Crowder makes the grade

Crenshaw High is more noted for its basketball and football teams than for it's academics. In fact, very few people think of Crenshaw Football and academics together in the same thought — except for wide receiver Javon Crowder.

Javon Crowder, an elusive if diminutive wide out with excellent speed, is more concerned about what an school can do for him rather than what he can provide on the field.

The senior has exceptional grades, carrying a 4.0 average with him that has gotten the attention of schools that have a difficult time finding good athletes that can meet stringent academic requirements.

"Right now the schools showing the most interest are Navy, Stanford, and Yale," said Crowder.

While confident in his play on the field, Crowder is most protective of his academic accomplishments. Some people might not think a kid from the middle of Los Angeles could legitimately carry such lofty grades. Those people would be wrong.

"People can think whatever they want, but I went to Palisades before Crenshaw and it was a much tougher school and I got good grades there, too."

Football fans should rest assured that Crowder also delivers A's on the gridiron as well. He was an integral part of Crenshaw's team that advanced to the LA City Championship as a junior, even hauling in a touchdown pass in the finale.

"I definitely want the ball, just like anyone," Crowder said, showing he fits in with his receiver brethren, but takes a slightly different take on his role. "I'm still going to do whatever my team needs me to do, though."

While a player like Crowder is the type of player that many schools, including Boise State specifically, excel in collecting—talented but oft overlooked by bigger schools—the Crenshaw senior could very likely end up at a school like Stanford, UC Davis or some other school with an adjoining medical program.

"My cousin died not long ago because of a heart defect," Crowder explained, "so I think I might want to get into medicine…maybe become a cardiologist."

At least if he comes up with a heart-stopping catch to end a game it's good to know he has the skills to get it started again.

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