Zag's Frags.. Week 14

This weeks WAC football predictions from the irrepressible, irreverent and sometimes irrational Zagco. From Honolulu to Ruston, Moscow to Las Cruces and beyond, Zagco tells you exactly what you need to know about what is happening this week in the WAC.

SOME PEOPLE have accused Zagco of shameless self promotion. Zagco, however, does not believe that he needs to promote himself because his record speaks for itself. Additionally, to the extent that any of you "higher ups" at the large Las Vegas casinos and off-shore betting services are reading this, please stop calling Zagco! He has repeatedly told you that he has no interest in working as a bookie in your world of "organized gambling."

That said, Zagco—the Liberace of college sports message board prognosticators—was again PERFECT in his picks last week. Zagco's historical streak of perfection now stands at 27 straight games. His overall win-loss record this year is a staggering 60-7, and his winning percentage is .896.


Zagco is all about the future. Even now, as he transfers his thoughts on the WAC's final weekend of regular season games, Zagco's mind pulls him towards the bowl games.

It is Zagco's intention to soon publish a column where he will attempt to accurately predict all 32 bowl games. That's right—a clean, 32-0 sweep, a feat never before accomplished. While there are risks associated with attempting great feats for the first time (e.g., Harry Houdini and Evel Knievel), Zagco is willing to risk life and limb for the entertainment of his fans.

Beyond the college football horizon, Zagco is contemplating a regular or semi-regular WAC column on other WAC sports. He enjoys sharing his predictions and views on the WAC, but he is not certain that he will continue his prediction format for basketball and other sports. The whole thing is sort of "up in the air" at this point.

During the hoops season, Zagco's attention is somewhat divided, as he also closely follows the fortunes of his other alma mater, the Gonzaga Bulldogs. However, he also loves Bronco hoops, and his youngest daughter has him going to the Lady Bronco games. (Incidentally, Zagco urges all of you Bronco fans to get out and go see the Lady Broncos, as they are really entertaining and a very well-coached unit of ballers.) Finally, Zagco and his advisors are also carefully examining whether a regular BroncoCountry/WAC Podcast might fit into the Zagco paradigm. As always, Zagco appreciates the insightful input he gets from all of you sports fans.


Zagco would like to take a brief moment here and extend a hearty THANK YOU to the 2006 Boise State University Broncos football team! Your accomplishments this year are simply amazing. Your resounding victory over Reno last week was the capper. It was also mighty impressive to see how patient and friendly you guys were at the Varsity Center after flying back from Reno. There were a lot of wide-eyed kids there hoping for autographs, and you guys did not flinch or show any signs of deserved exhaustion. Zagco's young daughter was super happy to meet so many of you! Very, very impressive. Thank you!


In the spirit of celebrating unity and diversity among humanity, Zagco would like to take one moment to recognize that our Broncos are rumored to be heading towards a BCS bowl match up against the Big 12 champion in the Fiesta Bowl. This would mean either Nebraska or Oklahoma.

What fun that will be! Zagco, for one, is just thrilled about this match up, especially because the opponent will not be from the SEC!!! Zagco's had about enough of those dang SEC teams. While our Broncos are off the Schneid in the Pac-10 and the Big 11, they just can't seem to play an SEC team without breaking out into a Keystone Cops routine. We all have our weaknesses—candy, booze, double-bladed lightsabers, pizza, sexy ladies, etc.—and Boise State's main weakness seems to be playing against SEC teams.

Anyhoo, while the Big 12 champion will no doubt prove to be a challenging opponent, Zagco has confidence in our Broncos. Zagco also looks forward to the jocular banter that will no doubt begin in earnest Sunday night after the BCS selection festivities. Our future opponent's fans will no doubt regale us with clever insults aimed at things like potatoes, blue turf, and the overall strength of WAC football. Fair enough! Let them insult us. Let the fun begin, and let it be known that Zagco's predictive powers are beginning to detect auras of fear emanating from the Midwest that seem to point to a Bronco victory so decisive and impressive that the very foundations of the Bowl Championship Series will shake and crumble like the Senate gallery on Coruscant.

Bring on the Sooners or the Cornhuskers!


Click here to see the updated WAC statistics:


La Tech Bulldogs v. New Mexico State Aggies
Where: Las Cruces, New Mexico
When: Saturday, December 2, 2006, at 1:00 p.m. MT (

As predicted by Zagco, the little snotgobblers of New Mexico State recorded their first win over a Division I opponent last week since November 6, 2004. It was a glorious day for booger eaters and booger flickers everywhere! The après game locker room celebration had all the makings of a cast reunion party for Revenge of the Nerds. The victory was even more significant in the wake of Hal Mumme's proclamation that their victim—the Utah State Aggies—was the best team New Mexico State had faced this season.

With respect to this week's game, there just isn't much to say: La Tech is a hapless team that is appropriately finishing its season on the road in a distant, hard-to-reach location. Wow. How sad. The Aggies are less crappy than La Tech. Yippee!

The Aggies will get their second consecutive win over a Division I opponent.

Fresno State Bulldogs v. San Jose Can You See Spartans
Where: Do You Know The Way To San Jose?
When: Saturday, December 2, 2006, at 2:00 p.m. MT (

Fresno has gone to all lengths to finish the season on a winning streak. Coach Hill doesn't wear his cap on the sidelines, and the players have removed the Bulldog logo from their helmets. Zagco has heard that the cheerleaders aren't wearing their bras. While Zagco is loathe to question Pat Hill's apparent belief that what you wear has something to do with whether you win a football game, let's just say that Zagco will continue to urge Fresno to stop seeking external excuses and to start looking within itself for the motivation to win.

The Bulldogs are now within one game of achieving their late-season goal. However, Zagco believes that Fresno is here not because of their gimmickry, but because of the fact that they were able to get wins over the crappiest teams in the WAC, like Idaho and La Tech.

This week, the Bulldogs take on San Jose, a good team coached by a totally decent guy. San Jose has lost 12 straight games to its arch-rival. That's right, my fellow Bronco fans—SAN JOSE HAS LOST 12 STRAIGHT GAMES TO FRESNO STATE. The last time Fresno lost to the Bay Area Spartans, it was November 17, 1990—George H.W. Bush was President, hair metal was at its zenith, Tawny Kitaen was a babe and was crawling all over the hood of Whitesnake's Jaguar, and Zagco was a key, starting member of the intramural basketball champions at Gonzaga University.

San Jose Can You See will get off the Schneid and will defeat Fresno for the first time since 1990.

Oregon State Beavers v. Hawai'i Rainbow Warriors
Where: Paradise
When: Saturday, December 2, 2006, at 10-ish p.m. MT (ESPN)

Zagco stayed up all night and watched Hawai'i's game against Purdue last week, and Zagco was mighty shocked! Purdue—a mediocre Big 11 team—dang near won that game!

Oh well, even really good teams like Hawai'i sometimes play below their level.

This week, Zagco will assume that Hawai'i's players will show up and play hard for four quarters. It appeared to Zagco that Hawai'i's players thought that the urban theory of always winning on the Rock somehow meant they didn't have to play hard—maybe the other team will just give up! Zagco believes it is vitally important that Hawai'i not let its own greatness get in the way of playing a great game!

This week's game should be wild. The Beavers, a team that was destroyed by Boise State, has been on a roll of late, losing only once (to UCLA in Pasadena) in its last seven games. Hawai'i is also hot, winning nine straight games after its loss to Boise State. Zagco will certainly stay up all night to watch this game!

Man, there will be hair flying all over the place! It's going to look like a Superfreak of the Week festival! Of course, Hawai'i's always been an unusually hairy team. Oregon State dabbles in hairiness, with some of its players sporting a more modern "I am a lumberjack" look, with the buzzed hair and flannel shirts, and the other half of the team looking like they've been messin' with Sasquatch. Plus, between Oregon State's First Team All-Pac-10 running back Yvenson Bernard and Hawai'i's star receivers Davone Bess and Ryan Grice-Mullen, it's going to look like some kind interplanetary battle for funk supremacy between Rick James and George Clinton!

Zagco believes Oregon State is a good football team, but he does not believe they have the defensive ability or patience to slow down Hawai'i. Plus, Zagco believes that Hawai'i will come out fired up in this game, anxious to erase the taint from last week's game and ease the nagging doubts growing in neutral observers like Zagco about Hawai'i's greatness.

Hawai'i will defeat Oregon State on the Rock. Solid!!!

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