Boise State Is Off To Chicago!

The time has come for Boise State's tennis team to show what they've got. The #16 Broncos are off to Chicago for the National Indoor Championships. Boise State has drawn 5th seed Mississippi in the opening round and we've got a preview of what Coach Patton's group can expect.

The 2007 USTA/ITA National Men's Indoors Championships…one of the two major tournaments in the nation, the sweet sixteen final round.


General Patton's Bronco's are pumped and ready and off to Chicago, Illinois on Valentines Day to play all the top collegiate tennis teams in the country.


The tournament is hosted by the Midtown Tennis Center in Chicago, Friday-Monday, Feb. 16-19. Here is your link.  2007 National Indoor Championship Site


The 2007 edition is set to kick off at 9 a.m. (CST) on Friday, Feb. 16, at the Midtown Tennis Center with No. 4-seed Virginia taking on No. 13-seed Texas.  No. 3-Mississippi will face No.12-seed Boise State.


Mississippi is somewhat untested this year. They are 6-0 in dual matches, but have played no one in the top 50 ITA rankings, while four of their victories have been against teams outside the ITA top-75 Rankings. Their only impressive win was against Mississippi State (#52) on Feb.8.  Mississippi State is a young team with little depth, but with the #31 and #32 ITA ranked singles players on their roster.


U of Mississippi lacks a 2007 Top 25 ITA singles player but they are deep in talent, with a balanced singles lineup that includes #40, #75, and #79 on the latest ITA ranking list, including two All America winners, Eric Claesson and Erling Tveit. Claesson and Tveit also play at #1 doubles.


The tournament is a double elimination contest.  The winners of the first round advance to the championship half.  The losers continue play in the consolation half.


Boise State will not be intimidated with Ole Miss their first round opponent.  USC is every bit as good, and maybe better.  Boise State lost to USC last week 5-2, in a match that was much closer than the score suggests. The match could have gone in the Bronco's favor, Coach Patton said.  If his guys had won the doubles point they would have won.


They almost won the doubles point.  The Bronco's were leading 7-4 in both #1 and #2 doubles. That means the Bronco's each had two match points to win the doubles point.


Robertson/C. Shields at #1 let their match slip away. They lost in a tie breaker (8-6). Their opponents, Al-Agba/Cvetkovic, are ranked #11 in the nation in doubles.


Shields/ Dilaj at #2 let their match slip away. They lost five straight points to lose 9-7.


Luke and Clancy's singles victories against USC were big.  Luke's was especially impressive in beating Jamil Al-Agba. Agba is unranked this year because he is coming off an injury from last year.  Last year Al-Agba was ranked #7 in the country and had four wins over top 15 players including the #1 player at the time, UCLA's Ben Kohlloeffel.  As a USTA junior, Agba was ranked #1 in the nation in 16's...and #1 in the nation in 18's.


So what does this all mean?  It means the General's Army has a chip on their shoulder.  They're ready.  And they are looking for someone to just try and knock it off.


Go Broncos! Get tough back there! Bring back a trophy!







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