WACTrack & Field Championships--Day 1 Guide

The 2007 WAC Indoor Track & Field Championships kick off this morning at 10 at Jackson's Track in Nampa, hosted by Boise State. This article helps you track results for each team by comparing the actual results today with the expected results.

The Western Athletic Conference Indoor Track & Field Championships begin this morning at Jackson's Track in Nampa.  The first four events in the men's heptathlon will include the 60-meter dash, long jump, shot put and long jump.  Heptathlon competition begins at 11 this morning.  
Finals will be contested in the men's pole vault, long jump and weight throw and the women's high jump, shot put and long jump with field events beginning this afternoon at 3.  Running preliminaries begin at 5 p.m.  Running finals are scheduled for the 200-meter dash, the 5,000 and the distance medley relay for both men's and women's.   
Using the seeds in each final and applying the scoring formula (10-8-6-4-2-1 for men and 1-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 for women's), these are the scores each team should have at the conclusion of today's events if they live up to expectations.  (Note:  There are no times for the men's distance medley relay.  Utah State is the likely favorite, with Idaho, Boise State and Louisiana Tech fighting it out for the closest challenger.  No points for the event are added to the men's scores below)
1.           Idaho--58
2.           Utah State--30
3.           Cal State-Northridge—26
4.           Louisiana Tech--22
5.           Boise State—17
1.           Cal State-Northridge—54
2.           Hawai'i—32  
3.           Boise State--30
3.            Louisiana Tech—30
5.  Idaho--28
6.  New Mexico State—15
7.  Fresno State—11
8.  Utah State--7
9.  Nevada—5
Event 30  Pole Vault
Cal State Northridge 10 points
Boise State 10 points
Idaho 8 points
Utah State 3 points
Event 26  Long Jump
Cal State-Northridge 16 points
Louisiana Tech 8 points
Idaho 6 points
Utah State 1 point
Event 24  Weight Throw
Idaho 19 points
Boise State 6 points
Utah State 4 points
Louisiana Tech 2 points
Event 14   200 Meter Dash 
Idaho 20 points
Louisiana Tech 6 points
Utah State 4 points
Boise State 1 point
Event 16  5000 Meter Run
Utah State 18 points
Idaho 6 points
Louisiana Tech 6 points
Men's Distance Medley Relay
(No times)
Event 2  Heptathlon
Today's events in the Heptathlon include the 60-meter dash, shot put, high jump and long jump.  The season best scores for each athlete are shown along with the point total associated with that score.  The last three listed competitors have not competed in heptathlons this year.  Results for those events in which they have competed in are shown.
60 Meters
John Strang, Utah State (7.18—817 points)
Logan Moore, Utah State (7.23—802 points)
Heigo Nurmsalu, Boise State (7.25—796 points)
Robert Robinson, Cal State-Northridge (7.27—790 points)
Justin Johnson, Cal State-Northridge (7.30—779 points)
Eric Demers, Boise State (7.35—759 points)
Owen Morse, Cal State-Northridge (7.36—759 points)
Ian Snook, Idaho (7.59—684 points)
Shot Put
Nurmsalu (42 feet, 4.25 inches—662 points)
Johnson (39 feet, 6.5 inches—607 points)
Demers (38 feet, 5 inches—589 points)
Morse (38 feet, .25 inches—582 points)
Snook (34 feet, 5.75 inches—516 points)
Moore (FOUL—0 points)
High Jump
Johnson (6-9.5—868 points)
Strang (6-6.75—808 points)
Nurmsalu (6-3.5—731 points)
Robinson (6-00.75-670 points)
Snook (6-00.75—670 points)
Moore (5-11.5—-644 points)
Demers (5-10.75—627 points)
Morse (5-9.75—602 points)
Long Jump
Johnson (23-0—823 points)
Moore (22-3.75—767 points)
Robinson (22-0.25—746 points)
Demers (21-11.75—743 points)
Nurmsalu (21-11—739 points)
Morse (21-5.25—704 points)
Snook (20-3—624 points)
After Day One, the expected points should be:
Johnson, Cal State-Northridge (3057)
Nurmsalu, Boise State (2928)
Strang, Utah State (2915)
Moore, Utah State (2763*)
Robinson, Cal State-Northridge (2756*)
Demers, Boise State 2718)
Morse, Cal State-Northridge (2647)
Snook, Idaho (2494)
*--assuming an average score of 550 points in the shot put
**--assuming average scores of 550 in the shot put and 740 in long jump
Event 27  High Jump
Hawai'i 13 points
Boise State 10 points
Idaho 7 points
Cal State Northridge 7 points
Utah State 2 points
Nevada 1 point
Event 33  Shot Put
Cal State-Northridge 14 points
Louisiana Tech 14 points
Idaho 5 points
Fresno State 3 points
Hawai'i 2 points
Nevada 1 point
Event 25  Long Jump
Cal State-Northridge 18 points
Boise State 12 points
New Mexico State 8 points
Louisiana Tech 1 point
Event 13  200 Meter Dash 
Louisiana Tech 15 points
Boise State 6 points
Cal State-Northridge 8 points
Utah State 5 points
Nevada 3 points
Event 15  5000 Meter Run
Idaho 10 points
Northridge 8 points
New Mexico State 7 points
Hawai'I 7 points
Event 17  Women Distance Medley
Hawai'i 10 points
Fresno State 8 points
(no other teams have times in the event this season)

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