Hjelm Wins WAC Hammer Title

Chalk up another title for the Boise State track team. Annika Hjelm won the hammer today in Fresno at the WAC Track & Field Championships. Hjelm is the fifth Bronco to win individual gold.

Boise State's Annika Hjelm became the fifth Bronco to win an individual championship at today's Western Athletic Conference Track & Field Championship in Fresno, California.  Hjelm (200 feet, seven inches) topped Novelle Murray of Hawai'i by four feet to win the title.  Teammate Eleni Ypsilanti placed third with a throw of 186-8. 


The total was exactly what was projected for the Bronco team.  The bad news is that Nevada's Inger Appanaitis finished fifth in our first hammer competition of the year.  Nevada is the school Boise State is chasing for the WAC Commissioner's Cup, and the Wolf Pack were not expected to score in this event.


1 Hjelm, Annika             SO BOISE STATE             61.14mr    200-07  10  

      57.04m  59.55m  60.75m  59.03m  61.14m  60.25m                            

  2 Murray, Novelle           SR HAWAII                  59.76mr    196-01   8  

      59.76m  56.51m  58.21m  FOUL  57.50m  FOUL                                

  3 Ypsilanti, Eleni          SR BOISE STATE             56.89mr    186-08   6  

      FOUL  52.25m  54.90m  FOUL  56.89m  56.85m                                

  4 Wiesmann, Grace           SO FRESNO STATE            53.27m     174-09   5  

      52.37m  52.25m  50.50m  53.27m  51.83m  47.94m                             

  5 Appanaitis, Inger         JR NEVADA                  51.75m     169-09   4  

      49.75m  50.61m  51.40m  50.63m  49.86m  51.75m                            

  6 Larson, Krista            SO UTAH STATE              51.35m     168-06   3  

      FOUL  49.06m  51.35m  FOUL  49.54m  50.84m                                

  7 Richardson, Katie         SR FRESNO STATE            51.10m     167-08   2  

      FOUL  48.17m  51.10m  47.05m  48.60m  45.03m                              

  8 Grimes, Randi             SO NEW MEXICO ST.          50.56m     165-10   1  

      FOUL  FOUL  49.50m  47.59m  49.88m  50.56m                                

  9 Weaver, Meghan            JR HAWAII                  47.91m     157-02      

      45.33m  FOUL  47.91m  46.68m  FOUL  FOUL                                  

 10 Cavaco, Ava               JR HAWAII                  46.80m     153-06      

      46.80m  46.79m  44.36m                                                    

 11 McClure, Nicole           SO NEW MEXICO ST.          46.37m     152-01      

      46.37m  45.23m  FOUL                                                      

 12 Rojas, Cindy              JR FRESNO STATE            45.48m     149-02      

      45.48m  41.27m  43.15m                                                     

 13 Gunstream, Cari           SR BOISE STATE             43.84m     143-10      

      41.64m  FOUL  43.84m                                                      

 14 Jacobsen, Emily           FR NEVADA                  42.53m     139-06      

      FOUL  42.53m  FOUL                                                        

 15 Prince, Shannon           FR UTAH STATE              42.40m     139-01      

      40.54m  40.50m  42.40m                                                     

 16 Rollin, Amanda            FR FRESNO STATE            42.11m     138-02      

      39.70m  42.11m  FOUL                                                      

 17 McAlman, Constance        FR NEVADA                  41.93m     137-07      

      FOUL  FOUL  41.93m                                                        

 18 McNaughton, Brooke        FR UTAH STATE              41.31m     135-06      

      FOUL  41.31m  FOUL                                                         

 19 Daniels, Brittani         FR HAWAII                  41.28m     135-05      

      FOUL  41.28m  FOUL                                                        

 20 McConnell, Jennifer       FR NEW MEXICO ST.          40.69m     133-06      

      40.69m  FOUL  FOUL                                                        

 21 Gomez, Monica             SO NEW MEXICO ST.          39.96m     131-01      

      39.96m  FOUL  38.70m          

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