Nevada A 1-Point Favorite Against Boise State

Despite winning eleven games this season, Boise State continues to garner little respect. Computer whiz Jeff Sagarin has tabbed Nevada as a one-point favorite in this Saturday's Bronco-Wolf Pack game.

Boise State goes for the undisputed Western Athletic Conference title this Saturday afternoon in Reno against the Nevada Wolf Pack as a one-point underdog. Jeff Sagarin, the respected college football ratings expert whose Sagarin ratings are one of six computer rating services that are used by the Bowl Championship Series, has Nevada as the favorite going into Saturday's game. The Sagarin ratings are published each week in USA Today and can be found online at Sagarin College Football Ratings.


As Sagarin explains "PURE POINTS, also known as PREDICTOR, is the best single PREDICTOR of future games To make predictions for upcoming games, simply compare the PREDICTOR RATINGS of the teams in question and allow an ADDITIONAL 2.74 points for the home team. In the Boise State-Nevada game, Nevada has a Predictor Rating of 80.93 while Boise State has a rating of 82.59. After adding the 2.74 point home field advantage for the Wolf Pack, they get a score of 83.67, making them the favorite by over a point.

Pundits at ESPN and College Football News have also published articles that favor Nevada.


In comparing the WAC results of Boise State and Nevada, one can see why the Pack is favored.



Vs. Hawai'i:


Boise State won 41-34 at home while Nevada lost to the Rainbow Warriors by the same score on the road. Advantage: Roughly even.


Vs. Louisiana Tech:


Boise State won 55-14 at home while Nevada won 42-0 on the road. Advantage:  Nevada


Vs. New Mexico State:

Boise State won 40-28 on the road while Nevada won 48-21 at home. Slight Advantage: Nevada


Vs. Idaho:


Boise State won 42-26 on the road while Nevada won 45-7 on the road. Huge Advantage: Nevada



Vs. San Jose State


Boise State won 23-20 on the road while Nevada won 23-7 at home. Advantage: Nevada



Vs. Utah State:


Boise State won 49-10 while Nevada won 42-0 at home. Slight Advantage:  Nevada


Fresno State:


Boise State won 45-21 at home while Nevada lost 28-19 on the road. Huge Advantage: Boise State




Boise State has a huge advantage against Fresno State and the Hawai'i game is basically even. Nevada played slightly better against New Mexico State and Utah State, better against Louisiana Tech and San Jose State and far better against Idaho. The sum of these results is that Nevada has played better against the most WAC opponents. Outside of their season-opening stumble, the Wolf Pack have played brilliantly, winning five in a row and eight of their last nine.<Nevada has outscored its opponents by a whopping 200-35 in the last five games, an average score of 40-7.


Bronco fans are hoping their team can pull off the upset in Reno and come back to Boise with a win. The nationally-televised game will kick off at 2 p.m. Mountain time.

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