All in the family

Tyson Buck has a strong familiarity with two things in particular — family and football. Growing up in an environment that encouraged the value of family might be the thing that lands the sought after linebacker in Boise. Of course, the Broncos will have to beat out a number of other schools in the region, all trying to appeal to Buck's sensibility to family values. The DNA doesn't hurt either.

Not only is Tyson Buck one of the top defenders on the State of Utah's top defensive football team, but his father, Jason, was an Outland Trophy winner at BYU in the mid-80s, spent time in the NFL and has been recognized as one of BYU's all time top defensive players.

"He's an intermountain kid," said Jason of his son. "We want him to be able to go away to school, but just not too far away."

Most of the best schools in the west have kept Buck high on their list, including local contenders Utah State, Utah and BYU. UNLV, Boise State, Idaho, Colorado State and schools in the Pacific Northwest are also still in the picture.

"We could expand that to schools in California," Tyson said, but the family is not too keen on traveling great distances to see Tyson play on Saturdays.

And this is where the door in Boise opens wide. Jason Buck hails from the Boise Valley and a large portion of Tyson's relatives still call the Boise area home. "I always check their (Boise State) website for the latest news," Tyson said.

Buck is also familiar with coach Villiami Tuivai, who was a coach at the All Poly camp Tyson attended.

What makes the senior so alluring to so many schools is the versatility he provides. Like a utility infielder in baseball, Buck can excel at linebacker but has the capacity to step back a few yards and play safety and can also long snap, which is not something to be overlooked.

Into all things football—the NFL Network, ESPN highlights, Madden, and so on—Tyson is well aware of what he wants out of the sport.

"I'm looking for a coaching staff that can make me the best player I can possibly be," said Buck, who has sincere aspirations of making it to the NFL one day. "We're a football family, so we know exactly what we're looking for," Buck added.

The wild card in it all might be Buck's ambitions of getting into dentistry following football.

He's surely loosened enough fillings on the field. Seems only fair that he go back and repair some of that damage.

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