What's A Bronco Fan To Do?

Of all the luck. The Broncos are out of town and you're not with them. You're sure as heck going to watch them on television at least. Where are the best places to watch the Broncos? Consider these fine local establishments:


There are a multitude of establishments in the Boise Valley where Bronco fans can watch their team on television. Of course, the best way to watch away games is to travel to watch the Broncos play in person. But if you are unable to travel to all six games this season, consider these fine places. They all responded to a BroncoCountry questionnaire mailed out last month.

Buster's in Boise:

1326 Broadway


Capacity: 139

Televisions: 14, including 2 50" High Definition LCD Flat Screen televisions in bar, 2 60" High Definition LCD Flat Screen TV's in restaurant, 2 50" televisions on patio on game days

Bronco Game Day: All TV's are tuned to the Broncos and broadcast to the entire facility in surround sound.

Specials: Bronco Burgers and cold beer, other food and drink specials depending on the day of the week

President Bob Stewart says: "Buster's is the best place to watch the Broncos. We record all games so they can be replayed. We have the best-looking waitresses and Buster's is a Good Time Sports Bar and Grill only five blocks from Bronco Stadium."

The Crescent in Boise:

5500 West Franklin


Capacity: 315

Televisions: 4 10-foot High Definition Projection TV's, 20 36" televisions and six 27" TV's

Bronco Game Day: Usually all are tuned to the Bronco game and sound is piped into the entire facility.

Specials: Many and varied food and drink specials are offered.

Owner Butch Morrison says: "We are Boise's premier sports bar. 21 and over only. "No Lawyers, No Kids, No Kidding."

Ha'Penny in Boise

855 Broad Street


Capacity: 160

Televisions: A Projection Screen in High Definition plus eight 32" televisions

Bronco Game Day: The large majority (if not all) are tuned to the Broncos. All are shown with sound piped through speakers.

Specials: 10% off your drink tab as well as "Touchdown Specials" to be determined

General Manager Corey Gorham says: "Come to the place that has supported the Broncos and theier fans for yeaers. Enjoy the game in an awesome intimate venue. GO BRONCOS!!"

The Ram in Meridian:

3272 East Pine


Capacity: 225

Televisions: A 90" Big Screen TV with High Definition plus 12 35" televisions

Bronco Game Day: The Big Screen is tuned to the Boise State game, and six of the 12 televisions in the dining room also show the Bronco game. All are shown with sound piped through speakers.

Specials: $5 Cuervo Margarita, $4 24 oz. Mugs of Big Horn beer, $5 mini appetizers, $3 Bloody Mary's and Screwdrivers

General Manager Anthony Cowdin says: "It's the sports place to be in Meridian and the big game is always on in high definition."

The Pocket in Boise:

1487 North Curtis


Capacity: 140

Televisions: 1 57" TV, 6 27" TV's

Bronco Game Day: Usually all are tuned to the Bronco game and are broadcast in surround sound over the entire facility/P>

Specials: Different food items are on special. Sometimes The Pocket will feature an outside tailgate before the game starts. Happy Hour prices are offered throughout the Bronco game.

Owner Robin Face says: "We have a lot of fun fans and the food and service is great. Come meet new Bronco fan friends in your neighborhood bar."

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