Tiffany Coll Leads Broncos Into Evanston

Senior Tiffany Coll gets to extend her Boise State career. The lone Bronco senior leads the Bronco women's tennis team into the first round of the NCAA Women's Tennis Tournament Friday against Indiana.

#44 Boise State travels to Evanston, Illinois Friday, to take on #24 Indiana in the first round of the NCAA Women's Tennis Tournament.  The two teams are scheduled to take the courts at 9:00 a.m. Mountain time.  The winner no doubt will play #5 Northwestern Saturday.  The winner of that match advances to the Sweet Sixteen.


Let's talk about Tiffany Cole, affectionately known as Tiff, the only senior on the Bronco roster. When people talk about her you understand she is someone special.  She may not be the most talented player on Coach Tich's team; she usually plays number 5 or 6 singles and number 2 or 3 doubles, but she is unquestionably a winner and the team leader.


Tiffany ended her regular season Boise State career with an amazing 150 match victories, an All-WAC doubles player award in 2004-5, two-time WAC Player of the Week, and a dream most college players never realize, a trip to the NCAA National Championships.


Bronco Country asked Coach Tichenor to talk about his team. 


He began with Tiffany Coll and what an inspiration she is. "She was a warrior from the moment she set foot on the BSU campus." He said. "Even though she suffered through two shoulder surgeries, she had 150 wins in singles and doubles. She is the team leader, goes to all the sports matches and organizes others to go with her.  When asked about her individual record, she responds by talking about the team, their record, rankings, and how the team is just getting started."


Coach Tichenor went on about the recent NCAA at-large bid.


"The NCAA could not have put us in a better place. We get to go somewhere new and play teams we normally never schedule or see.  Hopefully, Indiana is looking at Northwestern more than us. It's awesome for our girls. It's amazing to think we would play two-thirds of a season without one of our top players and make the NCAA tournament as an at-large team. I told the girls this is why you came to Boise State--to be a part of all this."


And Coach Tichenor ended, describing Tiff's reaction to the ESPN tournament draw announcement. "The look on Tiff's face when Boise State popped up on the TV screen is why we do what we do. I'll remember that for the rest of my life."


Saving some of the best for last. What is the future for Bronco women's tennis? Ask the coach and he'll tell you…top ten rankings and a national championship.  2007-8 could be the year the team is consistently ranked in the top ten.  The ladies, except for Tiffany, will all be back.

So what is needed to become a consistent top ten team? A player to replace Tiffany is needed…a super player, one who will dominate the competition.  The big rumor is a world ranked young lady may be arriving soon to join the Broncos, a player so talented she will challenge immediately for the number one spot on the team, and make bigger things happen for Bronco women's tennis.

Look out Bronco competition!  And Fresno will be dethroned in 2008.

About Coach Mark Tichenor.   He became the Bronco women's head coach in 1999. He brought with him an outstanding record of winning, including six Southland Conference Championships at Louisiana Monroe and four Big Sky Championships at Northern Arizona. He was the Intercollegiate Tennis Association Regional Coach of the Year in 2006…and the recipient of nine Coach of the Year awards from the Big Sky and the Southland conferences.


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