Tom Farinacci: Moving up the Charts

Like a top ten hit on the music charts, Tom Farinacci emerged over the off-season as a player to keep an eye on. The senior quarterback from Southridge High in Beaverton, Oregon, has played in the shadow of some talented players. Now, with full reign of the program, Farinacci is looking to step up his game.

The senior signal caller made his first impressions during a camp at Boise State where he met most of the BSU coaches.

"I really liked the Boise State camp this summer," said Tom Farinacci. "It would be pretty cool to play for Boise State because I really enjoyed my time there."

Farinacci helped lead the Skyhawks to the best record in the school's history, completing about 58% of his passes. Raw stats won't blow anyone away, but what scouts love are his refined fundamentals.

The 6' 2" 185 quarterback showed he could pile up the measurables, ending up being ranked second in the Stanford Nike Camp—fitting for someone from Beaverton. Fluid and accurate, Farinacci adds a detail to his game not often seen by purified pocket passers—speed. Laying down a cozy 4.5 in the 40, Farinacci also stars with the school's track team and his quickness makes him equally adept simply toting the rock down the field with him.

One anonymous scout said of Farinacci, "he has very few flaws in his delivery." While the senior Skyhawk might not open eyes with pure numbers, an athletic and speedy quarterback with refined and polished passing skills is hard to ignore.

He is ranked fifth among quarterbacks in the northwest and thirty-fourth overall among all prospects in that region.

Farinacci is not about to push the subject. Rather, he wants to wait for the situation to unfold, pick out a suitable target and hopefully deliver the goods—just like a well-designed pass play.

"I achieved my goal of getting my name out there this summer," said Farinacci. "Now I just want to have a good senior season and I'll just hope for the best."

The recruiting pace has picked up a bit as the season has drawn near and he is expecting it to pick up even more once the season is in full swing.

The 3.6 GPA student has an eye on sports medicine, but athletically, he wants to feel comfortable in his environment, which gives Boise State a bit of an early edge.

"I just want to play for a school with a great coaching staff that I feel like I can relate to," Farinacci added.

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