Boise State Makes History At Home!

It seems nearly every week the Boise State Broncos achieve something of historic proportion. Add another one to the books. Tonight, Boise State became just the tenth team in 73 years to compile a 48-2 or better home record for 50 games. Just another day at the office for the blue-collar Broncos.

Boise State turned back a stubborn and talented Hawai'i team 41-34 in Bronco Stadium tonight.  With the win, Boise State becomes just the tenth team since 1940 and the 28th in the history of college football to compile a 50-game home record of 48-2 or better.  The Broncos began the streak in the 1999 season, reeling off 14 wins in a row on the Blue Turf before a loss to Washington State in 2001.  Following that defeat, Boise State accumulated one of the top home winning streaks in college football history with 31 in a row until a season-ending defeat to Boston College in last year's MPC Computers Bowl.


Included in Boise State's 48-2 record is a 3-2 mark against schools from Bowl Championship Series conferences, including a 3-1 record in the last five years. Boise State is 2-1 against Pac-10 teams, 1-0 vs. Big-12 teams, 0-1 against Atlantic Coast Conference opponents, 21-0 against Western Athletic Conference foes, 6-0 vs. the Big West (Boise State's conference affiliation through 2000), 1-0 against Conference USA,  4-0 vs. the Mountain West, 2-0 vs. Sun Belt teams, 2-0 vs. teams from the Metro Atlantic Conference, 1-0 vs. Division I-A independents,  and 7-0 vs. I-AA opponents.


Nebraska was the last school to accomplish the feat in 2003, when the Cornhuskers also won their 48th home game in 50 tries dating back to 1996.  Seven schools (Princeton, Miami of Florida, Alabama, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Yale) have strung home streaks of 50 wins or more. 


Besides Boise State, the other two powers you would expect to have been capable of such a streak recently are USC and Texas.  Texas has now put together a 36-2 home record since 1996 and is closing in on the feat, despite a loss in Austin two weeks ago to Ohio State. The Trojans have won a nation-leading 28 home games in a row since 2001; they are also 29-2 in 31 games since then. 

Here's the complete list of 28 teams that have accomplished the feat:


Princeton 75 in a row (1887-1900)

Miami 58 in a row (1985-1994)

Alabama 58 in a row (1963-1982)

Carlisle 52 in a row (1901-1915)

Pennsylvania 52 in a row (1889-1896)

Michigan 50 in a row (1901-1907)

Yale 50 in a row (1886-1895)

Florida State 49-0-1 (1992-2001)

Tennessee 49-0-1 (1925-1933)

Army 49-0-1 (1922-1931)

Notre Dame 49-0-1 (1914-1927)

Harvard 49-0-1 (1898-1903)

Nebraska 49-1 (1990-1998 and 1991-1999)

Florida 49-1 (1990-1998)

Texas 49-1 (1968-1977)

Washington 49-1 (1908-1919)

Notre Dame 49-1 (1907-1921 )

Princeton 49-1 (1869-1888)

Yale 49-1 (1902-1908)

Yale 49-1 (1900-1905)

Pennsylvania 49-1 (1895-1899)

Harvard 49-1 (1886-1892)

Oklahoma 48-1-1 (1946-1957)

Boise State 48-2 (1999-current)

Nebraska 48-2 (1996-2003)

Florida 48-2 (1991-1999)

Colgate 48-2 (1921-1933)

Alabama 48-2 (1910-1928)


USC 28-0 and 29-2 (2001-2006)

Texas 36-2 (1996-2006)

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