2-sport star still considering options

College scouts really have to scour to find top prospects at schools with losing records, and safety DJ Lewis certainly qualifies as one of those. South Mountain High in Phoenix, Arizona isn't a D-I prospect factory, but Lewis already has scouts from not only differing schools, but differing sports as well vying for his attention.

"I've been contacted by a bunch of people," said D.J. Lewis, who earned honorable mention All Arizona State honors in football last season for the Jaguars and earned the very same honor as a three-position player (SF) on the hardwood.

"Wherever my team needs me to play, that's where I play, I guess."

Boise State is one of a number of schools that have been on Lewis's trail for a while, but the Broncos not only have to contend with schools like Utah and Colorado State for the talented safety, they also have to go against schools like San Diego State and Northern Arizona which are closer to home, a consideration that could end up being the deciding factor.

"It doesn't bother me (Boise)," Lewis said. "I'll be willing to play anywhere that gives me the opportunity." Still, a school like NAU, for instance, with a decent football program and solid basketball program, might be able to lure Lewis away.

The powerfully built safety brings a new dimension to the defensive secondary—height. Whereas safeties of the past have been miniaturized linebackers, Lewis and his 6' 2" frame is in line with a change in the make up of secondary players that have to contend with the increasing crop of tall receivers being sought by many schools.

"I think that's what I add, just that athleticism," added Lewis. His ability to get up off of the ground, a la basketball, for fade routes and 50/50 ball deep down the field makes him a highly desirable recruit for a lot of scouts. Still others are waiting to see how things pan out with basketball before moving on an offer.

"I think I just want to wait and see how everything shapes up and make my decision from there," Lewis said.

With his multi-sport skills, like Tony Gonzalez or Julius Peppers, it's hard to say which way Lewis will lean. One thing is for sure—his signing is hardly a slam dunk for any school at this point.

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