Boise State Beats Texas A & M 4-1

The Boise State tennis team got the win they were supposed to get. Now, it's time for the Broncos to pull an upset on the national stage. Boise State tackles Texas tomorrow at noon for a right to advance to the Sweet Sixteen.

The Boise State tennis team won its 30th game of the year today but it's #31 that they really want.  Coach Greg Patton's Broncos downed Texas A & M-Corpus Christi 4-1 in Austin, Texas in the opening round of the NCAA Tennis Championships.  The Broncos will take on #11 Texas, who defeated Navy today 4-0,  tomorrow at noon.

Boise State captured the doubles point as Luke and Clancy Shields combined for a win and Piotr Dilaj and Steve Robertson put away Jose Zunino and Jose Ycaza 8-1.  The Broncos then got straight sets wins from Kean Feeder, Clancy Shields and Robertson.  Robertson won for the fifth straight time and ninth in his last 10 matches.

At stake for Texas and Boise State is a trip to the NCAA Championships in Athens, Georgia.  The two teams faced each other at the National Indoor Championship in February, with the Longhorns prevailing 4-1.  Live results can be found at 


Match Results
Boise State
4, Texas A & M-Corpus Christi 1
NCAA Championships
Austin, Texas
May 11, 2007

1.  Luke Shields (
BOISE STATE) and Andrey Kumantsov (TAMUCC), 6-4, 2-0, unfinished
2.  Clancy Shields (
BOISE STATE) def. Raul Morant-Rivas (TAMUCC), 6-3, 6-3
3.  Kean Feeder (
BOISE STATE) def. Dmitry Novikov (TAMUCC), 6-3, 6-2
4 . Mikhail Pavlov (TAMUCC) def. Piotr Dilaj (
BOISE STATE), 6-0, 6-2
5.  Blake Boswell (
BOISE STATE) and Jose Zunino (TAMUCC), 3-6, 3-4, unfinished
6.  Steve Robertson (
BOISE STATE) def. Jaume Farris (TAMUCC), 6-3, 6-1

1.  Clancy Shields/Luke Shields (BOISE STATE) def. Andrey Kumantsov/Dmitry Novikov (TAMUCC), 8-6
2.  Raul Morant-Rivas/Mikhail Pavlov (TAMUCC) def. Kean Feeder/Eric Roberson (
3.  Steve Robertson/Piotr Dilaj (
BOISE STATE) def. Jose Zunino/Jose Ycaza (TAMUCC), 8-1


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