The Time is Now To Buy Bronco Season Tickets!

Boise State season football tickets are surging as the 2006 campaign approaches. With one of the brightest young minds in college football taking full control of the team, the outlook is bright. An available ticket to a Bronco home football game will soon be as rare as a blue sapphire...

Often referred to as "Gem of the Heavens," the sapphire also symbolizes a noble soul. The color sapphire-blue is known for representing clarity and competence. How appropriate is it, then, that both the Bronco uniforms and the turf at Bronco Stadium are blue?

The gem has long symbolized sincere love and enduring faithfulness, and represents truth, friendship, harmony and consistency. Blue sapphires are often given in engagement rings to express commitment and loyalty. Sapphire blue has become a color related to anything permanent and reliable. Sapphires remain America's #1 selling colored gem. In fact, the price for a fine quality sapphire can be higher than that of a diamond.

Thus, blue sapphires are known for being of high quality, desirability and rarity. In the 21st century, the same can be said for Boise State football tickets! Season ticket sales at Boise State have skyrocketed in recent years, shooting from 14,000 in 2002 to the 21,000 figure today. That's a 50 percent increase in just four years! 17 of 19 home games the past three seasons have been sellouts and only student ticket policy snafus prevented the other two from selling out.

New Head Coach Chris Petersen has Bronco fans excited about the prospects of Boise State football. With two months to go, season ticket sales are 1,000 ahead of last year. That translates to just under 21,000 packages sold. 5,000 seats are allocated to Boise State students and are free to those enrolled full-time. Another 2,000 are always reserved for the visiting team. With just 23,000 seats available in Bronco Stadium for the general public, that means precious few are still available. Even if there is not a "season ticket sellout", there will not be many left to sell for individual games. That is because season ticket holders have first priority to purchase tickets in addition to their season tickets. Word is they are doing that right now en masse. Only single seats remain for the Oregon State and Fresno State games, and the other four home dates (Sacramento State, Utah State, Hawai'i and Louisiana Tech) are not far behind. Internet ticket companies are now selling individual home game tickets starting at $84 each.

Of course, you could always hope that student tickets aren't sold out.... Is that a chance worth taking if it meant missing the entire season? And, visiting teams may not use their allotment of 2,000 (other than Fresno State and Oregon State), but those are far from the best seats in the house.

The moral to this story is that if you want to see one of the top teams in the nation play football this year, you'd best take the plunge and order your season tickets. If you do so right away, you can order those extra tickets on sale now for friends. Less than 2,000 tickets remain--when they are gone, they're gone.

Call the Boise State Athletic Ticket Office at 426-4737 and they'll set you up as a season ticket holder of Boise State Blue Sapphire season football tickets!

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