Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah!

What characterizes the schools that have been around for an eternity is the ingenius organized cheers that they shout during games. They stand as one to shout these chants, and can be intimidating to opposing fans and players. Boise State has started some traditions already with the kickoff chant and the "Whose House? Our House" chants, both started by BroncoCountry. Let's keep it up!

Can Boise State take it to the next level?

No, I'm not referring to our winning consistently versus BCS opponents. Though that would sure be nice. I'm also not referring to tailgating, or stadium expansions. Though those also have room for improvement, not to mention being nice. I'm referring in a most definite way to a very vocal level. That's right FAN PARTICIPATION. I could easily focus on participation in the sense of standers versus the non-standers (also known as the sitters on hands). This contentious topic could span decades, divide families, and even change the course of breakfast cereals. Therefore, I will leave it alone...mostly. Remember that a wink is as good as a nod to a blind bat, say no more, say NO MORE. O.K., maybe just a little.

I will instead focus on FAN PARTICIPATION as a whole, as in the whole stadium. A few things stick out that show our need for improved coordinated FAN PARTICIPATION. For example, while watching the NCAA tourney here two years ago I was impressed by the entire sections of Arizona, or UAB and etc. standing as one, chanting as one and adding to the overall experience. Frankly, we suck in that area in football and don't even get me started on hoops (refer to what we are not talking about...the sitters on of hands). Another example, is the Georgia game. Watching the telecast I heard the crowd as a whole chant on kickoffs, kick returns, punts, TD's and etc. THE WHOLE DANG STADIUM, no really, the whole thing. O.K., maybe not the ones in blue and orange that day.
My point is that the big programs have found a way to make use of their 12th Man in more ways than, "It's another Bronco First Down!"(which we kiped from another school by the way). I have observed, both in person and via the invention of the cathode ray tube thingy, that these programs use a number of things to assist. Let me list them below, and realize this is only a partial list:

Jumbotron directing fans what to say and when.
Flyers passed out to fans directing fans what to say and when.
The directing of the student body portion of fans what to say and when
(whether this be at rallies, student orientation or etc.)
Cheerleaders directing fans what to say and when (notice I didn't put in
the starting of BOISEEEEE....STAAATTTEE while on offense here).
Fans themselves directing fans what to say and when.
O.K., raise your hand if you noticed the common thread there....anyone...anyone... Bueller? All righty then, moving on.

The image we need to project to the opposing fans in attendance, the opposing team and staff, and the cathode ray tube thingy audience is simple.
Boise State IS a football program through and through, Boise IS a football town.
That's it, thats all. To do that will require some seriously radical actions that may come to the attention of Homeland Security and Jay Leno. Let me list those, and once again this is a partial list so feel free to add to it:
The entire crowd is TAUGHT what to say and when.
The entire crowd is TAUGHT what to say and when.
The entire crowd is TAUGHT what to say and when.
The entire crowd is TAUGHT what to say and when.
O.K., raise your hand if you noticed the common thread there....anyone...anyone... Bueller? All righty then, moving on.

A few examples of what these chants would look like are:
Kickoffs to us – "GOOOOO Big Blue" as the ball is kicked, "Aaaaa-taaaack" as
the ball is received.
Kickoffs to them – (same as above), "Dom-in-aaaate" as the ball is received.
Rushing TD by us- "Rock the House!"
Passing TD by us – "Air BLUE!"
(if these suck feel free to let the appropriate powers hear yours, and since we kiped the first down chant if something works elsewhere let them know that too)

To ensure this happens we need to get with the AD's office and come up with a list of what they feel is appropriate and will help the team (since that is what the 12th Man is there to do). Then chants, sayings or whatever are assigned to a particular aspect of the game; kickoffs, fumble recoveries, interceptions, rushing first downs and TD's, passing first downs and TD's and so on. Then, and this is the really cool part, it is put in the hands or visually in front of the fans. This will be done by graphics on the evenings news, in the sports section game day insert, flyers at the stadium, JUMBOTRON graphics and this is the really crazy part...via proper cheerleading. The program should also make use of designated FANLeaders who can get in front or along the aisles of sections the cheerleaders have a hard time getting to. These FanLeaders would be invaluable for getting the sitters on of hands involved and everyone on the same page.

In this writer's opinion it will take coordinated, focused and appropriate FAN PARTICIPATION to help Boise State Football (ditto for hoops) to the next level. If we want to be taken seriously as a program then our fans better start acting like it.

Yours standing, screaming and cheering...



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