Not easy being Green

It might turn out one day that people will think of Billy Green in the same way they think about Steve Largent or Wayne Chrebet—where did this guy come from? Green's numbers last season on many other teams would've garnered more notice, but on Mill Creek, WA's Jackson High, a high caliber passing team, Green hasn't stood out as much as a receiver with a nearly 17 yards per reception average should

"I've been getting letters, just not as many as I thought. It's been slower than I expected," said 6' 175lb wideout Billy Green.

Still he should be able to post better numbers than last season with quarterback Jake Gelakoska returning this season with Green this season. Green, growing up in Husky Country, would obviously love a chance to play for the University of Washington, but has no problems turning Blue.

"They always seem to have a winning program and are in consideration for a BCS bowl even though they are from a smaller conference," Green said of Boise State.

The ace in the hole for Green, aside from his allure as a possession receiver that can convert on third down, might be his capacity as a track athlete. Green competes in a variety of sprint events for the Wolves, including the 100m, 200m and 100 and 400 relay teams.

Boise State does not appear to have Green high on their shopping list yet, but with a familiarity and comfort of a returning quarterback and an offense that favors the pass, that could change along with the colors of the leafs this fall.

With a guy that converted one out of every five catches into a score, Green's numbers might not suggest "steal" as a recruit, but with first down conversions and touchdowns the name of the game at the college level, Green could develop into the type of player that some schools might eventually think of a steal.. after it's too late to come in and snatch him up.

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