Boise State Tennis On The Move

After a monumental weekend in which Boise State beat both #9 Stanford and Santa Clara, the Broncos prepare for two more ranked teams.

The Bronco tennis team has the depth to go all the way.


Matches and championships are won at the #3 doubles position, and the #5 and #6 singles position.  Well this 2007 team may be the strongest of any team in the history of Bronco tennis.  If and when Kean Feeder is able to play, the team will be so solid…they will be scary.


The Broncos beat Stanford soundly last Saturday, a win in their house no less, where the Cardinals have won twenty-four National

Championships…and placed over a hundred players on the World Pro



As good as that victory was, the Santa Clara win on Sunday was more of a thriller. Coach Patton chose to rest his #2 player, Clancy Shields, and #3, Piotr Dilaj.


Oh boy.  Here is what happened in Coach Patton's own words.


January 29, 2007


Boise State (#25) defeats Santa Clara 5-2


Got to keep this Boise State tennis train rolling and chugging down the tracks.  What an exhilarating road trip (obviously with a 5-1 invigorating victory over perennial tennis power Stanford on Saturday and then a hard fought win over a talented and boisterous Santa Clara team).


We are now 4-0 for the season and ranked 25th in the nation.


I guess you could say that Coach Morgan (Mo Town) Shepherd and I are thrill seekers to the X kind. We have so much confidence in all of our players that we decided to rest our #2 and #3 players after the Stanford match (Clancy Shields and Piotr Dilaj). It is important for us to show our trust in sophomore Stevie Wonder Robertson, and Stanley "YoYo" Sarapanich.  We need Stevie and Stanley to play in big matches for them to obtain the playing experience that they need to continue to improve and also to prepare them for the times that certainly will come when they will be called upon to win the team match for the Broncos.  Their great play in the Santa Clara match proved that we have incredible depth in our program.


Stanley (who redshirted last year after transferring from Glendale JC) had the day of his life to inaugurate his Boise State career.  He came through big time (conquering some first match jitters by coming back with Luke Shields at #1 doubles after being down two breaks (3-7) to win the doubles point for the team in a 9-8 tie breaker. They fought off two match points to seal a much needed point for the Broncos.


Then in singles, his breathtaking talent took over by clinching the team match victory by winning at #6 singles by a 6-3, 4-6, 6-4 win. I am so happy for Stanley, for he has been so selfless and supportive of the team the past year while he redshirted and now his time in the sun has come.


A great joy for all of us is the continued success and improvement of Stevie "Double Barrel" Wonder Robertson. His enthusiasm is infectious, and his doubles play is extraordinary. He is bringing his tennis gifts of slicing, dicing, dipping and attacking to the singles court. He has dominated in his two singles matches with UNLV and then with Santa Clara.


A quick synapse of the Santa Clara match.

Doubles didn't start too well before you could say that Roger Federer won the Australian, we were so far behind Santa Clara that we couldn't read their license plates anymore.


Stanley and Luke fell behind by two breaks (3-7) at #1 doubles. So did our #3 team of Stevie Wonder Robertson and Brent "Hot Sauce" Werbeck (3-7). Our #2 team of Blake "Spunky" Boswell and Eric "Robo" Roberson were hanging onto serve at 5-5.  It looked like we might lose that valuable doubles point and the one point lead that it gives you for the 6 singles matches.


I can't tell you how many times that I have seen Luke somehow will himself back into a match when it looks dire. With his fearless and great athleticism and some stunning shots by Stanley we won four straight games and were back into the match. Down on court # 3, Stevie and Brent fought back to 6-7 (winning three straight games). At #3 they almost tied up the score but just missed, but it gave the other two courts a lift and helped us get into tiebreakers at #1 and #2 doubles.


The Bronco mystic is to fight for every point with a composed intensity. And sure enough, they did it again (shades of the New Mexico and Stanford matches in which we were trailing and fought back to win).  Luke and Stanley won the tiebreaker 8-6 (Stanley was serving at 5-6 with Santa Clara at match point).


#2 Blake and Eric won their tiebreaker 8-3.


Now we are ready to get into singles with that humungous one point lead.

Great college experience at Santa Clara, big boisterous crowd rooting for their team.  Coach George Husack has down a wonderful job in developing an outstanding team and creating a wonderful tennis environment at Santa Clara. Their players and crowd were fully engaged in a scrappy (collegiate tennis at its best) battle.


Order of finish in singles matches


# 3 Blake Boswell BSU defeated Jay Wong (Santa Clara) 6-4, 6-2

    (great tennis for our freshman who defeated a free swinging former

     Junior American Champion)

#5 Stevie Wonder Robertson BSU def. Bobby Rasmussen 7-6, 6-2

     (Stevie is bringing his doubles magic to the singles court)

#6 Stanley "YoYo" Sarapanich (BSU) def. Tommy Hicks (SCU)

      6-3, 4-6, 6-4   (Team match clinched for Boise State)

#1 Luke "Skywalker" Shields (BSU) def Jan Macek (SCU)

     3-6, 6-3, 6-1

     (Luke is now 14-3 for season and ranked 15th in nation)

#4 Robert Gallman (SCU) def. Brent (Sauce) Werbeck (BSU) 6-3, 4-6,


#2 Brian Brogan (SCU) def. Eric 'Robo" Roberson (BSU) 4-6, 6-4, 7-5


Next up for the Broncos:

Saturday, Feb. 2--Boise State vs. Un San Diego (#42) 12:30pm (at San Diego)

Sunday, Feb. 3--Boise State vs. San Diego State ((#49) 11am (at San Diego State)


If you are in the sunshine of San Diego, come join us!


Go Broncos!


Coach Patton


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