Boise State Does Not Have To Prove Anything

Sure, the Boise State-Oklahoma matchup is one of the more intriguing of the college football bowl season. But those saying Boise State has to prove themselves are blowing hot air. The Broncos do not have to prove themselves anymore than Oklahoma does.


Some say Boise State has a lot to prove in the Fiesta Bowl.  Hogwash.  Already done.  By being selected for the Fiesta Bowl, the Broncos have proven themselves as well as any other school that has landed a prestigious bowl bid.  They've run the table, gone through the gauntlet, and emerged undefeated, something only one other Division I-A college football team can claim.  In 2002 when Maryland lost to Florida 56-23 in the Orange Bowl, the Terrapins were not bounced from the Atlantic Coast Conference.  When Nebraska slaughtered Tennessee 42-17 in the '98 Orange Bowl, few people said the Volunteers hadn't proven themselves.  Florida defeated West Virginia 41-7 in the 1994 Sugar Bowl, but the Mountaineers still managed to get invited to the exact same bowl game just last year, when they defeated Georgia 38-35.


No matter what happens in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, nothing can take away Boise State's accomplishments this season.  Make no mistake about it, they are significant.  But the case for Boise State goes far beyond what happened this year.


Boise State recently became the fastest four-year school to 300 wins in the modern era.  They also became the fastest school to win 100 Division I games in the modern era.  Boise State now has the best record in the nation for the last eight years (85-16), the most conference championships since 1999 (7) and the nation's best conference record since 2002 (39-1). 


Their 22-game winning streak from 2003-2004 was the longest in the nation at the time and among the longest in the modern era.  Boise State's 31-game home winning streak from 2001-2005 tied for the 23rd best home streak in college football history.  The Broncos recently became just the tenth team in the last 73 years to compile a 48-2 mark at home.  Boise State has extended that amazing string with three more home wins to move their record to 51-2 since 1999 on the Blue. 


Boise State is tied for 45th all-time with eight consecutive seasons of seven or more wins, 28th with eight consecutive seasons of eight or more wins and became the 31st team since 1920 that has won nine or more games in at least five consecutive seasons.  Boise State also added its name to an elite group of 48 schools in college football history. In 2006, the Broncos won nine or more games for the sixth time this decade, a feat only 47 other teams have accomplished since college football began in 1869.


Ian Johnson is a player with the rare combination of great patience, intuitive instinct, quick acceleration, great speed and strong legs.  The sports nation has seen Johnson and knows of his abilities.  He finished eighth in the Heisman voting this season.  Fans now want to know how IJ would do against an elite team.  The same could be said about Boise State in general.


Usually when a school is so successful (Florida State), that team is invited to a major conference.  If that were the case, there would be no argument because in that situation, an undefeated Boise State would automatically qualify for a BCS Bowl; there would be no haggling.


We now know that the Broncos have not been successful because of one coach or one group of players.  The Boise State record that has been achieved since 1999 has been with three different coaches and eight graduating classes. 


Thus, no matter what the media would have you believe, Boise State doesn't have to prove anything against Oklahoma.  They've already

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