Comparing Boise State With The Nation

Boise State is one of 16 teams in the nation competing in the National Indoor Tennis Championships, which get underway this morning in Chicago. We analyze the field and preview the opening round matchups. A link to live scoring of the match can be found on the Olympic Sports Message Forum here on Bronco Country.

#1 Georgia (3-0)

The #1-ranked Bulldogs have beaten just one ranked team so far, but it was in impressive fashion as they thrashed #24 Clemson 7-0. They also racked up similar scores in whipping Georgia State and the College of William and Mary. The Bulldogs are a tall team, with 6-11 Ricardo Gonzales and 6-9 John Isner.


Senior John Isner (#2 in the nation), Ricardo Gonzales and #65 Matic Omerzel, juniors Luis Flores (#13 in the nation), Travis Helgeson (22nd in the country) and Brad Benedict, sophomore Josh Varela and freshmen Alex Hill and Jamie Hunt and Chris Motes.

Ricardo Gonzales (6-11, 189, Right, Aquadilla, Puerto Rico) is 10-4 this year in singles and 8-4 in doubles.

Brad Benedict (6-1, 182, Left, Norcross, GA) is 1-3 in 2007 singles and 0-2 in doubles.

#13 Luis Flores (6-2, 182, Left, Xalapa, Mexico) sports a 13-4 singles record and is 14-1 in doubles this year. His only losses are to #3 Ivan Puchkarov of Oklahoma State, #9 Ken Skupski of LSU, #6 Arnau Bruques of Tulsa and #2 John Isner, his teammate. Last fall, he defeated #9 Treat Huey of Virginia, #25 Benjamin Carlotti of North Carolina, #30 Sheeva Parbhu of Notre Dame, #39 Roy Sichel of Charlotte, #54 Kiril Dimitrov, #80 Peter Rodriguez of Duke and Boise State's Clancy Shields (#94).

#22 Travis Helgeson (6-1, 175, Right, Overland Park, KS) is 16-3 in singles action this year and 11-2 in doubles. He not only beat #49 Alexandru Cojanu of William and Mary, but also mowed over five opponents in straight sets, including #40 Erling Tveit of Mississippi, #35 Kaden Hensel of Tennessee and #2 John Isner, his teammate, to win the SEC Coaches Indoor Tournament in January. At the ITA National Indoor Championships last October, he beat #67 Arvid Puranen of Virginia Tech before losing to #7 Harel Srugo of Old Dominion. At the ITA Regional Championships, he downed #75 Jakob Klaeson of Mississippi and #43 Joseph Jung of Alabama to qualify for the Nationals. At the Polo Ralph Lauren Men's All-American Championships, he defeated #14 Stephen Bass of Notre Dame and reached the Round of 32 before bowing out to #11 Ryan Rowe of Illinois.

Alex Hill (6-2, 165, Right, Atlanta, GA) is 2-3 in singles and 0-1 in doubles play.

Jamie Hunt (5-9, 145, Right, San Antonio, TX) is 10-4 in singles and 12-4 in doubles. He took #24 Bobby Cameron of Tennessee to three sets before losing in the SEC Coaches Indoor Tournament. He's defeated #75 Jakob Klaeson and #79 Robbye Poole of Mississippi in the Bulldog Scramble. Last fall, he lost to #78 Adrian Szatmary of Nebraska and beat #69 Justin Kronauge of Ohio State before losing to #28 Christian Groh of San Diego State at the Polo Ralph Lauren Men's All-American Championships.

#2 John Isner (6-9, 236, Right, Greensboro, NC) is 19-3 in singles and 19-2 in doubles. In other words, you can almost bank on Georgia being ahead 2-0 when Isner leaves the court. He has defeated #46 Clement Reix of Clemson and #22 teammate Travis Helgeson, #60 Nestor Briceno of Florida, teammate Matic Omerzel (#65) and #79 Robbye Poole of Mississippi at the SEC Coaches Indoor Tournament. Last fall, he lost to #14 Stephen Bass of Notre Dame but defeated teammate Luis Flores (#13), #20 Marek Sramek of South Alabama, #32 Ivan Bjelica of Mississippi State and #60 Briceno of Florida to win the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament. In the Polo Ralph Lauren Men's All-American Championships, Isner defeated #8 Somdey Devvarman of Virginia, #19 Pierre Mouilllon of California, #23 Kevin Anderson of Illinois, #27 Chris Surapol of UCLA and #61 Marcus Echtler of Stetson before losing to #6 Arnau Bruques of Tulsa in the final.

Chris Motes (6-0, 170, Right, Augusta, GA) is 3-4 in singles play and 0-4 in doubles.

#65 Matic Omerzel (5-10, 175, Right, Kranj, Slovenia) is 13-4 in singles and 12-3 in doubles. Omerzel has won seven of his last eight matches. Among ranked opponents, he lost to #2 teammate John Isner in the SEC Coaches Indoor Tournament, defeated #16 Greg Ouellette of Florida and #24 Cameron of Tennessee in the same tourney. Last fall, Omerzel lost to #20 Sramek in the Southern Intercollegiate Tournament and to #68 Danny Bryan of LSU at the Wilson/ITA Southeast Regional. Omerzel defeated #26 Jakub Cech of Fresno State and #34 Will Gray of Tulsa in the Polo Ralph Lauren Men's All-American Championships before losing to Boise State's Luke Shields (15) in the Round of 16.

Josh Varela (5-7, 155, Ambidextrous, Watkinsville, GA) is 7-8 in singles and 6-6 in doubles.

#2 Ohio State (6-0)

A team has these kind of results when they are ranked as high as Ohio State—not only are they 6-0 this season but they have won 39 individual matches without a loss. They've blanked #14 Florida State, #17 Washington, Toledo, Butler and Xavier by 7-0 finals and #36 Tennessee by a final count of 4-0.


#64 Drew Eberly (6-0, 155, Lake Forest, IL) is 9-3 in singles play and 8-3 in doubles this year. Last fall, he lost to #30 Sheeva Parbhu of Notre Dame at the Midwest Regional Championships, the only ranked player Eberly has faced.

#46 Chris Klingemann (5-10, 165, Right, Bradenton, FL) has raced to a 14-3 singles record this year and is 14-5 in doubles. He lost to #21 Adam Holmstrom of the University of Denver in the Rice/Met Indoor Tournament. Last fall, he beat #60 Nestor Briceno of Florida, Baylor's Denes Lukacs (#66 in the country) and #96 Milan Mihailovic of Texas in the All-American Championships before losing in the Round of 32 to #46 Clement Reix of Clemson. At the Midwest Championships, he posted wins over #48 David Bubenicek of Indiana-Bloomington and #51 Nick Rinks of Michigan State to reach the semifinals, where he lost to #1 Steven Moneke, his teammate.

#62 Bryan Koniecko is 11-3 in both singles and doubles this year. He's beaten two ranked opponents, #35 Kaden Hensel of Tennessee and and #98 Alex Slovic from Washington. Last fall, he made it all the way to the Round of 16 at the All-American Championships before falling to #11 Ryan Rowe of Illinois in three sets. Along the way, he beat #17 Michal Kokta of Baylor and #31 Philippe Frayssinoux of Mississippi State. He also upset Moneke at the Rice/Met Indoors and defeated #53 Dominik Mueller of Baylor before losing to another Ohio State teammate, #42 Devin Mullings. At the Midwest Regionals, he was ushered out of the tournament in the opening match against #58 Raoul Schwark of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

#69 Justin Kronauge is 9-4 in singles and 9-3 in doubles action this year. He owns a win over #76 Maciek Sykut of Florida State. Last fall, he defeated #26 Jakub Cech of Fresno State and lost to #44 Matko Maravic of Michigan in the semifinals of the Big Ten Singles Championships and to #5 Benjamin Kohlloeffel of UCLA and#83 Marc Spicijaric of Illinois.

#1 Steven Moneke is 22-4 this year in singles and 11-3 in doubles. He lost to his only ranked opponent, teammate Koniecko (#62 in the country). Last fall, he defeated #90 Ricardo Soriano of Tulsa, #56 Lars Poersschke of Baylor, #40 Erling Tveit of Mississippi and #14 Bass of Notre Dame in succession at the All-American Championships before losing to Kohlloeffel of UCLA in the final. He defeated Bass, teammate Klingemann #71 Slavko Radman of Louisville and #30 Parbhu of Notre Dame to win the Midwest Regional. He also beat Parbhu at the All-American Championships but lost to #19 Pierre Mouillon of California and Tveit.

#42 Devin Mullings (5-7, 150, Left) is 17-3 this year in singles and 15-5 in doubles play. He defeated #66 Lukacs of Baylor and #62 Koniecko at the Rice/Met Indoors before losing in the final to #21 Holmstrom of Denver. Last fall, he downed #99 Nick Cavaday of North Carolina State but lost to #16 Greg Ouellette of Florida in the Round of 32. At the Midwest Regionals, he beat #100 Nolan Polley of Wisconsin-Madison and #83 Spicijaric of Illinois before losing in the semifinals to #30 Parbhu.

#3 UCLA (5-1)

UCLA defeated #28 Stanford and #29 California 7-0 and downed #47 San Diego, BYU and UC-Irvine. The Bruins' undefeated season was ended by #5 Baylor 4-3.

#1 Singles: #5 Benjamin Kohlloeffel (6-0, 170, Left, Herne, Germany) is 14-2 in singles and 13-0 in doubles this year.

#2 Singles: Haythern Abid (Tunis, Tunisia) is 14-2 in singles and 5-3 in doubles this year. He has won 11 matches in a row going into the National Indoor Championship, including a 1-0 record against ranked opponents. Abid defeated #56 Lars Poerschke of Baylor. Last fall, he lost his only match against a top-100 opponent, falling to #36 David North of Georgia Tech in the All-American Championships.

#3 Singles: #27 Chris Surapol (6-5, 150, Whittier, CA) is 14-2 in singles and 10-4 in doubles action.

#4 Singles: Mathieu Dehaine (Meudon, France) is 11-4 in singles and 10-3 in doubles play this year. Last fall at the All-American Championships, Dehaine defeated #54 Kiri Dimitrov of Duke and lost to #31 Frayssinoux of Mississippi State.

#5 Singles: Michael Look (Redcliffe, Australia) sports a 10-5 singles record and is 4-2 this year in doubles.

#6 Singles: Jeremy Drean (Rennes, France) is 8-5 in singles action and 10-3 in doubles this year. He lost to #66 Lukacs of Baylor in his only match against a ranked opponent. Last fall, he lost to #12 Bojan Szumanski of Texas Tech.

Philipp Greundler (6-1, 180, Right, Weil Am Rhein, Germany) is 6-2 in singles and 8-0 in doubles this year.

#1 Doubles: Benjamin Kohlloeffel & Phillipp Greundler are 8-0 this year, having beaten the #44 doubles team from Baylor.

#2 Doubles: Chris SUrapol & Haythern Abid are 3-2 since being paired in January. They beat the #32 doubles team from Stanford.

#3 Doubles: Mathieu Dehaine & Jeremy Drean are currently ranked 18th in the country in doubles. They are 10-3 this year.

#4 Virginia (6-0)

It is an impressive resume so far for the Cavaliers. They own wins over #7 Illinois, #9 Notre Dame, #17 Virginia Commonwealth, #22 Michigan, #31 Alabama and #75 College of William and Mary. Virginia features two of the top players in the nation in Treat Huey and Somdey Devvarman. After that, there's talent but much inexperience.

#1 Singles: #8 Somdey Devvarman (5-11, 150, Chennia, India) is 14-2 in singles and 10-3 this year in doubles.

#2 Singles: #10 Treat Huey (5-10, 170, Alexandria, VA) is off to a 12-4 start this year and is 15-4 in doubles.

#3 Singles: Dominic Inglot (6-4, 200, London, England) is just 3-3 this year in singles and 4-2 in doubles.

#4 Singles: Houston Barrick (6-2, 190, Brentwood, TN) is 4-1 in singles this year and 4-2 in doubles action.

#5 Singles: Lee Singer (5-9, 170, freshmen) is 9-4 in singles and 12-4 in doubles competition this year.

#6 Singles: Marko Miklo (5-10, 165, Senior, Bratislava, Solvakia) is 4-3 in singles and 2-1 in doubles this year. p>

#1 Doubles: Treat Huey & Somedey Devvarman form the #7 doubles duo in the land with a sparkling 15-4 record. They reached the semifinals of the Mideast Regional and won the UVA Fall Classic last year.

#2 Doubles: Dominic Inglot and Houston Barrick are 4-2 this year with a win over the #44 doubles team from Alabama.

#3 Doubles: Lee Singer & Ted Anqelinos begain a partnership in January and are 5-1 in that time.

#5 Mississippi (6-0)

Ole Miss will be Boise State's first opponent in the National Indoor Championships Friday morning. The Rebels have two victories over ranked opponents, #54 Mississippi State and #75 UAB. Mississippi is the defending SEC West Champions and reached the Final Four in 2005.

#1 Singles: #40 Erling Tveit (6-3, Junior, Oslo, Norway) is 17-5 this season in singles and 6-5 in doubles. In the All-American Championships last fall, he shocked #1 Steven Moneke of Ohio State. This year, he's beaten #31 Philippe Frayssinoux of Mississippi State in a dual match and at the SEC Coaches Indoor Tournament, he downed #68 Danny Bryan of LSU before losing to #22 Travis Helgeson of Georgia.

#2 Singles: Eric Claesson (6-1, Senior, Bastad, Sweden) is 6-1 in both singles and doubles this year. Claesson is coming off a nice win over #32 Ivan Bjelica of Mississipi State. He also beat #72 Irving Morales of Troy, yet is not ranked thus far this season.

#3 Singles: Matthias Wellermann (6-7, Junior) is 1-1 in singles and 1-1 in doubles. He lost to #60 Nestor Briceno of Florida in his only match against a ranked opponent.

#4 Singles: #79 Robbye Poole (6-0, Junior, Summerville, South Carolina) is 19-6 in singles and 12-5 in doubles this year. He transferred from Clemson following the 2004 season. While at Clemson, Poole led the Tigers to the Elite Eight in 2004. Poole downed #31 Philippe Frayssinoux of Mississippi State at the SEC Coaches Indoor before losing to #2 Isner of Georgia in the Quarterfinals. He defeated #11 Ryan Rowe of Illinois last fall.

#5 Singles: Kalle Norberg (Freshman, Uppsala, Sweden) is 5-1 in singles and 6-1 in doubles this year. His only loss was at the SEC Coahces Indoor, when he was ousted by #16 Greg Ouellette of Florida in three sets.

#6 Singles: #75 Jakob Klaeson (6-0, Junior, Lidkoping, Sweden) is 15-9 in singles play and 16-4 in doubles this year. In his only match against a ranked opponent, he lost to #35 Kaden Hensel of Tennessee. Last fall at the Southeast Regionals, he lost to #22 Helgeson of Georgia. Klaeson won the 18-under Swedish championship in both singles and doubles. He was an eight-time representative on the Swedish junior national team.

#1 Doubles: Erling Tveit & Eric Claesson are 5-1 together as partners.

#2 Doubles: Jakob Klaeson & Chris Rea are ranked 10th in the nation. They are 11-2 this year.

#3 Doubles: Robbye Poole & Jonas Berg are 3-0 as doubles partners this year. Their wins came against UAB, Murray State and Mississippi State.

#6 Illinois (5-1)

Illinois has three impressive victories: #10 Pepperdine, #11 Duke and #19 Texas A & M. They also defeated #33 Tennessee and Ball State with their only loss coming to #3 Virginia.

#1 Singles: #23 Kevin Anderson

#2 Singles: #11 Ryan Rowe

#3 Singles: Ruben Gonzales

#4 Singles: G.D. Jones

#5 Singles: #83 Marc Spicijaric

#6 Singles: Brandon Davis

#1 Doubles: Kevin Anderson & Ryan Rowe (#43 doubles team in the nation)

#2 Doubles: Brandon Davis & Ruben Gonzales

#3 Doubles: GD Jones & Marc Spicijaric

#7 Baylor (6-1)

Baylor owns wins over #6 UCLA and #28 Stanford. They also defeated #34 Kentucky, #53 Texs A & M-Corpus Christi, #60 Louisiana-Lafayette and #73 Hawai'i-Manoa. The Bears' lone defeat was at the hands of #8 Florida. #1 Singles: #17 Michael Kokta

#2 Singles: #56 Lars Poershcke

#3 Singles: Matt Brown

#4 Singles: Matija Zgaga

#5 Singles: #53 Dominik Mueller

#6 Singles: #66 Denes Lukacs

#1 Doubles: David Galic & Lars Poershcke

#2 Doubles: Michael Kokta & Denes Lukacs

#3 Doubles: Attila Bucko & Dominik Mueller

#8 Notre Dame (6-1)

The highlight for the Fighting Irish was beating #11 Duke 6-1. They have also beaten #12 Florida State, #50 Wisconsin-Madison, #63 Indiana-Bloomington, #75 William and Mary and Toledo. The Irish suffered a 6-1 loss at the hands of #3 Virginia. #1 Singles: #14 Stephen Bass

#2 Singles: #30 Sheeva Parbhu

#3 Singles: Brett Helgeson

#4 Singles: Ryan Keckley

#5 Singles: Barry King

#6 Singles: Felipe Bellido #1 Doubles: Ryan Keckley & Sheeva Parbhu, the #11 doubles team in the land.

#2 Doubles: Barry King & Brett Helgeson

#3 Doubles: Stephen Bass & Andrew Roth

#9 Pepperdine (6-1)

Pepperdine has defeated #38 Northwestern, #49 San Diego State, #62 Saint Mary's, #73 Santa Clara, #74 UNLV and Loyola Marymount. Their only loss was to #7 Illinois by a final of 4-3.

#1 Singles: #33 Andre Begemann

#2 Singles: Richard Johnson

#3 Singles: James Lemke

#4 Singles: Bassam Beidas

#5 Singles: Omar Altmann

#6 Singles: Mahmoud Kamel

#1 Doubles: Richard Johnson & Omar Altmann

#2 Doubles: Andre Begemann & Mahmoud Kamel

#3 Doubles: Bassam Beidas & James Lemke

#10 Duke (3-2)

The Blue Devils have defeated one of the teams in this weekend's tournament: #67 Pennsylvania, by a score of 7-0. Duke has lost 6-1 to both Illinois and Notre Dame. They also own a win over #17 Virginia Commonwealth and #55 Old Dominion.

#1 Singles: #100 Joey Atas

# 2 Singles: #80 Peter Rodriques

#3 Singles: #54 Kiril Dimitrov

#4 Singles: #84 Dylan Arnould

#5 Singles: David Goulet

#6 Singles: Aaron Carpenter

#1 Doubles: Joey Atas & Dylan Arnould

#2 Doubles: Ned Samuelson & David Goulet

#3 Doubles: Peter Rodriques & Alex Stone

#11 Oklahoma State (4-0)

OSU has defeated #24 Tulsa, #41 Fresno State, #57 Oklahoma and #60 Louisiana-Lafayette.

#1 Singles: Oleksandry Nedovyesov

#2 Singles: #3 Ivan Puchkarov

#3 Singles: Daniel Byrnes

#4 Singles: Dmytro Petrov

#5 Singles: Artsem Burmistrau

#6 Singles: Olexsander Kotsiuk

#1 Doubles: Daniel Byrnes & Oleksandry Nedovyesov

#2 Doubles: Artsem Burmistrau & Olexsander Kotsiuk

#3 Doubles: Ivan Puchkarov & Dmytro Petrov

#12 Boise State (7-1)

Coach Greg Patton's team exploded for wins over #28 Stanford, #47 San Diego, #49 San Diego State, #69 New Mexico, #73 Santa Clara, #74 UNLV and UC-Santa Barbara before falling to 13th-ranked USC.

#1 Singles: #15 Luke Shields (6-1, Junior, Right, Grand Junction, CO) is 18-3 in singles and 6-4 in doubles this year.

#2 Singles: #94 Clancy Shields (6-1, Sophomore, Right, Grand Junction, CO) is 15-7 this year in singles and 8-4 in doubles play.

#3 Singles: Piotr Dilaj (Junior from Gdansk, Poland) is 9-7 in singles and 11-5 in doubles action this year.

#4 Singles: Eric Roberson (6-2, Junior, Right, Sacramento, CA) is 7-10 in singles and 9-3 in doubles this year.

#5 Singles: Blake Boswell (Freshman, Tulsa, OK) is 11-7 in singles and 4-3 in doubles this year.

#6 Singles: Steve Robertson (5-9, Sophomore, Right, Tualatin, OR) is 6-5 in singles and 7-5 in doubles action this year.

#1 Doubles: Steve Robertson & Clancy Shields

#2 Doubles: Luke Shields & Piotr Dilaj

#3 Doubles: Eric Roberson & Blake Boswell

#13 Texas (3-1)

The Longhorns own wins over #24 Tulsa and #29 California, along with a victory over #39 SMU, but they got stung by #22 Michigan by a 5-2 score.

#1 Singles: Miguel Reyes Varela (Sophomore, Cocoyoc, Mexico) is 7-5 in singles and 5-7 in doubles play. He lost a heartbreaker to #6 Arnau of Bruques (6-2, 6-7, 7-6) and also was beaten by #19 Pierre Mouillon of California. He was defeated by Virginia's Somdev Devvarman in straight sets in the Indoor Championship opener.

#2 Singles: #96 Milan Mihalovic (5-8, 143, Junior, Right, Nis, Servia) is 10-5 in singles this season and 5-8 in doubles. Mihalovic beat #34 Will Smith and #80 )eter Rodriques of Duke but lost to #44 Matko Maravic of Michigan. He lost to Virginia's Treat Huey in the opener.

#3 Singles: Dimitar Kutrovsky (Freshman, Sofia, Bulgaria) is 14-5 in singles and 4-6 in doubles. He was losing to Virginia's Dominic Inglot when the match was called.

#4 Singles: Luis Diaz Barriqa (6-1, 163, Junior, Right, Cordoba, Mexico) is 6-1 in singles and 0-3 in doubles this year. He lost to Virginia's Houston Barrick in the opening round.

#5 Singles: Josh Zavala (Freshman, Amarillo, TX) is 11-7 in singles and 4-5 in doubles this year. Zavala won the first set against Virginia's Lee Singer but was losing the second 5-2 when the match was called.

#6 Singles: #100 Rook Schellenberg (Freshman, Dallas, TX) is 9-7 in singles and 3-3 in doubles this year. He won the first set against Virginia's Marko Miklo but was down 5-3 in the second when the match was called.

#1 Doubles: Luis Diaz Barriqa & Miguel Reyes Varela--Barriqa teamed with Bernhard Deussner for the match against Virginia at #3 doubles and lost.

#2 Doubles: Dimitar Kutrovsky & Josh Zavala lost to Virgina's Somdey Devvarman & Treat Huey 8-4 at #1 singles. They have been playing #2 for Texas.

#3 Doubles: Milan Mihalovic & Jonah Kane-WestKane played with Varela against Virginia and defeated Inglot and Barrick.

#14 Miami of Florida (4-1)

The only ranked team the Hurricanes have defeated is #71 Central Florida. They've also beaten Stetson, South Florida and North Florida. Miami also suffered a loss to Wisconsin-Madison.

#1 Singles: Luiqi D'agord

#2 Singles: Daniel Vallverdu

#3 Singles: Josh Cohen

#4 Singles: Vivek Subramanian

#5 Singles: Hector Nieto

#6 Singles: J.C. Whitner

#1 Doubles: Josh Cohen & Luiqi D'agord

#2 Doubles: Vivek Subramanian & Daniel Vallverdu

#3 Doubles: Hector Nieto & Barnabas Carrega

#15 Stanford (1-4)

Stanford beat #73 Hawai'i-Manoa for their only victory of the season. Their rough schedule of #16 Boise State, #13 USC, #6 UCLA and #5 Baylor has resulted in four straight losses.

#1 Singles: Matt Bruch

#2 Singles: Richard Wire

#3 Singles: Blake Muller

#4 Singles: Eric McKean

#5 Singles: Kevin Kaiser

#6 Singles: Paul Morrissey

#1 Doubles: Matt Bruch & Blake Muller

#2 Doubles: Richard Wire & Paul Morrissey

#3 Doubles: Eric McKean & Jeff Zeller

#16 Pennsylvania (1-4)

Pennsylvania defeated St. Joseph's, and lost to #11 Duke, #35 North Carolina State, #71 Central Florida and #72 Maryland-College Park.

#1 Singles: #85 Jason Pinsky

#2 Singles: Mikhail Bekker

#3 Singles: Justin Fox

#4 Singles: Joseph Lok

#5 Singles: Brandon O'Gara

#6 Singles: Adam Schwartz

#1 Doubles: Mikhail Bekker & Joseph Lok

#2 Doubles: Joseph Pinsky & Justin Fox

#3 Doubles: Brandon O'Gara & Adam Schwartz

The pairings:

#1 Georgia meets #16 seed Penn at noon Friday. Penn has talent or they wouldn't be in Chicago, but any individual match wins would be upsets. Look for a shutout by the Bulldogs.

#2 Ohio State takes on 15-seed Stanford. The Cardinal were rocked by Boise State and have had a tough time since. They are simply too inexperienced for the Buckeyes. Ohio State should score a shutout here.

#3 UCLA vs. #14-seed Miami of Florida. The Bruins are still angry over their loss to Baylor, and will likely shut out Miami.

#4 Virginia takes on 13th seed Texas. Virginia may be playing as well as any team right now. They are somewhat vulnerable at #5 and #6 singles and #3 doubles. Look for Virginia to win this one 6-1.

#5 Mississippi vs. 12th seed Boise State. I see this match as fairly even, one that truly could be decided by the doubles point. The Rebels' #2 team is nationally ranked, but the Broncos have a shot at both #1 and #3 doubles. The first four singles matches should split, with Boise State winning #1 and #2 and Mississippi the next two. Blake Boswell and Brent Werbeck's matches could also go either way—one would hope the experience of Werbeck would start to shine through. If those split also, it would indeed come down to the doubles point. Boise State has won every doubles point save one and that not coincidentally was the USC game. There is no reason that Boise State cannot prevail here. I see Boise State winning 4-3.

#6 Illinois vs. 11th-seed Oklahoma State. Illinois has had a great year so far and being the host team, will have a decided advantage. They should win this one 6-1.

#7 Baylor against 10th seed Duke. Baylor should win at #1, #2 #5 and #6 singles and that right there would clinch it. They'll also take the doubles point for a final of 5-2.

#8 Notre Dame against 9th seed Pepperdine. The Irish should win this, but it could be close. Look for a final of 4-3 or 5-2.

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