Compact Powerhouse

Patience is not something usually associated with fullbacks, but Alex Cabatic is in no particular hurry to sign over his college future. "I'm really just focusing on the season ahead," said the fullback from Clovis East High. "Whatever happens about college, I'll take it."

Offers haven't been pouring in just yet for Alex Cabatic, which is a bit surprising for a fullback with all-league credentials on one of the West's top high school programs

In fact, the Timberwolves lost twice last season by a total of four points and chalked up a win over Midland-Lee, a Texas powerhouse.

Perhaps Cabatic is getting the short end of things—5'9" short to be exact.

"I'd say my height is my biggest concern, right now." Cabatic has reasonable speed for 220-pound bowling ball of a runner that loves to clear the road of traffic.

"I just hit anything that's in my way," Cabatic said. "My strength makes up for a lot…I can usually plow right through those big 6' 5" linemen. I don't really care who's in my way, I'm going to run right over them."

A stout fullback with amazing grades, 3.65 at last check, is hard to turn away from fully, especially when so many scouts will be watching the T-Wolves very closely this season.

"We have maybe 4 other guys that are D1 prospects, so that really helps to get noticed," Cabatic admitted.

While the sturdy senior might pattern his game after the road-grating Mike Alstott, some scouts might suggest he plays a bit more like the squatty Kyle Eckels, formerly of the Naval Academy.

While the pure fullback might be a dying breed of football player, Cabatic is proof that the breed is not yet extinct in the world. And sometimes proof of life is all you need.

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