Stiff Wind, Stout Defense Await Broncos

Wyoming turned heads last week when they held ACC power Virginia to six points in regulation, losing 13-12 when an extra point try failed in overtime. The Joe Glenn-coached team provides a stern test for Boise State this afternoon in Laramie, where winds up to 35 miles an hour are expected.

After two opening wins, the Boise State football team begins a crucial three-game stretch of their season, facing Wyoming on the road, Hawai'i at home and Utah on the road.  How the Broncos do in this trifecta will greatly influence their season.  Most pundits expect them to lose one of those three.  This afternoon, Boise State will head out on the road for the first time this season for a game with the Wyoming Cowboys.


The weather forecast for Laramie, Wyoming is for a high temperature of 50 degrees with gusty winds up to 35 miles an hour.  Those winds will take away much of the passing game for both teams, and could affect the kicking game as well.  With both defenses geared for stopping the run, it will be essential to generate some kind of aerial attack, whether it be by screens, using backs and tight ends over the middle, or the deep ball when the offense has the wind at their back.  Short of that, the game will be won by the team that controls the line of scrimmage.  Because of the weather, it may be necessary to run the football whether it is working or not.  Eventually, the defense will be worn down and the ground game will be effective in the fourth quarter.


The Broncos are averaging 430 yards of total offense per game, just ahead of Wyoming's 396 per game.  That's pretty close.  Wyoming gets more yards through the air (202-172) while the Broncos have had better success on the ground (258-194).  However, when it comes to finishing drives, the Broncos have a huge advantage, averaging 43.5 points a game (8th in the country) to 25 points for Wyoming.


The Bronco defense has allowed just 1.8 yards per rush and 58 yards per game, although one of those games was against I-AA Sacramento State.  Wyoming has been a little better, allowing 43.5 yards a game and also 1.8 yards per attempt.  Keep in mind that one of their games was against Virginia.  Boise State is allowing just 118.5 yards per game through the air while Wyoming is close behind at 124.  Those statistics are also deceiving; you have Boise State going against Sacramento State in the opener, while Wyoming faced a Virginia team not known for its passing attack. 


On paper, Wyoming does indeed look "for real".  Any team that can venture into ACC territory and hold Virginia to 6 points in regulation is legitimate.  This game will be a good barometer from which to judge Boise State's national standing.  It may come down to which coaches can adjust their game plan to fit the weather and game conditions.  Still, you have to like Boise State's senior experience—that experience is tops in the nation and goes a long way in determining the outcome of a game, especially if its close.


Here are today's starting lineups:




QB:  Jacob Doss (6-2, 210, Jr.)

RB:  Wynel Seldon (6-0, 205, So.)

WR:  Michael Ford (6-2, 203, Jr.)

WR:  Hoost Marsh (5-9, 172, Sr.)

WR:  Tyler Holden (6-0, 179, Sr.)

H:  Wade Betschart (6-3, 255, Jr.)

T:  Chase Johnson (6-8, 325, Sr.)

T:  Hunter Richards (6-7, 297, Sr.)

G:  Kyle Howard (6-6, 299, So.)

G:  Russ Arnold (6-4, 287, Fr.)

C:  Tim Bond (6-4, 296, So.)

PK:  Aric Goodman (5-11, 170, Fr.)

KR:  Hoost Marsh (5-9, 172, Sr.)

KR:  John Wendling (6-1, 222, Sr.)



NG:  Jake Mayes (6-3, 292, Sr.)

DE:  Corey Mace (6-3, 287, Sr.)

DT:  Mike Groover (6-3, 250, Sr.) 

LB:  Luke Chase (6-1, 240, Jr.)

LB:  Austin Hall (6-2, 225, Sr.)

LB:  Ward Dobbs (6-0, 242, So.)

LB:  Mike Juergens (6-4, 240)

CB:  Michael Medina (6-0, 181, Jr.)

CB:  Julius Stinson (5-10, 177, Jr.)

FS:  Dorsey Golston (6-0, 194, Sr.)

SS:  John Wendling (6-1, 222, Sr.)

P:  Billy Vinnedge (6-1, 188, Jr.)

PR:  Hoost Marsh (5-9, 172, Sr.)




Boise State


QB:  Jared Zabransky (6-2, 203, Sr.)

RB:  Ian Johnson (5-11, 194, So.)

FB:  Brad Lau (5-11, 242, Sr.)

Z:  Jerard Rabb (6-2, 199, Sr.)

X:  Drisan James (5-11, 186, Sr.)

LT:  Ryan Clady (6-4, 315, So.)

LG:  Tad Miller (6-4, 304, Jr.)

C:  ]>Jadon Daily (5-11, 285, Sr.)

RG:  Jeff Cavender (6-2, 286, Jr.)

RT:  Andrew Woodruff (6-3, 331, So.)

TE:  Derek Schouman (6-2, 233, Sr.)

PK:  Anthony Montgomery (6-1, 211, Sr.)

KR:  Quinton Jones (5-9, 177, Sr.)

KR:  Drisan James (5-11, 186, Sr.)



LE:  Nick Schlekeway (6-4, 262, Jr.)

LT:  Dennis Ellis (6-3, 270, Sr.)

RT:  Andrew Browning (6-0, 278, Sr.)

RE:  Mike G. Williams (6-3, 244, Sr.)

SAM:  Colt Brooks (6-1, 216, Sr.)

MIKE:  Korey Hall (6-1, 228, Sr.)

WILL:  Kyle Gingg (5-11, 215, So.)

CB:  Orlando Scandrick (5-11, 187, So.)

CB:  Quinton Jones (5-9, 177, Sr.)

SS:  Gerald Alexander (6-0, 204, Sr.)

FS:  Marty Tadman (5-11, 182, Jr.)

P:  Kyle Stringer (5-8, 194, Sr.)

PR:  Quinton Jones (5-9, 177, Sr.)

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