BC Update: Ben Chandler

Ben Chandler was Boise State's first commitment of the 06 recruiting class. A 6'4 210-pound LB, Chandler was an explosive defender who looked like he would dominate for his Del Oro High School.. but a knee injury set him back. He had surgery earlier this year and made the decision to greyshirt to take full advantage of his eligibility.. he spoke with BC.com to give us the latest on his progress..

Ben Chandler had surgery this past January to repair a torn ACL. He'll be coming to Boise in January, but BroncoCountry caught up with him on Friday evening to find out how he's doing in one of the first falls without football in years for this future Bronco linebacker.

Ben was around 6'3.5 and 215lbs when he last spoke with him, but reported that he's put on about 8-10lbs of muscle so he's now up to around 225lbs.

When specifically asked how his rehab was going, he responded that, "rehab is going well. I have had some trouble with teaching my left leg how to run again though, it's a difficult phase." As with every injury however, Ben is pushing through the pain and recovering remarkably fast. "I'm just gaining strength and quickness now. I'll start the full on running and conditioning part about mid october or so."

Ben, like many athletes who are serious about their rehab success has been using a physical therapist. His therapist is a specialist in football injuries, and Ben went on to say that he recently "start(ed) a flag football league with my physical therapist, so I've been gettin back into football that way a little, getting that competetive edge back that I've been missing for so long."

That competitive edge is something that led Boise State to recruit Ben, but also it's a trait that has brought Ben a very specific circle of friends. That circle of friends includes, interestingly enough, fellow Bronco greyshirt Shawn Jordan from local Rocklin High. Ben stated that, "Shaun is a good friend of mine and we will be roomates most likely. He's greyshirting with me and I'm excited about that. He comes from a tough program, (Rocklin HS), like Del Oro and he's a solid player whose gonna be lookin to earn a scholarship soon."

Ben has also gotten to know recent Bronco commit and Rocklin HS player Chase Baker through football as well. "Chase Baker and I talk as well. He and I corresponded with how each others rehab had been goin and everything before he retore his ACL. I talked to him about his commitment to Boise State and he said everything I said about Boise State was incredible. He really liked the atmosphere and loved how he was treated up there. I can tell he's really excited to be a Bronco."

That excitement is easy to spot with Ben, as he signed off you could almost feel the love for the game this young man has. "I can't wait to get up there and start the college life and start workin hard man. I'm countin the days.

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