Zag's Frags: Final 2006 Edition, Bowl Picks

The final installment of football predictions from the irrepressible, irreverent and sometimes irrational Zagco. From Honolulu to Ruston, Moscow to Las Cruces and beyond, Zagco tells you exactly what you need to know about what is happening this 2006-2007 Bowl Season.


Zagco is pleased to present his 2006-07 college football bowl picks, wherein Zagco will attempt to accurately predict the winners of all 32 college football bowl games. 

THERE ARE certain numbers in the sports world that are inextricably connected to our conscious; they are literally woven into the fabric of our very being—indelibly etched into the granite walls of our minds. 

  • The number "56" immediately makes one think of Joe DiMaggio and his probably untouchable hitting streak. 
  • The number ".406" is pure Ted Williams.
  • When you see "17-0," you can only think of the 1972 Miami Dolphins.
  • The number "107" is an obvious proxy for Edwin Moses and his winning streak in the 400-meter intermediate hurdles, a streak that extended for nine years, nine months, and nine days.
  • When I say "87," you say "the number of touchdowns scored in high school by Philadelphia ( Miss. ) High School's Marcus Dupree.
  • The number "5" can only mean one thing:  Bjorn Borg's 5 consecutive Wimbledon titles.
  • Double that number to "10" and only a moron would not blurt out "Sonja Henie," who, of course, won 10 straight women's world figure skating championships.
  • When you hear the number "20,000," it is impossible to think of anything other than all of Wilt Chamberlain's lovers. 

Add one more number to the list:  29.  The number "29" will heretofore represent Zagco's winning streak during the fabled 2006 WAC football campaign.  Quite fittingly, Zagco's winning streak of 29 straight accurate predictions in WAC games lasted until the very last play of the very last game of the 2006 college football regular season, ending in the wee hours of the morning when Hawaii failed to beat Oregon State. 

Yes, Zagco expressed some concerns about Hawaii the week before, seeing chinks in the armor, but he still picked them to beat the Beavers.  Once again, however, the moribund run-and-shoot offense failed to defeat a high quality opponent in a big game.  Alas, with the loss and end of the winning streak, Zagco was forced to come down off his high horse. 

Zagco's final record in his 2006 WAC picks was 62-8 (.886).

This column was a tough column for Zagco to write.  Zagco's attention this year was focused exclusively on Boise State and the WAC, especially as this magical season progressed.  Zagco burned through a lot of his powers divining WAC games, and he has very little left.  For the most part, Zagco did not have strong feelings about these bowl games, but he tried his best to pick the winners.

With this column's publication, Zagco intends to take a "break" from posting on BroncoCountry.  He has been a regular poster for about 3 years or so, and he feels the time is right to step back and spend some more time reading some books he has always wanted to read.  There is one Ayn Rand book he has not read, and he would also like read several Charles Dickens books.  Zagco deeply thanks everyone for reading his columns and taking the time to comment on them.  He will, of course, continue to read BroncoCountry and attend lots and lots of Bronco games in all the various sporting events, but for at least the next year he intends to step back into the shadows away from the bright lights of Internet message boards.  It is time.  Goodbye.

San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl
December 19, 2006
Texas Christian will shut down one-time Heisman hopeful Garrett Wolfe and get the win over Northern Illinois .

Pioneer PureVision Las Vegas Bowl
December 21, 2006
Assuming Oregon 's referee crew doesn't show up, the non-dope-smoking Utahans from Provo will beat the water-logged hippies like a starving seal slapping a salmon on a sandy beach rock.

R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
December 22, 2006
In the lowest paying bowl of the season ($325,000 per team—tee-hee-hee), Rice will defeat Troy . Bowl
December 23, 2006
In a bowl game between a team with a name that sounds like the arch-rival of the former USFL New Orleans Breakers (the South Florida Bulls) and another team that apparently thought there needed to be yet another state with the word "Carolina" in it (the East Carolina Pirates), the Bulls win.

P.S.  Is Papa Johns still giving that garlic butter sauce out with its pizzas? 

New Mexico Bowl
December 23, 2006
In a bowl game named after one of the teams playing in it—an idea that exceeds even Gene Bleymeier's chutzpah—Zagco believes that San Jose Can You See's coach, Dick Tomey (a totally decent guy), will savvy a way to defeat the Lobos.

Bell Helicopters Armed Forces Bowl
December 23, 2006
How can ANYONE have any faith in Utah 's coaching staff after seeing that complete joke of a defensive series on the last drive against BYU?  If anyone has the know-how, it is imperative that a Wikipedia entry for "snatching defeat from the claws of victory" be created, with an emphasis on that drive.  Seriously, whatever that defense was, it was crappy (no, "krappy") and even Ron Collins—he of the "having tea with linemen" mentality—would not be so bold as to pull that ridiculous stunt!

Maybe Zagco's been wrong all year:  Maybe the "dope-smoking Utahans" are not all Aggies in Logan , because after that simply myopic coaching job, it sure looks like some Utes in Salt Lake City have been partaking in the wacky tobaccy. 

Maybe they ought to let Eric Weddle call defensive schemes too!  As a matter of fact, maybe they ought to let Eric Weddle coach the whole freakin' team!

Even though Tulsa lost 3 of their last 4 games after starting out 7-1, Zagco likes Steve Kragthorpe as a game day coach and does not think he's stupid like Utah 's coaches, and he think the Golden Hurricane will coach their way to a win over Utah .

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
December 24, 2006
Zagco has always liked Dirk Koetter.  One early evening a few years ago, while Zagco was having a beer with a former Bronco football player and a couple other dudes, Coach Koetter came sauntering over to the table and made small talk for a short while.  He made a powerful and very favorable impression on Zagco.

Going all the way back to his salad days at Highland High School in Pocatello , Coach Koetter is a great football man and coach.  Wherever he ends up, that team will be a lot better for it.  Arizona State , meanwhile, deserves all the future problems they will inevitably deal with from its bizarre, almost surreal hiring of Dennis Erickson and his entourage of co-dependent enablers.  Zagco has no doubt that Sun Devil Athletic Director Lisa Love believes that Dennis' prior suitors just didn't understand him and give him the room and support he needs to really blossom and become the man she knows he can be.

Alas, while Zagco wishes Coach Koetter the very, very best and will always root for him when he's not coaching against the Broncos, he does not think Arizona State has the quality or firepower to defeat Hawaii .  Rainbow Warriors over the Sun Devils.

MEMO TO ARIZONA STATE :  Hide the rum.

Motor City Bowl
December 26, 2006

Middle Tennessee State is an Indian outlaw, half Cherokee and Choctaw, but this bowl's baby she's a Chippewa.  She's one of a kind.

Central Michigan over the Blue Raiders.

Emerald Bowl
December 27, 2006
In a bowl game curiously located in Frisco yet named after the rare and valuable green gemstone, which is a variety of the mineral beryl, Zagco believes the UCLA Bruins will defeat the Florida State Seminoles.

PetroSun Independence Bowl
December 28, 2006
Alabama—a program that is still searching for Bear Bryant as if he might suddenly pop out of a piano with a half-full bottle of Jack or something and lead them back to national relevance—will find a way to defeat the Cowboys of Oklahoma State.

Pacific Life Holiday Bowl
December 28, 2006
Doesn't it seem kinda funny how UCLA, a SoCal team, gets to play in a bowl game in Frisco, and Cal, a NoCal team, gets to play in a bowl game in San Diego?  Krazy!

Cal over Texas A&M.

Texas Bowl
December 28, 2006
Not to be outdone by New Mexico , Texas also named a bowl after itself, except it invited Kansas State and Rutgers !  Moreover, the game will be televised by the NFL Network!!  Zagco is not joking.

Zagco is convinced that Kansas State will win this game, but he is growing less and less confident in his ability to understand marketing.

Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl
December 29, 2006
Clemson over Kentucky .

Brut Sun Bowl
December 29, 2006
In a bowl game sponsored by the men's fragrance that Zagco favored back in the day when he winning dance contests at the old Iceland and Grove Street Dancin'/Gas Station/Xenon discothèques, the Beavers will defeat Missourah.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl
December 29, 2006
It seems like only yesterday that Boise State was in the Liberty Bowl, which at the time seemed like the pinnacle of achievement for a WAC team.  Ah, yes…. 

The Gamecocks will defeat the Houston Cougars.

Insight Bowl
December 29, 2006
In a bowl that appears to have lost its ".com," Zagco will pick Minnesota in a mild upset over the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.

Champs Sports Bowl
December 29, 2006
Purdue, a team that impressed Zagco against Hawaii on Oahu, will defeat Maryland .

Meineke Car Care Bowl
December 30, 2006

Boston College will defeat Navy, and its comically elitist fans will whine and snivel throughout the entire game from the comfort of their own living rooms.

Alamo Bowl
December 30, 2006
Texas will win the Alamo this time (over Iowa ).

Chick-fil-A Bowl
December 30, 2006

MPC Computers Bowl
December 31, 2006

Miami ( Florida ) will defeat Reno and Chris Ault's famous "pistol offense" on the Blue.

Outback Bowl
January 1, 2007

Tennessee over Penn State .

AT&T Cotton Bowl
January 1, 2007

Auburn over Nebraska . 

Toyota Gator
January 1, 2007
Major Harris-less West Virginia over the Ramblin' Wreck of Georgia Tech.

Capitol One Bowl
January 1, 2007
Zagco is "High on the Hogs!"  Arkansas will defeat Wisconsin .

The Rose Bowl Game, presented by Citi
January 1, 2007
Southern Cal, presented by Pete Carroll, will defeat Michigan.  Cue Tusk!

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
January 1, 2007
You, me, and Marcus Dupree can talk about and analyze this game until we're blue in the face.  The Broncos are a consensus underdog, but they are an experienced group.  In Oklahoma , this group of young Bronco men has a chance to defeat a major BCS opponent and one of college football history's most storied programs, and get the proverbial big opponent monkey off Boise State 's back.  Win and Boise State immediately buys itself years of national respect.  Lose and Boise State will continue to endure the potshots of our rivals and the disrespect of national pundits.  No big deal….

Oklahoma ! is Oklahoma !  The Fiesta Bowl is the game where Marcus Dupree, one of the greatest high school running backs of all time, ran for 239 yards on 17 carries against the Sun Devils of Arizona State.  He was taken out of the game three times with injuries.  Nevertheless, the Sooners lost that 1983 game, and Marcus Dupree—who was Bo Jackson before Bo Jackson was Bo Jackson—went on to leave Oklahoma under a cloud of controversy and was never able to reach the high levels he achieved in high school and in the one year and three games he lasted as a Sooner.  Still, Zagco fondly remembers Marcus Dupree as one of the brightest shining starts during Zagco's young years as a college football fan.

It's going to be a tough, hard-hitting game, but in the end Boise State will defeat the Sooners.

FedEx Orange Bowl
January 2, 2007

Louisville over Wake Forest .

Allstate Sugar Bowl
January 3, 2007

Louisiana State over Oh-God-They-Only-Lost-Two-Games-So-Let's-Get-Them-In-A-BCS-Bowl-Game Notre Dame.

International Bowl
January 6, 2007
When Zagco saw this bowl on the list, one thing came immediately to mind:  Why?

Think about this:  Someone obviously intentionally thought that it would be a good idea to sandwich this bowl game (and the next one) between the Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, and Orange and the BCS Championship Game. 


Cincinnati over Western Michigan .

January 7, 2007
Zagco will throw Marcus Dupree a bone:  His other alma mater, Southern Mississippi, will defeat Ohio .

Tostitos BCS Championship Game
January 8, 2007
The Zagco predicts that The Ohio State University will defeat The Florida and win the The National Championship.

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