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For mere stature alone, Billy Gonzales is used to being overlooked. The 5'11 wide out has had to prove himself continuously in football, but after posting a ypc average of 21.5, Ohio University coach Frank Solich offered a full-ride to the Auburn Riverside HS senior. Gonzales, however, is hoping to land closer to home and a certain Blue Turf School has requested his highlight tape..

Boise State has shown increasing interest in Washington WR Billy Gonzales, but Gonzales is hopeful that the interest grows as the signing deadline approaches.

"An offer closer to home is something I'd strongly consider," Gonzales said. "They (BSU) have requested a highlight tape…I'm very interested in playing for Boise State, I'd like to learn a little more about their program."

Gonzales has already taken a visit with Ohio and was impressed with Solich's program, particularly the emphasis on academic excellence stressed at the Midwest campus.

"I've worked really hard in the classroom," the senior added. "Academics are very important to me."

The classroom is not where the effort ends for Gonzales. "Because of my size, I'm used to training harder and playing hard to prove myself."

Despite the lack of eye-popping stats, Gonzales has the respect of his peers and of opposing coaches. He pulled off a rare double—All League as both a wide receiver and defensive back and drew strong consideration as All State as a receiver. With Boise State the only other significant candidate on Gonzales's list, he is hopeful to get to visit the campus soon to compare the programs at Ohio and BSU.

Hard working students and hard working athletes are rare enough by themselves. Finding one that excels on both sides of the ball as well as in the classroom is hard to pass up.

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