Idaho WR works to make a name for himself

Tyler Shoemaker is a local product, attending Mountain View High School in Meridian, ID. Tyler sat down with BroncoCountry columnist John Wayne Penton, Jr. recently to discuss his summer, the importance of attending camps, and what schools are keeping an eye on him... **FREE PREMIUM CONTENT**

When first contacted and asked how things were going this summer, Mountian View WR Tyler Shoemaker replied that, "(e)verything is going really good…after the Idaho High School combines we had a team camp…then I went to Boise State's camp, and then I went to Stanford's football camp…after that I went to a basketball camp. Other than that I've been working out at my school…and little bit extra at Gold's Gym. Also at the Athletic training center…I am doing a speed training program so I can get my speed down….my best 40 is a 4.63 and I am trying to get that down"

Tyler had very complimentary things to say about the Boise State camp, "It was really good.", he stated when asked about it. "It was cool…because it is local…they are like 15 or 20 minutes from my house…I went there for two days…it is pretty much a team camp…but me and a couple of friends went as individuals…they put us on renegade teams…and we would go against the other teams there…then we had special coaches that were the players…it was real cool."

He then went on to describe how his recruitment has been going this summer, "The schools that have been talking to me a lot…Idaho state a lot…Boise State a little bit…I keep in contact with Stanford…but they want the first two game films of this year…and then they said we can start talking more…those are the three main ones…Washington State sends me a bunch of letters…but it seems like it is just from their mailing list"

When asked what he was looking for in a school, Tyler said that, "(T)here are a lot of factors…but academics is a big thing for me…I want to get a good education wherever I go…the program has to fit me…I don't want to go somewhere where I am not going to play…or where the programs has to change a bunch of stuff…a couple of schools have contacted me and told me they want me to play tight end…that would be fine…but I rather not…I rather stay outside and play receiver…I would like to go to a school who wants me to play receiver."

When asked about what factors would weigh into his choice of a college, Tyler said that Academics would play a big part, because as explained, "I think I want to be a pre-med major when I get to college…it would be cool to go to a school that offered both football and a good pre med program or medical school."

He then explained further that, "my dad and mom are both Veterinarians…I've been around them doing their medicine for as long as I can remember…so I have always been interested…so that is why I am interested in that field…I like doing stuff with the animals…but I think I am more interested in the human side of things. We've had horses, all kinds of dogs and cats, birds and chickens…and all kinds of stuff throughout my life.

Getting back to this summer, Tyler said that apart from Boise State, that he had attended the Nike Camp at Stanford. "(T)here were like 650 to 700 kids there…it was good to see a lot competition…where everybody was and how I kinda fit in." When asked how he felt he performed at Stanford, Tyler replied that, "(a)s a receiver…I felt I could do just about everything as good as everyone else…but I think my speed probably put me at the lower end of the top bracket…so I think definitely I need to work on my speed…but catching the ball, making the moves, getting the ball…all those things I felt comfortable with…I felt I could play with all the guys there."

Tyler had some very strong feeling about the summer camps and combines, "(a)nybody that seriously wants to play college football…should go to a combine…to see how they stack up against other athletes…and see what you have to work on"

When asked to describe what he expected from his Maverick Football team this coming year he said that, "(W)e are excited…we got a lot of players returning on offense…and a young tough defense.

Throughout the conversation, it was easy to see that Tyler is a very intelligent and excited young athlete who is taking a very smart and hard-working approach to his recruitment. Rather than sitting back and waiting for the offers to pour in, he's out there working hard every day and making a name for himself. From the dedication Tyler has already shown, the team that gets his services for the next 4 years will get a true student athlete who will excell both on and off the field.

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