Great Player... Bad Team.

Anthony Watkins is a great athlete that many have heard of, but few have seen play. Anthony, you see, plays on a bad team. Likely, if Anthony played on a winning team he would be on everyone's wish list, but he plays on a team that went 0-fer last season. Yet even despite his teams struggles, he has shown through enough to earn scholarship offers from the Pac-10 and SEC..

BroncoCountry spoke with Highline High's, (Burien, WA) standout Safety last week and learned, among other things, how a tremendous player copes with playing for a team that lost every game last year, and what he's doing to prepare for a different outcome this year.

"I am spending my summer in Kentucky with my father and brother", Anthony Watkins said when once reached. "While I am here I have just been spending my time lifting weights…My bench has gone up to 245lbs…I now weigh 190lbs and I think I've grown an inch or two…my goal this summer is to bench 275lbs this summer."

"I have two offers…Oregon State and Kentucky…I still get a lot of letters from Wazzu (Washington State) and UW (University of Washington)…I've talked to the Boise State coaches a while ago…but that is all I've heard...while on the phone…they seem to not know how I really played or stuff…I don't think they ever seen me play but only seen my highlight tape…so I believe there is little interest by them because of that."

"My dad is my inspiration…doing the summer here…I notice that he works hard to put food on the table… during his day he was a good athlete…I want to live up to his hype…be like him."

"I am looking for a good school…maybe one with a sports management or sports medicine program…"

"This is my last season…and I feel good about this season…because I am faster and stronger…and I am even smarter…also the game has slowed down for me…making it easier for me to make plays…"

"There is a lot of pressure on me to make a good decision…I have to choose where I want to live for the next four years…that is why I am looking forwarding to tripping to the schools this year…I need to see everything…I want to feel comfortable with whatever I decision I will make…when I make a decision I am going to be relieved…"

Because of all the hype and momentum that has been generated mostly through word of mouth there will be many recruiters making trips to see Highline play this year. They want to see the hype for themselves.

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