This One Was For The Boise State Seniors!

An outstanding Boise State senior class of 22 was saluted on Senior Day at Bronco Stadium today prior to the Boise State-Utah State football game. The Broncos have gone 44-6 over the last four years, second in the nation to USC's 44-6 mark. BroncoCountry pays tribute to these 22 great Broncos.

Boise State ran its record to 11-0 with a 49-10 win over Utah State today in Bronco Stadium.  This one was all about the seniors, with 22 senior Broncos saluted prior to kickoff.  This incredible class has achieved feats no Boise State team has ever done.  They've created countless memories for Bronco fans, who will never forget this group.



Gerald Alexander


Boisebob says "I'll start it off by saying that Gerald's hit in Utah was the hardest smash of a human that I've seen in over 40 years of watching football games."



BroncNuts seconds that:  "I have gotten the opportunity to talk to Gerald at school, and one of the things that sticks out about him to me is his confident yet humble attitude. Course we talked about "The Hit", and told me, he didn't even think he hit the guy that hard. He said that that was the first time that he ever actually heard the crowd as they did a collective OOOOO when he decleated the guy. He said, "when I saw the helmet rolling across the ground after that......that will probably be my signature play.  I know I'll never forget that hit for as long as I live, and I jokingly gave him the :bowwhich he smiled at.  What a great guy"


BlueandOrangeMonkey said "I will always remember his amazing leaping ability. He had an interception his sophomore year. I can't remember the team it was against, but he jumped up at the 5 yard line and intercepted the ball in front of the receiver in the end zone preventing a score and creating a turnover. He has great hops. I also will remember him leaping at the line of scrimmage to block kicks."


parkJar noted "Last year at LaTech when a LT receiver had the Broncos beat deep in the end zone and GA comes out of nowhere to bat the ball away - preventing a sure touchdown."


Broncosoldier said "speaking of his leaping ability, he had a pick in that UT game that he skyed for. I remember the Bowling Green game last year; he had like a million batted balls. He was all over the place"


Broncotech added "Against Bowling Green last year when we were 0-2 he stepped up and shut down QB Omar Jacobs. When he blocked that field goal against San Jose in 04 I was so excited I jumped up and hit my head on the doorway!"


Droo31 added "His field goal block at SJSU in 2004 and his monster hit on Poston will be his legacy. An all around great athlete who has progressed every year he's been here and come into his own at the Safety spot. Gonna' miss this guy for sure."


Don'twinejustsupport reminds us that we have an establishment (Louisiana Fried Chicken) where we can remember GA every day:  "But I need to add that his family bringing in a sweet chicken grub house will let us reminisce about his plays bite after savory bite."



Colt Brooks


parkJar remembers "Pick 6 against Utah before halftime that sealed the deal.  Also the hit on Wichman in the 2005 Idaho game that turned the tide! Austin Smith picked it up and ran it in for 6!"


Rocketman5000 added "He used to be an unsung hero--not anymore. One of the best tacklers on the team, he's always around the ball and wreaking havoc for opponents. Great perseverance for earning the scholarship and the starting role. Brooks and Hall were one of the best linebacker duos in the history of Boise State football."


SDhoze said "First of all, a classic BSU overachiever. One of a long line of walk-ons to turn into something special.  Loved his sack (even though it was on a bobbled snap) in the MPC bowl last year. That just electrified the crowd."


Blue Tundra pays tribute this way: "Brooks is what this program is all about. Once a local boy with huge heart and desire and now a man who can, and given his start on life, will likely succeed at whatever he chooses.  A Classic BSU fighter."


Broncobilly03 said "He is tough as nails, fast and smart. He brings the heat on every play and his motor never stops. He is Bronco Football."


Johnnybronco sums it up:  "One of the greats that walked on the BSU program. He is the glue that keeps the defense together."



Andrew Browning


Johnnybronco added "A player that did not get a lot of looks out of high school, came in as a walk-on and excelled. He is the strength of our defensive line this year. Smart gusty player gives 110% all the time"


OrigRoughRider noted "Chasing Louisville all over the Liberty Bowl after his helmet kept popping off. 200% effort all the time.  Talk about a motor."


Farrington adds "Consistent, reliable, totally focused.  Good luck Andy........thanks for every minute you gave to us."


Rocketman5000 noted "Consistency, dependability, a stalwart in the middle of the Bronco defense."




Jadon Dailey


U of I Hater says "Jadon is an awesome guy. He is what our team is made up of, a whole bunch of blue collar work horses.  He is the first one the media interviews and you can see his passion for Bronco Football. He will be missed!"


Smrfturf adds "He came in from JUCO pretty highly touted, having picked BSU over an offer from Iowa and looks from a couple other programs. Even with that, he had to wait his turn, and when he got in made the most of his opportunity. He came into the La Tech game last year with a new line rotation and was blowing guys off the ball."


Valrie points out "heart and soul! Give us 50 j.d's and we'd win it all
every year!"


BSU96 said "I just love his attitude. Beat out by a younger player for the center spot, but made the most of replacing him. True team player and leader of our O-line."


Johnnybronco said "Classic BSU Center-- strong, smart, and athletic. Chose BSU over Iowa. Unsung hero on our great offensive line."



Brett Denton


Rocketman5000 says "I remember seeing him in the Blue-Orange games and thinking what incredible depth the Broncos had at running back. He is a relentless runner, his legs always churning fighting for extra yards. What a great attitude!"


OrigRoughRider notes "I remember talking to Brett every week at the Athletic Training Center with my son. Worked his butt off to increase his speed and strength. He was going to be ready to deliver and he is."


BlueTundra adds "Denton has had huge heart.  Another young man who typifies what the Broncos and life success is all about."


Smrfturf says "A kid like that, with his determination, will have a great life after football."


BSU96 points out "Great example of what makes BSU so successful. Came in as a walk-on and is leaving with as a scholarship player. Knows his role and is ready when called upon."



Mike Dominguez


BlueandOrangeMonkey remembers Mike this way:  "I will always remember him for being the long snapper and still being the first one down to make the tackle. Also, he always seems to make the most of the limited time he gets on defense. He is always around the ball when he gets the chance."


Farrington adds "Long snapper and hard hitter, two of the most important functions on the team and he did them both with an amazing degree of accuracy, dependability and professionalism.  It was terrific will be missed."


BSU96 has this memory:  "I will remember him for playing hard whenever he's on the field. Although he wasn't a starter at D-end, he always brought it, even when the game was all but over."



Dennis Ellis


Rocketman5000 says "He's given the Broncos the pass rush that Bronco fans have craved. With all the publicity about that, I've been impressed by his play against the run. He's learned the Bronco way and the defensive schemes in a short time--not easy to do."


SDHoze points out "If we win a BCS bowl, no new starter will have been more important in my opinion. That other starting tackle spot was a big question mark even before Volk got hurt and Ellis has been very tough in the middle. Very, very pleasant surprise."


Soupslam notes "He seemed to mature at BSU and has had a great senior season. Great effort all year long. He is as responsible as anyone for the great season we have had!"


Spudrunners added "DE has become a beast this year. You'll see him down the field 30 yards chasing a guy down. The thing I'll remember is against Oregon State this year. They were running all over us the first couple series, DE was put in and coincidence or not, the game was over for them offensively. Wish we had another year with him in the middle."


Rafter 17 remarks "Big success story.  He's turned into a legit All-WAC player in just 1 season."



Korey Hall


ParkJar remembers one of the great Korey Hall plays:  "Avalos knocks it up to Chris; Carr pops it over to Korey - Hall takes it in for 6!"


BSUfanhuf remembers another:  "My favorite play from Hall came in the BYU game in Provo when he was just a freshman. He had a number of big hits in that game but I remember him most for just blowing up the BYU QB just as he got rid of the ball. One of the best hits by a bronco let alone a freshman. The QB got up wondering what time zone he was in. We knew after that game that he was a special player and he hasn't disappointed. One of the best LB's in BSU history and he had some big shoes to fill picking up where Avalos left off. Thanks for the memory's Korey and good luck at the next level."


Soupslam notes "Best LB I have seen at Boise State in 25 years of watching some good ones. Smart and tough as they come. Heart and soul of the BSU defense. If Korey doesn't make some NFL team they are crazy. I would guess he will be an OLB in the pros."


BroncoInVegas said that Hall is "1 of the best to ever suit up, bar none."


Rocketman5000 notes "The fact that he is among the nation's leaders in interceptions is a testament to his knowledge of the game. That he is a linebacker among the nation's best is truly amazing."


Jibscout says "I have never seen a middle linebacker at any level read the QB so well. His 6 picks this year have to be the biggest single accomplishment I have seen middle linebacker make on an opposing passing game.

Obviously a hard working linebacker who very seldom makes a mistake."


RiverCityBronco says "Hall is the best LB in BSU history, mainly because he has the knack and ability to change the course of a game."


Farrington notes "I had the privilege of meeting Korey's parents during a trip to Hawaii and if you have ever talked with them, you can easily understand the success of the son. His entire family has to be the most enthusiastic, supportive group of people you could ever hope to meet.  Korey himself is an outstanding individual and will enjoy success in whatever endeavor he goes into in life.  However, for fond memories, I will have to vote for the hit he put on the BYU quarterback. I seriously did not think that anyone could get up and walk away from that hit. I have a video of that game and every time I watch the game I have to rewind and see "the hit" several times."


Smrfturf adds "I don't think QB's are challenging him so much as he knows exactly where to be in the passing lanes and can read the QB's eyes so well. He becomes 'invisible' for just long enough.  My favorite K Hall play was a sack he made in the 2004 BYU game. BYU had the momentum and the D needed a stop. I saw Korey line up over the center and knew he was going to blow that play up. Sure enough, he blew through the line like it wasn't there and dragged the QB down with one hand. Beautiful!"


Gvp559 says "One thing that will be strange for me is not seeing the flagpole with his number on one of the flags and the 47 family members standing at the base of it all wearing his jersey in the parking lot. Their support was awesome."


STLBronco noted "I liked the kid before I met him because he went to the coaches after my brother's (David Shields) freshman year and told them that he had to see the field more. From that point on he taught my brother what it takes to play well at a position he hadn't played in 4 years."


Booneofid says "Like many of you, where do you start when you want to talk about this guy! The INT versus OSU in 2004! Game changing! How about the pick on the first position against Utah this year? Set the tone! The numerous sacks and solo tackles in the open field. And great blocks while on Special teams even this season! It can go on and on!  Boise State has had so many great LB's. Starting with B Johnson, M McLaughlin, A Avalos, S Russell, those guys were amazing to watch but none of them have captivated me like watching Korey Hall. He may just be my favorite Bronco of all time! He will be sorely missed by everyone from the fans, media, teammates, and more importantly coaches!  K Hall is a BSU great, one of the best to strap on a helmet and don the Orange and Blue! Congrats on a terrific career and best of luck going forward! Now go win us a BCS BOWL GAME and hoist that trophy over your head with pride! You deserve it!"



Jared Hunter


Johnnybronco says "Solid Role player. Switched from a linebacker to a tight end, that enough tells you about his ability."


BluThruNThru says "My favorite memory of Jared Hunter was in the MPC bowl last year. He had a crucial 15+ yard catch right over the middle."



Jovan Hutchinson


Valrie pointed out "even though he didn't get a lot of playing time, I'll remember him
as a great team guy--a guy who gave himself to the overall
improvement of the program as a whole.  If you notice Jovan
always was a guy who roams the sidelines amping up his
teammates and fans.  With that kind of attitude he'll go
far in life! "


Broncoblue remembers "A class player, who ALWAYS took time out to talk to me whenever I'd see him. I'll never forget the hug he gave me when I was crossing the tunnel as I was going to my seat in the SEZ last year!!!  Thank you :worshipJovan, for your friendship and kind words! You, sir, WILL BE MISSED!!!!"



Drisan James



Sonofabronco said "I recall him being a "go-to" guy, hauling in several key catches on third down."


BSU96 added "I'll remember his overall speed and how he usually left corners in the dust on deep routes."



Quinton Jones


Johnnybronco said "His special teams play last year, especially the MPC bowl game against Boston College and how could I forget the Idaho game last yr. with his punt return for touchdown."


Rocketman5000 remembers "The BC one was by far the most dramatic--he electrified the rain-soaked crowd and gave the Broncos the spark they needed to come back. So many great runs and returns. Here's another QJ play I'll remember--with him losing his starting job, he came in in nickel coverage against San Jose and made a tremendous play on the ball late in the game that helped the Broncos score the win."


Farrington added "To the uninitiated, our talk about "Q" sounds like something from a James Bond movie, but maybe that is not so far fetched.  Q is just as elusive as "Mr. Bond" and has demonstrated it with speed and maneuverability that cannot be matched my many, if any, others.  My biggest and most memorable thrill from watching Q's play has to be last years MPC bowl game. I seriously need oxygen after screaming during his returns in that game."



Ryan Keating


Bronco fans are hoping that Ryan receives a medical redshirt from the NCAA so that he can return next year.  He was injured shortly before the season began in a year that he was expected to start.





Brad Lau


BSUfanhuf said "One of the best lead blockers in BSU history. The O Line and RB's get a lot of pub. but they wouldn't be able to get the yards on the ground they do without Lau. Underrated receiver out of the backfield too."


Rocketman5000 added "Like having another tight end in there. He has been the Bronco tailbacks' best friend. You're right, many clutch catches for Lau. Tough, hard-nosed, and does everything asked of him and more."


Farrington noted "Loved watching his play and his sportsmanship on and off the field.'


Johnnybronco said "One of the great lead blockers all time at BSU. Lunch pail type of player along with the smarts."


BlueTundra points out that Lau is "A player who I suspect will play in the NFL. His strength, receiving and blocking skills aren't all that easy to find in one package."


True2BSU relates this story:  "Best memory I have of Brad Lau was just a week after his freshman season ('03, Fort Worth Bowl winners) our church group invited him to come speak to about 120 young men at a special weekend retreat in Cambridge, ID. He spoke for over 30 minutes about why it was so important to him to set and live high standards in all areas of his life, physical, mental, spiritual, relationships, etc. Of course, he also talked about how exciting it was to be a part of an amazing team like the Bronco! Very inspirational stuff.  Then he hung out will all of the young men the rest of the night and helped make it an unforgettable experience for everyone there.  These guys all do SO much behind the scenes that just reconfirms what OUTSTANDING men they are on and off the field. We're lucky to have shared these years with them.  Best of luck Brad and God Bless in all you do in life!"




Anthony Montgomery


Rocketman5000 notes "The dedication and the improvement. To hit a field goal like last week to win the game had to be most gratifying for this hard worker. His kick against San Jose saved a lot of hearts."


Jibscout added "Lots of improvement and mental toughness this year for this kid."


Farrington said "I will never, ever forget the final field goal kicked last weekend in the San Jose game."


BSU96 agrees "He's been rock solid this season on kickoffs, PAT's and field goals. Game winner against SJSU was the gem"



Legedu Naanee


Johnnybronco said "L.A. is a testament to a true bronco. Came in as a quarterback in whom the coaches respected, he alone decided he wanted to help the team out and switched to a new position and excelled at it. That straight arm he put on the Idaho game on the defender was a classic."


Broncoblue said "He was always a great guy to be around! Will miss him a lot!"


Parkjar added "Just seeing LA out on the field has to be intimidating. Looks like we pulled some guy off the Dallas Cowboys and set him up at wideout!"


Farrington had this to say "Multitalented is the best way to describe Legedu's play. I don't care where he was put, or what he was asked to do, he did it with enthusiasm and a high degree of professionalism. A thinker and a doer.  Really hate to see this guy go, he has been such a joy to watch. Glad he was on our side and good luck in the future."




Jerard Rabb


Spudrunners was impressed "watching him come in as a JC guy and producing right away.  Someone saying they watched him run routes in the summer in the park. Being interviewed and saying he wanted want most of his teammates already had: a WAC championship ring.  I'll remember the bobbling catch falling down at Utah,
the two-point conversion catch at SJS...probably the biggest catch at the most important time this year."


OrigRoughRider noted "He's an awesome person and one of the players who progresses the most from last year to this. His downfield blocks are impressive as his acrobatic one hand grabs.  Could have been one of our best WR's ever if we would have thrown to him more. We need 3-4 Jerard Rabb's on our team.  Will be sorely missed next year. Big shoes for the X-factor or Key to fill."


Farrington added "Great hands, speed, maneuverability.....what more can you say."


Broncalot said "my favorite memory is a couple of weeks ago when he celebrated with the handshake after making that touchdown catch. thought that was classic after he had gotten ejected a few weeks before for the celebrating."


NashvilleBronco remembers "he one handed TD catch in the 2005 spring game."


Rocketman5000 remembers Rabb this way:  "Great athletic ability, the amazing leaping catches. Great hands. How he grabbed the two-point conversion against San Jose State I'll never know. He just wanted it and came down with it. He's a great guy too!"




Derek Schouman


Parkjar "Stiff-arm against a DUI DB in the 2004 game!
Click here for clip, go to 0:40  His amazing game against
Oregon State in 2004. 
Clutch catches at the end of the Hawaii 2006 game that sealed it.  Above all, him manhandling 275lbs+ DE's at the edge on any random play!"


Blue and Orange Monkey noted "His play in the 4th quarter of the BC game. He has been clutch in the 4th quarter of several games. He sustained several drives in the liberty bowl too. He will be missed."


Don'twhinejustsupport added "Shoe on and off the field is #1 in my opinion. But what impresses me is his handling of the simpler things in life. He is a Man among boys in so many ways and if you ever get the chance to speak with this gentleman, you will leave with the same opinion as I."


BroncCPO remembers "He made a catch to save the last drive in the Liberty Bowl, it was 4th and something, but as soon as I saw him out in the flat, I knew it would be another first down.


Anotherbrickinthewall pointed out "How bout that game-winning catch in the Ft. Worth Bowl as a true freshman??"


U of I Hater pays tribute to Derek:  "Shooeeee. We take our shoes off and hold them in the air for every one of his catches. Wow! I can't believe he is almost gone!



Kyle Stringer


Blue Idaho knows him personally and comments "I've got a class with Kyle. He strikes me as a nice guy and a gentleman. He's graduating next month. Nice job Kyle!"


Gr8Bronco added "The 2004 San Jose game, snap went high; I swear Kyle levitated himself to snag it out of the air and get the punt off! Just one of many gr8 plays he made the last four years!"


Old Bronco had this to say "Seriously, Kyle is a fantastic young man who is headed to great success on and off the field in the future. We're tickled that you found us Kyle and we want to wish you the best in the future!"


One of the many great plays that Kyle made was not a punt but one that showcased his great athletic ability nonetheless, as parkJar explains "2005 Hawaii game, blotched snap and instead of taking the sack or trying to punt it away on the run - Kyle cuts upfield and picks up the first down!"


Johnnybronco adds "Probably one of the best punters Boise State has ever had.  Amazing athletic ability!"


Rocketman5000 says "I've never had more confidence in a punter.  Nor didn't want to miss a second of watching him back there--he's pure star quality and his light shines bright.  His high booming punts to the top of the Bronco Stadium lights have been magic."


OnTheRoad adds "Not to minimize his great athletic ability, but I'm impressed that he could graduate in 3 1/2 years. His mom and dad should be proud."



Tony Volponi


Patrick13 says "I feel that Tony has been a great example to the younger players coming up. A steady, dependable team player whose contribution to the o-line is hard for people not in the program to appreciate. Thanks to Tony and here is to seeing you getting your share on the blue this Saturday."



Mike G. Williams

Rocketman5000 said "This dependable defensive lineman from Canada held his ground against the run, helping make Boise State one of the top defenses in the nation against the run."





Jared Zabransky


parkJar said "This last week, at SJSU. Sick as a dog, and he goes 14-20 for 181 yards, including a couple amazing drives."


Bronco In Vegas pointed out "best winning percentage of any BSU QB."


BSUFanHuf noted a memorable Z play "e statue of liberty trick play to Ian in the Idaho game this year. I'm still not sure where the ball is.


Spudrunners added "comeback player of the year. Putting team goals first and doing what it took to win games. Those options are a thing of beauty."


Born Bronco said "I don't think I will forget his connection with Acree against BYU. One of the most emotional games I have been apart of."


Rocketman5000 remembers this "Perseverance. Life doesn't always go the way you expect it to, and he's faced the pressure like a pro. His scrambling ability and speed are a thrill to watch. His pass to Perretta on fourth down last year in the BC game was amazing. And of course his run against Hawai'i. The entire Rainbow Warrior team was shocked that he could run that fast."


Thundering Orange pointed out "I have to agree about the run at the 04 UH game. That was truly awe inspiring. But the thing I will always remember about the Z man was his ability to juke the shoes off the defenders in the open field. He made so many corners look like bush leaguers. He will be missed."


G Erickson said "After the SMU game in 04 I took my old man into the locker room. Former players have been given the opportunity to buy a plaque on a locker, and when we went in to snap a photo of "my" locker, it was Jared's. It was cool to talk to him for a minute, and he was just such a nice person. That's my best memory of him."


Jibscout added: "Have to give the kid a lot of credit for mental toughness."


Broncosoldier said "He has matured so much and come so far. He definitely gets comeback player of the year, I'd even nominate him for MVP, as good and dominating as Ian is, Z is just having a phenomenal year, and not by amazing stats or anything. His stats are conservative. But the way he manages and operates the offense is awesome. I hope the young QB's are watching and taking notes."


Alanweezie said "Not an 85 yard run for a TD or a perfect pass but Z's taking care of the family farm while in HS when his dad was hospitalized is very noteworthy."


Farrington remarked "I have always been impressed with the way that Z takes charge from the moment he steps onto the field and how well the team responds to his direction.  I think his ability to analyze on field situations and manage them to the benefit of his team will later translate into a successful manager in which ever field that he goes into in life.  Z is a unique individual that possesses that magical ability to draw people to him and get the best out of them.  I wish him the very best in the future."


Broncojohnny remembers this Z play: "I love the TD pass to Drisan in the Fresno game. Z eluded the rush with his feet, rolled to the right and hit Dri with a great pass."


Droo31 said "Besides his great throws, ball fakes and tremendous runs, I'll also remember the story about him tossing a potato 80 yards and how it crept into the EA Sports software game "NCAA 07"."


Broncomarauder said "last year when he juked the jock strap off the U of I linebacker in the open field and then walked into the end zone untouched."


Zorki1C added "One of my favorite moments in Z's career was this year's game with DUI. Late in the game, the Vandals were pumped thinking they were gonna pull the upset. The camera zooms in on Z in the huddle. He's smiling! I KNEW there was no way the Vandals were gonna' win.  He's had good times, bad times and picked himself back up to be a solid, reliable leader. If there is any justice in the world the Broncs will play in a BCS bowl and Z will play the game of his career and bring home a victory. He deserves it."


Broncoshane "likes his ball handling skills, and his ability to escape!"


Orangefan2 has this favorite memory: "It's got to be Z's smile. If Z is smiling we either are winning or are going to be."







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