

3. La'Sha Hill, Fresno State (6)

4. Jamie Martino, Nevada (5)

5. Nadia Alexander, LT (4)

6. Inger Appanaitalis, Nevada (3)

7. Aspen Marshall, Fresno State (2)

8. Mykael Bothum, UI (1)

15. Amber Tavares, Boise State






1 Wilson, Latonia Jr Louisiana Tech 11.65Q

2 Spivey, Donesha Sr Louisiana Tech 11.88Q

3 Pater, Tanya Sr Idaho 11.94Q

4 McClain, Lasadies Jr Louisiana Tech 11.97q 1

5 Williams, Bejide Sr Louisiana Tech 12.04q -

6 Wilson, Jerita Sr Nevada 12.07q

7 Hobbs, Whitney So Louisiana Tech 12.10q

8 Lopez, Christina So Fresno State 12.24q



1 Wilson, Latonia Jr Louisiana Tech R 23.74Q

2 Gilbert, Nina Jr Louisiana Tech 24.04Q

3 Spivey, Donesha Sr Louisiana Tech 24.13Q

4 McClain, Lasadies Jr Louisiana Tech 24.35q

5 Powell, Katrina Sr New Mexico State 24.41q

6 Jackson, Sophia Jr Louisiana Tech 24.44q

7 Wilson, Jerita Sr Nevada 24.92q

8 Lopez, Christina So Fresno State 25.07q  



1 Morain, Jackieann Sr Boise State R 54.42Q

2 Gilbert, Nina Jr Louisiana Tech 55.12Q

3 Powell, Katrina Sr New Mexico State 55.65q

4 Cole, Krystal Jr Louisiana Tech 55.95q

5 Reynolds, El Charrita Fr Louisiana Tech 55.99q

6 Jackson, Sophia Jr Louisiana Tech 56.76q

7 Wright, Shaina So Nevada 57.51q

8 Winston, Renee So Fresno State 57.59q



1 Baker, Kali JR Nevada 2:10.68Q

2 Evans, Zinzi Jr Fresno State 2:11.81Q

3 Steele, Jill Sr Utah State 2:10.91Q

4 Murdoch, Alisha Jr Idaho 2:11.95Q

5 McDowell, Kayleen Fr Boise State 2:11.52q

6 Kamau, Mary Sr Idaho 2:12.02q

7 Guymon, Kristen Sr Utah State 2:12.51q

8 Wattree, LaNaya So Nevada 2:15.56q


100 M hurdles

1 Judd, Amber Jr Utah State 14.08Q

2 Gordon, Christie Fr Idaho 14.40Q

3 Cobb, Antoinette Fr Louisiana Tech 14.41

4 Bergland, Heather Fr Idaho 14.42q

5 Serrano, Analisa Fr Nevada 14.50q

6 Olivetti, Megan Fr Boise State 14.63q

7 Hulbert, Lacey Sr Utah State 14.68q

8 Anane, Sandra Jr New Mexico State 14.72q


400 m hurdles

1 Barnes, Miriam Jr Louisiana Tech R 59.83Q

2 Smith, Polly Fr Nevada 1:01.80Q

3 Judd, Amber Jr Utah State 1:03.10Q

4 Amanakis, Thalia Fr Hawai'i 1:02.46q

5 Medina, Rosana Jr Nevada 1:03.66q

6 Olivetti, Megan Fr Boise State 1:03.99q

7 Rosenthal, Candace SO Hawai'i 1:04.27q

8 McCoy, Erica So Fresno State 1:04.43q








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