Bronco Wrestlers Head To Pac-10 Championship

The Boise State wrestling team has good tradition on their side but enters this year's Pac-10 Championship as an underdog. Action begins Saturday morning in Bakersfield.

Boise State's string of finishing near the top of the Pac-10 Wrestling Championships may be in danger when wrestlers from the league's schools take to the mats this weekend.


The Bronco grapplers have finished in the top three of the annual championships every year since 1999, a streak of eight years in a row.  Included in that period are three Pac-10 championships and four second-place finishes.  If the final Pac-10 rankings are any indication, this year's event hosted by Cal State-Bakersfield figures to be a battle between Oregon State and Cal-Davis, with Cal Poly, Arizona State and the home team providing the closest competition for the front-runners.


The preliminary point totals are calculated by taking the top six places in the Pac-10 rankings and applying the championship scoring format—12 points for first place, 10 for second, nine for third, seven for fourth place, six for fifth and four for sixth place. 


Using those numbers, Boise State is forecast to finish all the way down at 7th place.  Oregon State accumulates 79 points with Cal-Davis close behind at 77.  Then it's Cal Poly with 70, perennial power Arizona State with 58, Bakersfield with 51, Stanford 45, Boise State 42, Fullerton 31 and Oregon 30.


Obviously, Coach Greg Randall's team has its work cut out for them if they are to reach the top three.  There are bonus points awarded throughout the meet that the Broncos can use to catch the favorites.  A major decision nets a wrestler's team five extra points, as does a win in the consolation round or a bye followed by a win in consolation.  Teams can also score two extra points for a fall, default, forfeit or for an opponent's disqualification.  Teams are awarded 1.5 points for a technical fall with a near fall, one point for a technical fall with no near fall, and one point for advancement in the championship round or for a bye in the championship round followed by a win.


Boise State's highest-ranked wrestler is heavyweight Andy Patrick, who is ranked second to Oregon State's Ty Watterson.  Nate Lee is ranked third in the league at 174 pounds, Tyler Sherfey is fourth in the Pac-10 at 157 pounds, Levi Jones is tied for fourth at 133, Johnny Nunez is ranked fifth at 165 pounds while Luke Smith is sixth at 184. 


Arizona State has three wrestlers ranked #1 in the Pac-10—Brian Stith at 157 pounds, Patrick Pitsch at 165 and Greg Gifford at 184.  Cal-Davis has two at the top:  Derek Moore at 141 pounds and Ken Cook at 174, as does Cal Poly (Darrell Vasquez at 133 pounds and Matt Monteiro at 197).  Stanford's Tanner Gardner at 125 pounds, Morgan Atkinson at 149 pounds from Fullerton and Watterson from OSU at 285 pounds are the other #1 wrestlers.


Three mats will be in use for the Pac-10 Championships this weekend in Bakersfield.  Action begins Saturday morning at 11 with the Pigtails and Quarterfinals.  Session 2 begins at 6 p.m. with Consolation Pigtails, Semifinals and Consolation Quarterfinals.  Pairings for the ten weight classes will be announced Friday.


Final Pac-10 Rankings (February 19, 2007)



  1. Tanner Gardner, Stanford
  2.   Eric Stevenson, Oregon State

T3.  Marcos Orozco, UC-Davis

       John Espinoza, Arizona State

       Ryan Dunn, Oregon

  1. Brandon Zoetewey, Cal State-Bakersfield



  1. Darrell Vasquez, Cal Poly
  2.   Bobby Pfennigs, Oregon State
  3.   Omar Gaitan, UC-Davis

T4.  Levi Jones, Boise State

        Joey Lucas, Oregon

        T.J. Dillashaw, Cal State-Fullerton



1.  Derek Moore, UC-Davis

2. Kyle Larson, Oregon State

3.  Justin Pearch, Oregon

4.  Dave Roberts, Cal Poly

5.  Matt Schumm, Cal State-Bakersfield

6.  Pat Payne, Arizona State



1.  Morgan Atkinson, Cal State-Fullerton

2.  Brandon Doyle, Cal State-Bakersfield

T3.  Derek Kipperberg, Oregon State

       Eric Maldonado, Cal Poly

       Shawn Haratani, UC-Davis

  1. Tyler Parker, Stanford



1.  Brian Stith, Arizona State

2.  Chase Pami, Cal Poly

3.  Josh Zupancic, Stanford

4.  Tyler Sherfey, Boise State

5.  Daniel Alejandro, Cal State-Bakersfield

6.  Keegan Davis, Oregon State



1.  Patrick Pitsch, Arizona State

2.  Dustin Noack, UC-Davis

3.  Brian Perry, Stanford

4.  Bryan Tice, Cal State-Fullerton

5.  Johnny Nunez, Boise State

6.  Brett Arand, Oregon State



1.  Ken Cook, UC-Davis

2.  Jeremy Larson, Oregon State

3.  Nate Lee, Boise State

4.  Luke Feist, Stanford

5.  Ron Lee, Oregon

6.  Nick Hernandez, Cal Poly



1.  Greg Gifford, Arizona State

2.  Yuri Kalika, Cal Poly

3.  Zack Geisen, Stanford

4.  Kyle Bressler, Oregon State

5.  Tyler Bernacchi, UC-Davis

6.  Luke Smith, Boise State



1.  Matt Monteiro, Cal Poly

2.  Brandon Halsey, Cal State-Bakersfield

3.  Jason Trulson, Arizona State

T4.  Travis Gardner, Oregon State

        John Drake, Cal State-Fullerton

        Eliot Kelly, UC-Davis



1.  Ty Watterson, Oregon State

2.  Andy Patrick, Boise State

3.  Cody Parker, Cal Poly

4.  Eric Parker, Cal State-Bakersfield

5.  Chris Dearmon, Oregon

6.  Broc Maffia, UC-Davis


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