Ready for a Second Look

Darryl Malone had all of the dominos lined up in place, ready to fall perfectly. He had helped his North Mesquite Stallions to a solid start and was the leading receiver in Texas' District 12 into the sixth game of the season when everything went totally wrong...

Darryl Malone broke his ankle in the sixth game of the season against Longview, a game the Stallions eventually lost but a single touchdown and started a three game losing streak that completely changed the outlook of North Mesquite's season.

"I think it definitely hurt my chances," said Malone of his ankle injury, which caused a number of recruiters to back off, including Boise State.

His physical stature—5' 11" 175—turned bigger schools away anyhow, making him a prime type of recruit for schools like Tulsa, Boise State, Rice and similar programs.

"I came back really fast though," Malone is quick to point out. Pretty fast doesn't even capture his nearly miraculous healing process that had him miss just three games and return for the final game of the season against Tyler.

"I played really well in that game," Malone said. "I had total confidence in my ankle; I was able to cut, to run; it's fine now, it's perfectly fine."

Until the injury, Malone was tops in the District in receiving, bolstered by an 8 reception, 153 yard, 2 touchdown performance against Plano West. Malone was so far ahead that he maintained his spot as the District's top receiver for the next two weeks.

The Broncos, like most other schools, have backed off of their early pursuit of Malone, but the senior assures that he is as wide open as ever and just waiting for someone to look his way.

"To me, it would be an honor to play there," Malone said of BSU. "They have a great program and it seems like a really nice place (Boise)."

The biggest thing for Malone is having an opportunity. "They (schools) should have confidence in my. I'm going to make big plays whenever I'm on the field," Malone said, stating that, while not the biggest, fastest receiver on the market, he does offer a complete player.

"I can play either way; I can be a possession guy or a guy that stretches the field, I can block, anything I need to do."

While his chances at a prominent scholarship might have been hurt by the injury, his confidence has not been.

"I feel really confident in myself," Malone said. "All they have to do is give me a chance."

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