Fla's top passer could head West

With three of the biggest college programs in the country right in his backyard, you'd think that Dominique Davis would have his pick of Division I powerhouses to choose from. However, the senior quarterback from Lakeland's Kathleen High has almost literally taken the college recruiting scene by storm... but this was one storm the state of Florida wasn't quite ready for.

In a state where top recruits are identified before they make it out of elementary school, Dominique Davis flew under the radar for no other reason than he wasn't even in radar range. The rangy senior didn't start playing high school football until his junior year and even then he came out for the team initially as a receiver.

"I saw that we only had one quarterback," Davis said. "So I volunteered to back up, but I didn't think I'd play." As the season wore on, Davis learned the system, quickly developed an aptitude for the spot and has now not only taken over the reigns of the Red Devil offense, he has done so while leading the state of Florida in passing.

Davis has thrown for nine touchdowns, just one interception and has completed 70% of his passes for 756 yards. Davis leads a big play oriented passing offense that averages 21.5 yards per reception.

Not too bad for someone virtually brand new to the position. "I played some in Little League football," said the unassuming Davis. "But not quarterback."

Polite and well mannered, Davis has his sights on helping Kathleen improve to 3-1 on the year in the next few days with hopes to continue winning until the final game of the season, a showdown against crosstown rivals Lakeland, a team many experts have peged as the top prep program in the country.

If Davis continues to lead Florida in passing by then, his days of eluding the recruiting radar will be over.

"That game will be big," said Davis. "Hopefully it will shine the spotlight on us and prove to people that we won't fold and that we're the one's that deserve the attention, not Lakeland."

New to his position or not, the numbers he has posted early are hard to ignore as he has garnered attention not only from Boise State but from regional powers like Louisville, locals Central Florida, and a number of other schools closer to Florida than Idaho. Still, that doesn't rule the Big Blue out of the picture.

"I know Boise State has a great program and they've won like 33 games in a row at home on that blue field," Davis said. The senior signal caller will likely wait until the end of the season to sort out his options and is leaving the door wide open, which may or may not work to Boise State's advantage.

"My coach has really helped me a lot," said Davis. "I want to get into coaching one day. Anything working with kids."

Beating the schools in college football Mecca will be a difficult challenge for Boise State recruiters, but with Kathleen's "score points, ask questions later" philosophy that so closely mimics that of the Broncos, the Smurf Turf could feel very comfortable for Davis.

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