Even Stevens: Bronco wants to stay a Bronco

You can usually count big, powerful defensive linemen that run a 4.8 40 on one hand. Then consider how many big powerful defensive linemen that also maintain a B+ GPA and have nearly perfect SAT marks.. and you can count those individuals on one hand after having suffered a horrible farming accident...

Kirk Stevens has repeatedly been recognized as the top lineman in the Capital Athletic League and with good reason. He's that good.

The league's coaches selected Stevens unanimously as the top lineman, perhaps in respect to the 10 sacks he piled up this year.

That might not seem like an eye-pooping tally, but people familiar with the CAL understand that collecting sacks in a predominantly run-oriented league is akin to racking up sacks against Army, Navy, Air Force and the 1978 Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Local coaches aren't the only ones perked to Stevens' abilities. He has drawn interest from schools like Washington, Oregon State, Utah, San Diego State, and Colorado. Still, the current Bronco from Bella Vista High would like to continue being a Bronco after he graduates.

"They (Boise State) are one of my top picks," Stevens said not only for on the field reasons, but for academic reasons. His academic capacity makes him an interesting prospect, a rare recruit who could probably earn a spot with some schools on academic scholarship.

But his football IQ is also bursting, due in part to his collegiate All-American father who played briefly with the Eric Dickerson Rams in the NFL.

"I'm a student of the game," Stevens said. "I listen to what the coaches say and I try to share what I've learned with others."

In fact, Stevens is one of only a few players that would describe football in cerebral terms. Most people think of it as a gritty, mean game that takes toughness and determination. "The challenges and mental aspect of the game are like no other," Stevens said, likening the sport to chess. "There are so many ways to conquer your opponent."

And conquering opponents is something Stevens has had little trouble with. And why would it? It's not possible to separate Stevens from football.

"Being passionate about the game is something that comes naturally."

While Stevens doesn't report an offer from the Broncos yet, there is still the possibility of a trip to Boise, the details of that official visit that are still being worked out, so we'll check back with Kirk later to see what updates he has.

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