Thundering Bronco Herd

The Rocklin High Thunder, (Rocklin CA) went from last to first in 2005 in large measure because of players like Chase Baker (6'3 265lb OG/DT) and Shaun Jordan (6'3.5" 208lb S/WR).. when Baker committed to Boise State this past weekend, Shaun Jordan might just have been the most influential factor in Chases decision. Who is Shaun Jordan, and what is his relation to Boise State you ask? Well...

If Shaun Jordan has an utterly unproductive career with Boise State after he joins the Broncos in January of 2007 as a greyshirt recruit, Bronco fans will still have one thing to thank him for — bringing former Rocklin Thunder teammate Chase Baker along for the ride.

Baker, one of the top recruits in the Sacramento area, was on the fence between Boise and Cal and Jordan's commitment to BSU is what helped seal the deal with Baker. "Just knowing you have someone up there you know makes such a big difference," said Jordan, who plans to move to Boise in early January.

Jordan, a 6' 3½" 208 pounder will likely begin his Bronco career at safety, with the chance to eventually slide into an outside linebacking spot. With his 4.7 speed and tall frame, he presents a very intriguing prospect at linebacker, much like current Bronco linebacker David Shields, who is himself a converted running back.

Jordan's recruiting trip, which took place in the brisk weather of January 2005, did not scare him off. "Actually, I was born in Washington, so it felt a lot like home."

The Rocklin High graduate knew only a little about Bronco football before his Boise trip, but the atmosphere really convinced him it was the right place.

"It (trip) totally won me over. The coaches and the people are just so genuine. They were really straight forward," said Jordan. "And the fans really love their team, and that's important."

It was equally important for Jordan to stay with a winning program. "We were 2-8 my junior year and in my senior year we went all the way to the section championship game," Jordan said. "It's such a great feeling to be part of a winning team."

The decision to greyshirt has turned out to be a positive experience for Jordan, who took time off following his senior year in high school to deal with family issues.

"It really helped me take the time I needed to take care of things down here," added Jordan. "Plus it made me realize how much I love football. I'm going to put more effort into it than I ever have."

For Jordan, Christmas will come in January, when he will finally sets foot on the Boise campus.

"I can't wait," said Jordan. "I've been preparing. I can't wait to get up there and get to work."

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